God puts dreams in our hearts and writes a destiny over our lives. And if we trust Him enough to take Him at His word, we will find ourselves on a journey toward the fulfillment of that dream.

Unfortunately, the path that takes us to the promise is always wrought with thickets and thorns. Nothing worth having ever comes easy or without opposition. Storms will come, lions will roar, and our fears will be confronted. God allows the path to be difficult because He intends on refining us and preparing us for our place of promise. He is intent on extracting from us, that which our enemy would love to leverage against us.

God loves us too much to promote us before we are ready.

Learn what God has to say about who you are with this free devotional.

And so, as we follow His lead, we will at different times, find ourselves in a valley – a valley of decision. Marriages die there. Dreams die there too. The flesh dies hard and unfortunately for many, they’ve opted to let their dream die before they’d ever allow their flesh to be confronted.

We all have weak spots and areas of inconsistency in our character. Until we see Jesus face to face, we will need His guidance and correction. He wants to take us from strength to strength; from glory to glory.

Ephesians 3:20 tells us that He wants to do abundantly above and beyond ALL that we could ever ask or think, but there’s a clincher in this verse…it’s according to His work within us. To the extent that He’s allowed to work in us, will be the extent that He does great things through us.

After pondering this idea a little more, I envisioned a valley of dry bones. Bones from marriages, relationships, and dreams abandoned because many people refused to die to themselves, to humble themselves, and to let God have His way in their lives.

Don’t let your dream die in the valley!

If you’re in a season of refining, lean in. Trust the loving hand of your precious Savior and know that He will lead you to the other side. Refuse a sense of entitlement and don’t demand to be understood.

Instead, humble yourself and seek to understand what the Lord is doing around you.

He will faithfully lead you and you will be strengthened as you go.

On the other side of this refining time is a fresh perspective and new mercies.

Humble yourself under the mighty hand of God; in due time you will be lifted up and honored before a watching world.

Here’s my question for you: Do you have a sense of how God is using your current circumstances to prepare you for a great calling?

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  • Keshawn Holt says:

    James 4:10 New International Version (NIV)
    10 Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up. The Lord said ” If you want my blessings, humble yourselves.”

  • Keshawn Holt says:

    James 4:10 New International Version (NIV)
    10 Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up.

  • Keshawn Holt says:

    This is what the Lord says “”If you want my blessing, humble yourself.”

  • Dmitri Dumas says:

    How the hell can I trust GOD after what HE has allowed in my life. Do not give me the BS about the Bible. I have read it through and through. ALL my dreams shattered. Every single one of them/. He has plans for our lives ?!?!?!? What utter crap. How many people die due to hunger because HE allows it. BS with this Christian crap.

    1. Patti Deniston says:

      Dmitri….Sounds like you’ve had a lot of bad things happen in your life…I know what pain is….it’s hard climbing up from the pits. Sometimes you don’t even want to try. But UP is where HOPE is, Dmitri. And don’t try on your own…you’ll never make it. “I can do ALL things THROUGH Christ, who strengthens me”. Praying for you specifically, Dmitri.

      1. Dmitri Dumas says:

        “I can do ALL things THROUGH Christ, who strengthens me”

        Another scripture taken out of context. All things. Hmm, let’s see: Run faster than Hosain Bolt ? Become a millionaire ? Become president ? Hold my breath for 10 minutes ? Float from one place to another without using my limbs. Get real !!!!

        Seriously ??? All things ??? Spare the cliches

        1. Patti Deniston says:

          Hi Dmitri….In a sense, any scripture quoted is taken out of context, since it is “lengthy” to quote the entire book of Phillipians. All “quotes”,whether scripture from The Bible (God’s word) or from any book, are taken out of context.
          The scripture quoted is for Christians, to encourage us. It pertains to Paul’s JOY in all circumstances, because of his commitment to Christ Jesus. Paul’s joy (and true Christians joy) cannot be snuffed out by legalism or circumstances. JOY comes from our trust in God’s provision…we can be happy in abundance or scarcity, for God is our ultimate strength and resource.
          If you don’t know Jesus as your Lord and Savior, it won’t make sense. But if you really are searching God will open your eyes and mind to His word.
          Still praying for you! (BTW you have beautiful birds…I used to have two cockatiels.)

