“Despise not the day of small beginnings” Zechariah 4:10

One consistent principle found in God’s word is that has chosen foolish things over the wise; and persons of weak esteem, to confound those that are mighty and the weak over the strong to prove His power, wisdom and love! And He is doing that for Faith Radio!

To illustrate this – several years back, there were a handful of consultants telling us to run from the “spoken word” format of Faith Radio! They said, and we quote – “the format is aging in such a way that within a few years there won’t be enough listeners to support the mission.” Our team heard those words and began to look to the Lord for His help and direction and not surprisingly, God wanted to do just the opposite of what the consultants were telling us. But let’s be honest – from a consultant’s perspective, they were right; the trends and demographics were against us.  Thankfully, the great news was – God was for us!  As He is for you today!

So, with the support of our leadership; a dedicated staff and the prayers of our listeners – the 65+ year legacy of Faith Radio took another step forward and God began to move on behalf of His people! In the last four years, our live interactive shows have taken off with Susie Larson’s Live the Promise show leading the way! Then it was the addition of Austin Hill, whose untimely passing led the way for Dr. Bill Maier to join the Morning Show Team.  And of course, our faithful friend and program director – Neil Stavem’s Connecting Faith in the mid-day rounds our weekday programming!

All of this, plus our faith-filled Bible teachers, gave way to incredible ministry; stories of lives changed; marriages healed and believers encouraged in their walk with God.  To God be the glory!

I don’t have time to tell you about 90.7FM in the Twin Cities; but it is a miracle story!  There is also story of how a west coast media group gave us an AM station in Hartford, CT.  Plus, the recent addition of two FM repeater stations – 104.7FM in Madison and 93.1FM in Waterloo.  God is expanding the ministry and outreach of Faith in amazing ways and in large part thanks to you!!

This week, we received a phone call from a listener named Nancy who was calling in from New York!  She chatted with Karisa, one of our show producers; when asked how she heard of Faith Radio, Nancy replied,

‘It was about 2 months ago, I found a Facebook post from Susie Larson and it led me to Faith Radio.  I never knew what it was before, but now I listen all of the time online!’

Currently, we have over 4,000 people on the Faith Radio mailing list who are NOT served by one of our radio stations, but instead they listen online through the web or our phone app! (Find out more about the Faith Radio App)

While our culture is declining and facing change at an incredible rate – God’s kingdom is advancing through the most unlikely ways!  THANK YOU for believing in Faith Radio and THANK YOU for praying and supporting this ministry!

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