Carmen LaBerge brings the mind of Christ to bear on headline news, seeks to reconnect the eternal with the everyday, and enter into conversations in ways that honor Jesus.

With great guests and your phone calls, we discover truth together and learn from one another while discussing what is happening in our community, churches and world. Everyday, Carmen discusses relevant issues so that you might think clearly, engage your faith, and impact culture in ways that honor Jesus.

About Carmen LaBerge
Carmen is passionate about helping people reconnect the eternal with the everyday by equipping Christians to engage the culture in ways that honor Jesus. She has written for, the Christian Post, Faithwire and other outlets, and blogs regularly at She is the author of Speak the Truth: How to Bring God Back into Every Conversation. Carmen also speaks at churches, colleges and conferences nationwide.

Carmen is now in her ninth year serving as President of Reformation Press, (formerly the Presbyterian Lay Committee), a ministry that’s been working to equip Christians for faithful witness for more than 50 years. She served for many years in mainline Christian church ministry where she cultivated an ability to speak the truth and stand firm, while winning the respect of those with whom she openly disagreed. The battles in the mainline over the authority of the Bible, Jesus as the only way to salvation, and the purpose of the Church are now the challenges Christians face in the culture at large.

Carmen is a graduate of the University of Florida with an M.Div. from Princeton Theological Seminary. She lives near Nashville, Tennessee with her husband and family.

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