          1. Dmitri Dumas says:

            Actually, the picture is of my only bird. I used to know the Lord but then life screwed everything up. Churches preach and the sermon comes from wolves in sheep’s clothing. Rich folks go to church on Sundays and drive past the homeless bloke without any legs sitting outside. He does not want money – only some bread for himself and his dog. No support structures in churches. Only if you pay tithes do you belong and are part of the ‘clique’. Church is a family? Hell no. I have more friends outside of church than what I had inside. I asked for bread and the elder told me to get a job. Hmm, yes, I prefer to be unemployed so that I can go with dirty clothes, empty stomach, broken shoes and without medication. Screw this.

            Do not tell me that GOD is with me all the time. He was not there when I needed Him. Plans for our lives He says !?!?! Seriously. Are you kidding me. Do not quote scripture about His plans. I know the Word but it was never real to me. How can it be real when you have mega churches with pastors living in “palaces” and have millions in the bank? How can it be real when death is all around. How can it be real when, when you call out He ignores you? I can go on and on, but I live in the real world. More and more “Christians” need to get out of the Sunday fashion parade and see what is truly going on. The church has become a financial institution and politically correct. Sermons are spoken about what people want to hear and not need to hear. Bums in seats mean money for the pastor and the “leadership” will do whatever it takes to ensure a lovely lifestyle for themselves and scr*w the flock.

          2. Dmitri Dumas says:

            Something needs to be done to the web site format. The replies are narrower.

        2. Jimmy H says:

          I agree with some of your thoughts Dimitri. I follow the rules and I’m still stuck in the valley. Humble,Serve, give, put people first, selfless acts, taken abuse from people in my inner circle. As well as working HARD to reach my GOALS. You don’t ask for much just a little FAVOR. I put the work where my MOUTH IS. I know this guy who called me complaining about being at a VIP event and nobody noticing him. And seeing GREAT SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE! I’m like are you kidding me?? I wish I can just get ONE BREAK. I would act like I belong there at that event! God has alot of people spoiled. And if you REALLY WANT to see if ALL these favored successful people REALLY have FAITH. PUT THEM IN THE VALLEY. Strip them of the house money and success. I bet they would ARGUE AND MUMBLE it out with GOD. And yes I have listen to mega church preachers because I figured they would guide me. But I got guided right into the valley instead of following my instinct. But at least I tried to move on FAITH. Some people just need a BREAK. Because there are alot of idiots who are getting them. Along with favor and success! God is letting them mess up, screw up along the way. That would be very nice to have success and God allow me to mess up along the way. And learn as I go. But Instead I’m sitting here for YEARS just trying to make it on the team! I’m not even riding the bench or in the arena. He has me out by the porta potty’s with binoculars watching others succeed . It makes you frustrated and question God. Trump, the corrupt greedy bankers, judges, The 1 percent ,and corrupt government people should be in the valley rock bottom. Not good people who are trying to do right by this crazy world. Just my HUMBLE thoughts

          1. Jimmy H says:

            Oh yes MOST OF these mega church preachers are in it for PROFIT. 2 mansions and private jets. They couldn’t get that on a regular salary thats for sure! I think the wealthy hide there money in these churche banks. And pay the pastors to watch over it. 501c hog wash!

          2. Hi Jimmy, I get your pain it’s what drew me to this site and the comments. I’ve been wrestling over a promise that either didn’t come to pass yet or never was going to and that’s hard. It almost feels like I’ve lost my mind. I’ve noticed something in what you said that’s starting to make more sense as I read some of the other comments on this page. It sounds like you know what it feels like to be misunderstood, rejected, lied too and discouraged by religion or people. How awful must it feel to patiently wait, suffer and try your hardest for something and never see it go your way. I know that pain, I’m in it, but may I suggest so does God. Think about it, look at all the people on here or in churches that see God as ugly or non existing because we don’t understand. It may not even be our fault we don’t understand because we are so far removed from the original message. Maybe the only way for God to actually share truth and grow you was to let you in on his pain too, that’s why everything is hard sometimes, How better to get know someone than to share in thier pain. That same dissapointmemt you feel from him is what he feels also when he looks around at everything going on, except he trusts you enough to finally see that through your circumstances and be the person you believed he called you to be. Just a suggestion, try praying from that perspective if you still pray and see what happens.

