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The practice of affirmation

Are some people wired to affirm others, or is it a learned habit? Are you striving to be more grateful and affirming in this year? Sam Crabtree, executive pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church, is an ‘affirmation advocate’ and he helps us see the value of Practicing Affirmation—and the price to pay if we don’t. We review practical…

Carmen LaBerge


Finding hidden treasures in dark places

I’ve never been good with waiting. My husband never understands why I purposefully read the end of a novel just to know what happens and yet still go back and finish reading the rest of the book. When we watch a movie, if he knows how it ends, I want him to tell me, then I can settle in and enjoy the rest. When I was a little girl, I discovered…


When It feels too hard to give thanks

This week as we are preparing for Thanksgiving, our hearts and minds reflect on what we have to be thankful for.  But I have to be honest. Sometimes it feels too hard to be thankful for anything.  All we can think of are things we’re not grateful for.  Perhaps you’ve lost your job and can’t find another one. Or you’ve learned you have a…


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Making a fresh start

Kenji Gallo was involved in organized crime and the American Mafia, an informant for the FBI, and then entered Witness Protection Program - but nothing filled the void.

Meridith Foster



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