Warning signs and labels are everywhere! They are on the food items we buy, the medicines we take, and even on the shows and movies we watch on TV!

Wouldn’t it be great if there were warning labels for Faith Radio?

Perhaps it would say…Prolonged listening could deepen your faith.

Or maybe it would say… Beware Christians under Construction. Lives have been known to be changed through relevant bible preaching and family focused teaching!

Or perhaps… Be advised this station preaches that Jesus is the voice of truth; sustained listening to Him could lead you to become a true disciple and follower of Him.

Ok, we probably won’t be adding ‘warning labels’ to our programming, but God is using Faith Radio thanks to you.

I do want to officially welcome Dr. Peter Kapsner to the Faith Radio Team. Peter officially took over the reins of Faith Radio Mornings on July 23rdHe and his team, Paul Perrault, Logan Roush and Rachel Sutton, work each weekday to bring you hope and encouragement in Jesus Christ as you walk with Him.

Dr. Kapsner also serves as an adjunct professor at the University of Northwestern in St. Paul. He specializes in Practical Theology. He is heard regularly in pulpits around the Minneapolis area, has been married to Hallie for 20+ years, has five kids, lives in the western suburbs of Minneapolis and loves to play golf and travel.

Listen to Faith Radio Mornings each weekday from 6-8am CDT or visit their show page here.