          3. I almost given up..it was a coincidence one might think when just right after committing myself to the church, I lost my job. Two and a half grueling years past by I still can’t find a job, I was asking the Lord why is this happening to me now that I am giving part of myself to the His church. I am experienced and educated, I have skills and graduated from college yet I can’t land a job for more than 2 years? Why? I frequently ask myself…why is it that I have to experience countless rejections? Then in July I started to focus on something else, tried to learn some new things, busied myself learning , studying on my own.. And at last just this October one bright idea past my mind and out of nowhere I have created an accounting program which eventually turned out to be in-demand in most of the businesses in our country. Now things are getting clearer, and blessings keep on unfolding one after the other..truly God has prepared something great for me, all I had to do is wait for his perfect timing. It was a miracle how in the world I have created a software without an exceptional skills in programming. I know for sure that He helped me. Prayers and faith can save lives, keep on praying and believing, I will pray for you Dimitri and Jimmy H. May the good Lord show you the way as He shown me mine.

        3. Hello dimitri,
          Dont say that,dont do what satan’s do to jesus.like satan say
          And he led Him to Jerusalem and set Him upon the pinnacle of the temple, and said to Him, “If You are the Son of God, cast Yourself down from hereIf you are the Son of God, command these stones to become bread. In fact, there is a stone right at your feet. Why not command that stone to become a loaf of bread?”

          The point is, Satan hit Jesus with this temptation at the precise moment that Jesus was hungry. He always works like that—he hits you when you’re down. He bides his time until you are vulnerable, and then he moves in with his subtle suggestion of evil.

    2. Joe Whitelaw says:

      I know how you feel brother but God is not the one to blame. In life $#!? happens in life,and for others it’s worse. So personally the only time we are ever going to be truly happy is when we go Home to Heaven. As Christians our hope is in Christ and eternity in His arms. I go to sleep every night for almost 50 years dreaming of HOME.

      1. Patti Deniston says:

        Merry Christmas!

        1. Patti Deniston says:

          Hmmm….problem with site, it didn’t print rest of my comment. Please, anyone that reads this…my note on my devotional today says to pray for a man living in Florida who is lonely and in debt. Don’t know who this is but God does.
          Thanks to all, and again….Merry Christmas!

    3. Dimitri, I am available to talk or just lend a sympathetic ear whenever you need to. My email is (Email removed)

    4. Mis Pris says:

      Dmitri, I came across this site an comments because I am going through a really tough time. My whole life I have been through many tragedies. Some were my fault and some were out of my control. I can feel your pain in the comments you have written and does seem like you have been through alot in your life. To me it sounds like you have gone to churches looking for answers and all they have done is let you down. You have read your bible but it seems like what has happened is that those churches have caused some bitterness in your heart because the “church” has failed to help and you see they fail to help others in your community. I have not only been studying the bible but also history that pertains to the things I have read in the bible. God has opened my eyes in a way I am not sure I have words for. But what I see is the lies and manipulation and how things have come to be the way it is in our generation. The “church” has become a den of thieves just like in Jesus’s day. What we are witnessing is a prime example of when Jesus turned over the money changers tables. These people have twisted the gospel and twisted God’s word so much and selling it as truth when in fact it is blasphemy and a lie. Go back and read every time Jesus rebuked the pharisees, you can actually see it is just like in our time. Leaven of the pharisees! It has manifested even deeper in our time. Tithing had nothing to do with money, it was about food! God does not care about money, it is man made. What do you suppose was meant when Jesus said give to Caesar what is Caesars but give to God what is Gods? God does not want your money. Yes money can help those who really need it but it is not what God is talking about or Jesus. God wants you to give what’s on the inside and to help others and LOVE others. These churches have fallen apostate just like the scriptures said it would. Churches are now organizations, not bibically inspired. Revelation says to Come out of her. Church is about people, not a building. Church can be exactly where you are and all around you. You have to get rid of all the false information you have received and listen to God’s word. Not the opinions of others with some biblical degree. Jesus didn’t have a degree in theology and nowhere does His word state that you have to go to school to become this or that in the church. You have to change your mind and heart and persevere. Every trial is for a reason and it is to teach you something. God does not cause evil to come upon you, we do by allowing sin to manifest in our lives. You have to let go of yourself and let God bless you. But he doesn’t bless you like the world does. It is far deeper than worldly things. I pray you will be okay and will find the true Creator that the world has tried to destroy. He is not like what the “world” has created Him to be. Let Him in and He will show you but you have to look with your heart instead of your eyes…

