The Alternative aims to transform individuals, families, churches, and communities through the proclamation and application of the word of God.

The Alternative is a Christian broadcast ministry founded over 30 years ago by Dr. Tony Evans.

Dr. Tony Evans seeks to promote a kingdom agenda philosophy designed to enable people to live all of life underneath the comprehensive rule of God. This is accomplished through a variety of means, including media, resources, clergy ministries, and community impact training.

We believe God made you on purpose for a purpose. At The Alternative, our heart is to lead you to an understanding of what that purpose is and then to support you as you manifest it in each of the covenantal spheres of your life: personal, home, church, and community.

One thing we are certain of is that God doesn’t make small people. His plan for you is bigger than you dare imagine. Your purpose was spiritually ordained. To find it, you have to seek out and align yourself underneath God’s kingdom agenda which is God’s visible and comprehensive rule over every area of life.

Just as God offers His restorative power to you, we at The Urban Alternative extend ourselves as a resource for you to grow in Christ. Our strategies, methods, and resources have equipped untold numbers of people to become closer with God. We invite you to join us as we serve our King and the advancement of His kingdom.

Mission Statement: Our mission is to serve as a teaching, training, and resource ministry in order to restore hope and transform lives. We seek to equip and empower Christians to walk within their true authority under God so that they can then bring direct and effective change into each of the covenantal spheres of life: personal, family, church, and community.

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