    5. Dmitri God loves you and we all wonder why things happen or why He allows for things to hurt others. Understand that He is love and no matter how we see things we cannot comprehend why, in our earthly mind set. ‘This people honors me with their lips, but their heart is far from me; in vain do they worship me, teaching as doctrines the commandments of men.’-Jesus Understand that a God who doesn’t allow for free will is just a dictator and when men invision free will and turn them into actions we get chaos and destruction thus equaling bad things. Yes God could stop it but would that be true free will? If you could message me at -http://iamthewaytruthandlife.org/ I would like to send you my book. Ernest Curry

    6. I know the world is a scary place. I feel sick when I read the news, but it shows me how far people have come from God. I love this part of the article above: “Ephesians 3:20 tells us that He wants to do abundantly above and beyond ALL that we could ever ask or think, but there’s a clincher in this verse…it’s according to His work within us. To the extent that He’s allowed to work in us, will be the extent that He does great things through us.”
      I live this truth daily.I still stand in the way at times when I let my selfishness get in the way, but before I allowed the spirit to work within me, I was so much less caring and more selfish. I blamed others for unhappiness.
      I think differently now. I hear the plight of people hurting around the world and I want to help. There are bad Evangelists and there are bad in every group, but there are good ones too. Ones that are making a difference around the world for starving people and people living empty lives surrounded by abundance. I don’t do it perfectly, but I live with so much more hope now regardless of good times and bad times. I find so many things to be thankful for when I am seeking God with my whole heart. I do pray that you would let the Holy Spirit work in your life too. I don’t know you, but because of the Holy Spirit at work, I want to help you if I possibly can. I think that is the essence of Ephesians 3:20.

    7. Hello Dmitri,

      I couldn’t help but read what you said and felt. I will have compassion over you and tell you that everyone has a dream from God, not matter how bad our lives are or been, God sees everyone through the heart. He weighs everyone through their thoughts, their motives, what they say and what they do. I can admit that there are self-righteous Christians and sometimes they misrepresent Christ wrongfully but even Jesus corrects His people through love and never would he want you or anyone to perish. Yes, they hurt you and maybe they tried to put themselves at a high level and take the glory, but God sees everything. He sees all who have done His will accordingly and were lead by the Holy Spirit to correct and edify the church.

      I do declare freedom and healing over your life Dmitri because you’ve been hurt by what you see but I encourage you to look beyond that and seek God’s will and presence and the only way we can ever restore ourselves and for God to truly forgive us is through repentance. It’s by changing our minds and thoughts, leaving things and people behind, what our desires and passions are, and to seek God with our whole heart. It wasn’t easy for me because I didn’t want to leave my old church and I used to worship God there with my whole heart, but I just noticed that even if you were there for the longest or serve, people might care for a bit or even in a distance but I felt God tell me to step down and stop. I didn’t want to but I had bitterness in my heart, I had resentment against them because they hurt my family and yet they were the ones that God had put on a high place and it made me sad. I left and I found people who did encourage me and love the way that God intended to love me, and I cried and I lost a part of who I was, I even got yelled out by my own pastor for leaving and God revealed to me that it was necessary for me to leave. Had I not left the church and found God and finally be free to praise and glorify Him, I was restored and now I’m telling you to forgive them and love them regardless but continue to seek God despite everything.

      Ironically God had pulled me out of the church I was in and is pulling me back to my old church and now I’m realizing that He needed me to stand on my two feet and seek God earnestly but to have the strength and knowledge to correct people and love on them and seek for repentance. He wants everyone to repent. He never has the intention of everyone to perish in hell. Too many people who don’t preach the word to others and live idly by wit their comfortable lives aren’t necessary doing the will of God. By repenting, you let go of the hatred and hurt, the resentment and pain, and at the same time, Christ has a way of restoring you in a way you have never though. You gotta leave that pain and gain a better way of thinking because God loves you still, He loves everyone, and yes I can admit that there are counterfeit Christians, those who assume they take the glory or have the power but God has the ultimate judgement and if you allow Him to touch you, He can heal your heart.

      You need to love your enemies
      You need to seek for the things above earthly matters
      You need to find peace in your heart

      I will tell you something, God is angry at His people too but He is giving everyone a chance to repent before it is too late. The heaviest burden that God can ultimate give to a Christian is if we can walk by someone who doesn’t know God. I have to at least preach to them and let them know that there is a God that loves you and all he wants is your heart, but to repent. Repent from self-righteousness and pride.

    8. Tyesha Ross says:


    9. Art Aguirre says:


    10. Keshawn Holt says:

      You have to go through spiritual warfare with the enemy, if you don’t know how, learn.

  • Katy Freeman says:

    Hi, everyone. I ‘ve read some of your comments, and want you to know I will pray for all of you. For those of you Trying to not loose hope, look up Isaiah 43:2 and cling to it. For those who yell at God and say ” Your only making it worse God.” read and memorize Isaiah 40:31. Those who are done with Life and don’t want to go on, post Matthew 11:28 I’m any social media and use your experiences to help others. Those who are so deep in sin, remember Psalm 23:4. “Call upon the name of the Lord and he shall lift you up.” God loves you, I will be praying for you all.

  • Nicole Rodriquez says:

    Hi I’m 22 my fiance called dcf on me when he saw me dropping my daughter off to school with her father in the car he lied and made up a bunch of fake accusations not knowing dcf would take both our kids away with no investigation he has severe adhd I have been on my case plan for over 15 months the court just keep rescheduling I have never been through anything in my life like this forgave my fiance feel like I can’t keep fighting going to court my daughter is staying with her dad he is alcoholic and does pills he dosent let let me see her he has trained her to not even look at me or she would get beat today when I saw her in court I went to give her a hug and she peed i was sad I’m traumatize after all this mentally I have removed myself away from this but it’s draining current situation my fiance is in jail my daughter is with her horrible father just stuck and don’t know why God has taken everyone out my life

    1. Nicole Rodriquez says:

      One thing I can say is im very strong and walk around with my chest out I went from having everything to beautiful daughters a nice apartment now to nothing but I’m breathing

    2. Fred Habeeb says:

      Everyday of my existence god is trying to take me out he wants you dead sso you can be in heaven with him he feels lie you have fufilled your duty. So you have a crappy life and just when it gets good hes like forget you im gonna make your life miserable until your as miserable as me.

    3. Joe Whitelaw says:

      I just want to say…….I don’t know you but I know Jesus who lives in you and as my sister in Christ I love you in Christ and give you a nice warm hug in Jesus name and tell you your Heavenly Father is with you and He Loves you because your His precious daughter and He probably has your portrait over His Mantle in His very big Home in Heaven in the Great House of God. How about we both try to keep our hope in Him and maybe we’ll see each other in the other side.(which could be sooner than we think) we can share our stories

  • Alexis Dorton says:

    So, I lost my home due to foreclosure. My then boyfriend suggested I move in with him. I did. A few months later he proposed. A month after I found out he was cheating, I left but eventually came back. Things got better I thought. He owned a cleaning company so I quit my job to help him with that. I found out he was cheating again. This time I couldn’t leave because he was my only income and I was driving his car because the one I bought broke down. So, I was completely dependant on him financially. But, I finally didn’t care and left. Now, I have my two children in my mother’s home with no income, no job and no car. Because I thought what I was doing was right. Now, I’m so lost… We can’t stay here long. Her landlord won’t allow it. I’ve been going on interviews, I’m applying to the post office when the library opens up. Sometimes my kids go hungry because my mother is on a fixed income and I have no income. He never paid me for my work and because there was no contract I can’t sue. I can’t get foodstamps because I have no permanent resident. I’m trying not to quit for my kids sake but I couldn’t even get them anything for school because all the giveaways in my city required a bill in your name. So, everyday I cry. Everyday. I’m not a bad person. I just fell in love with the wrong person and now my children are suffering. How do I just not give up? How do I keep going? He’s in his home comfortable and I’m going to a homeless shelter 4 days after my daughter turns 16. I’m failing tremendously. It’s hard to get anywhere with no money. But, I try. I walk. I catch the bus then wait hours for it to show back up. In certain areas the bus only runs a couple times in the morning and a couple times in the afternoon. My children are great kids. Both get wonderful grades. In after school activities. I volunteered my time in exchange for payments. I just don’t know if I can handle this. Knowing that my kids are suffering because of me. I just want to be happy. I just want them to be happy. Why is that so wrong? What did I do for GOD to turn his back on me and my family?

    1. Michael Wood says:

      Alexis, I just read your comment after doing a search. I wish there was more I could do or say. I’m go to pray for you and your two children. Sometimes it’s hard to keep looking up when everything around you is crumbling–I get that.
      I’m in a deep state of despair and depression at this time too with no end in sight. I don’t pretend to understand or know what you and your children are going through right now, but I think I know how you feel–if not in whole then in part. I know it’s probably not much help but I want to try and encourage and lift you up. Please read Psalm 139:134-16 — you and your children are special–in fact you’re precious to Him. I know it doesn’t feel like that now. My hope is that you will not give up on Him because He doesn’t give up on us. Do you go to a good evangelical Bible based church? My hope is that you can find one and seek their help. I’m close to loosing everything I have right now. I’m deeply in debt and my business is failing. I’m so depressed that I can hardly work and the business that I’m in requires a confident upbeat attitude. However, I have not lost my house yet. I don’t have much money but if you could figure out a way to reach me without having our info spread all over the internet I would love to help you in some small way. I really want you to know that there are people of God out there who will care and comfort you and your girls. My hope is that you can find some strong ladies who are believers to cover you and your children with God’s love. Please know that there are people out there who don’t even know you that really care about you because of the love God placed in them. God can never turn His back on anyone–it just seems like that sometimes.

      1. Alexis Dorton says:

        I’m sorry that you are going through things as well… I’ve been talking to my pastor and he prays for me. My mother and the church family prays for me. But, I still feel alone and lost. Thank you for your reply. Just reading your words brought tears to my eyes. I went to two job interviews today. One is pretty much mine once the background check comes back. It starts at 5a but our bus doesn’t run until 5:30a. I’m going to walk everyday if I must. I looked up how long it would take to walk, it’s an hour and forty seven minutes. But, I’ll do whatever it takes. I just need a break from getting kicked while I’m down. My email address is (Email Removed)… If you would like to get in touch with me. Thank you for listening.

  • This blog has popped up a lot of times so I know it’s meant for me. Thing is, after pain or silence you’re never the same person, unless God doesn’t a miracle. But how often do we get what we want?

    As for dreams, they don’t exist anymore. I could really care less. I definitely wish I had my old life back, because it’s all one big trial following God. Seeing all of your stories is painful. It doesn’t have to be this way! Don’t get me wrong God is good, we should Like him but life doesn’t have to be a struggle or painful. Go for your dreams if you still have them!

    What bothers me is the lack of help or silence. I trust God, but how long? Is there a goal or purpose? Cause you’re making things only worse God. Or maybe people are when they tell you to trust God, when in fact you have a life to live as well.

    1. Katy Freeman says:

      Hi, Jonathan. Personally, I’m not currently struggling with anything. But, last night my youth pastor was talking about pride. No, I’m not saying your pridefully just because your hurting, but one thing to remember is, when you ask God how long you should trust him, isn’t that like saying ” God if I had control, my life would be way better.”? And when you say ” Is there a purpose? Your only making it worse God.” your not only blaming him, but also it seems like you think there’s no purpose to the endless valleys. Jonathan, God knows EVERYTHING there is to know bout you and your struggles. He knows you can’t take it, but HE can. Life here is NOT about us, it’s not what we can get out of it for US. The purpose, to further God’s kingdom, shine the light on Him, and let our actions and attitudes reflect the best opinion of God. I will be praying for you, and everyone else who is struggling. Whatever you do though, DO NOT LEAVE GOD! Because he will never leave you!!!!

  • Deontae Bates Sr says:

    I am in a need of an advice and prayers..

    In Dec 2015 me and my wife move from DC to Charlotte NC off of her job promotion.. So I quit my government contractor job of 23 yrs and abruptly move. Now here we are in this new city, it took time to get used to the slow paced life being so I was born and raised in fast life metro city of DC. She is blessed to have the same paying job that she have in DC but unfortunately me I couldn’t find work that will pay me the same paid. So later I said to myself I have to understand this new city slow life and become adjust to iy and I figure it out and said I will accept thia citu paid raise.

    Now before leaving DC, I had alots of folks telling me that I’m gonna do great here, even from certain people I don’t know and they mention that I sure get a management job based on my government experience. But while living DC i could never get a supervisor or assistant management job. Either folks sneak behind my back and tell them bad things about so they can get the job or it mysteriously disappear and even my co workers were rooting for me to get. I had dealt with music and done all the behind scene work for others artists and ingnore my our music work just so I can help them out, and get nothing in return. My wife suggested that why I need to leave my circumstances life and a new.

    Now fast forward to new life in Queen City. I had found a overnight job that will pay me lityle bit above their paid raise but it was a catch to it. I wouldn’t be move with my wife and 2 yrs son at night and during the day I would’nt be able get some sleep because I have to supervise our 2 yrs son and only get 3 hrs sleep and i was tricked into working another position that they didn’t hire me for and made me work overnight (my new co worker told me I was con into it cuz no one else want that position). Soon became a wear and tear to me (starting sleeping behind the wheel while driving or at work) and my parenting. My wife did everything she can to help. Now I’m out of work

    Since then I have been to several interviews and won them over BUT mysteriously the job not available or all of sudden I need a associated degree for any office work. Yes I have great time to spend with family and even got more of my music work done that I have been putting off. But job seem to just disappear from me. For example today date I came back from an interview for a print job position based on my resume and they told me they have got a print job that can pay more then I did in DC and come in so we can talk about it. But when I arrived mysteriously again the job offer have been suspended or whatever. I seem can’t get no job.. I can’t put all the pressure on my wife, i really want to help. I have all this great music but can’t afford for promotion or advertising and don’t have money.. All I have is 58 cent in my checking accouny..

    Now i have questioning is God mad at me, what am I doing wrong.. Why constantly people lie to me about being great but Im constantly feel like a loser and etc. I hear all my friends ans wife have great blessing come to them and Im so happy for them amd shout Glory To God with them or if they feeling down i would give the words of God and vote od confidence but I can’t do that myself.

    I need an advice…what can I do..
    I need prayers..to get me thru
    I am exhausted, confused and don’t no what is what..

    1. A L says:

      Hello! Sorry to respond so late, but it sounds to me God is planning something for you. It always, always… Seems darkest before the dawn, but what’s beyond that is always so beautiful and relieving. Like this article says and like it’s been proven to be true on occasion, nothing worth having will come easy. Jesus is planning to give you an even better job and circumstance. I understand you’re weary, but let go and let God; put all your faith in him. You’ve done all that you can do, so come to a place of peace and give it up to Him. He wants to help you; He loves you more than you could ever know.

      Release all the worry and trouble you have inside, He is here for you. It will all come to pass and your music and your job situation, will be alright. Isaiah 41:10 and Proverbs 3:5-6 are some scriptures you should look at.

      Peace and blessings to your family and may your path be straight (:

  • Mich Santos says:

    I am encouraged to know that I am not alone in this season of walking through the valley.

    My 2016 has been a stormy season for me. Last year, I met a man of God who made a difference – a man who made me see a different side of life. A man who saw me as how God sees me. A man who has given me the courage to believe in myself and to fight for my dreams. This man changed a significant part in me, something that I know will last and that I’ll be forever grateful for. But just when he thought that it was now finally his heart’s season to pursue, suddenly, things fell apart. And God has made it clear to us that it still wasn’t the right time, because we are still His work in progress.

    We both meant well and did our best to make things work. None of us wanted to hurt anyone anyway. But sometimes, no matter how hard we try our best, if God is not done molding us yet, we’d just end up getting hurt and hurting others in return. And it was indeed painful – no, it was excruciating. The pain was so great that I could literally feel like I’m crumbling down to pieces. I felt so broken and fragile that during the night when things between us fell apart, I visioned myself being held carefully by God’s hands – and He was holding me so delicately as if the slightest movement could shatter me even further. And I have never been that broken before. Months passed and i now started to wonder if i really meant something to him. or if there will ever come a day when God would make us meet again.

    Even until now, I still can’t feel like I’m moving forward. I am trying my best to keep going but everytime I do, things would then blow harder and make me take a step back again. As if a broken heart is not enough, financial struggles also came.

    Aside from that, God has also encouraged me to rebuild a long lost dream, a dream of studying in the premier state university in our country. It was a dream that seemed impossible for me but God kept leading me to try, and I did. Through the process, I saw God’s favor, it was hard but with it, I learned to believe in the impossible, because God gave me a promise that He’s gonna reward my faith. So I did my best. Put all the faith that i could have, only to find out that i’m still gonna fail in the end.

    Almost everything in my life right now is breaking my heart to pieces. I started to wonder if faith can really move mountains. I have a friend who has the gift of having visions and dreams. He always used to have visions & dreams of me, and just recently, he has a dream about me crossing a bridge. I was trying to take steps to the other side, but the wind going to the opposite side was so strong that my effort of moving forward seemed useless and the wind was destroying everything around me. In that dream, my friend was standing from afar, he was standing on a rock that looked like ivory, and a man on a brown cap was standing behind him. My friend was looking at me as i try to cross the bridge. I started crying and he heard it resound so loudly. The man behind him spoke to him, but the wind was so strong that he almost couldn’t hear what the man said. All my friend heard was “Go to her.” then the man pointed his finger toward me.

    That’s exactly how I feel in my season right now. I am constantly trying my best, to keep walking, to keep moving forward, even if some days all i can do is crawl. but each time i do, there would always be blows to let me fall. 2 years ago, God told me that starting that day, we will be on a journey and my goal is for me to reach the other side. 2 years after and here i am, i am now starting to wonder sometimes if i’m still gonna make it. It’s just weird because many times I so wanted to give up and walk away from God, but I can’t. I just can’t. There were nights when I would get angry at God and speak honestly to Him, but the next day or a few days later, I would just find myself coming to Him again. It’s like in my mind i’ve always wanted to give up, but deep inside me there is a strength that won’t go away.

    I cannot understand everything that’s been happening in my life right now, but I so badly need your prayers. Somehow, I am still hoping that one day, things will be a lot different and I’ll finally see God’s faithfulness.

    1. Katy Freeman says:

      Mich, you have the strength of a true warrior. The strength that any christian would beg for. When things get that hard and you find your self with that peace, you have to know it’s God. But maybe you were right, your trying to reach the other side, but ask yourself, are you trying to do it in your own strength???? Right now Mich, your going through what some would call a refining period in life. When that happens, God is trying you and perfecting you. In this period of your life, God is trying to either get your focus on him, or on others. In other words, off yourself and your own problems. I’m going through that myself right now. But always remember, He knows the situation, everything about it. He knows everything about you. And most importantly knows that not only you can’t do this by yourself, but that you need Him. He knows how much pressure you can take, how many times around this pressure, and how much heat you can stand. I will be praying for you, but let God know!

  • Cristal Lyndstrom says:

    Once upon a time I thought I new what God was doing in my life. I can no longer say that. All I can say is that God has literally turned my life upside down and I have no idea why or what to do. In all honesty, I’m tired.

    I’ve been obeying, trusting, believing God through this whole season of my life. The more I pray the worse things get. The more I trust God for good things the more bad things come my way.

    I was engaged. There was a breech in the relationship. I prayed for God to help restore and heal the relationship. He did not and led me to end it. I did. It was one of the most painful things I’ve ever gone through and I’m still dealing with it.

    Even though I did not want the relationship to end I obeyed because any relationship that I would put before my relationship with God would be doomed anyway. God reads hearts so I know he knows what is best for me no matter how I feel. After the engagement ended God told me not to even contact my ex to be friends. I obeyed and moved on. I lost weight, got new hobbies and drew closer to God through study and prayer. Yet 8 months later my ex reenters the picture. Why would God let this man come back?

    So, I’m cordial to him but I never call or reach out to him. The more I ignore him the more he contacts me. This makes no sense to me. I became angry at God about this. Why let this man back into my life when it was so hard to let him go and get over him?

    So, I pretty much ignore my ex hoping that he will get the hint and just go away and again, why doesn’t God make him go away? He didn’t want us together, not even as friends. God made that clear to me. So, what is God up to? I’ve prayed and asked God to please remove this man from my life again and he won’t and has actually convicted me in the spirit for asking him to do so.

    So now the Lord has begun to put it in my heart and on my spirit that it is time to move from the city where live. I knew it was time and that I need a new start somewhere else. Well I began to pray and ask the Lord to show me where I should move. All sings and leadings are pointing to the city, 8 hours away, where my ex resides. I couldn’t make this up if I wanted to.

    I think once again this is Satan or my subconscious still trying to work up a way to be near my ex. But the truth is I don’t love my ex anymore. In fact, I don’t even really like him anymore. I would never tell him I don’t like him. But I’m always glad when my interactions with him are over and always pray that it will be the last time he contacts me. I don’t hate him but I really don’t want anything to do with him.

    So, I ignore all these promptings to check things out in that city. No way. I don’t even like that city. It has a high crime rate, it’s huge, and I don’t know a soul there other than my ex and his family. The jobs are much higher paying there but so is the cost of living.

    So, I put the moving thoughts aside and think I’ll just continue to pray and get my spiritual wires untangled because clearly I’m confused. So, I do that. I keep praying.

    I sometimes listen to random ministries online. Well, I click on a ministry one day and this pastor is speaking so beautifully and what he’s saying is really speaking to my spirit. I don’t even recall what his sermon was about but I was pleasantly surprised and made his ministry a favorite to visit again online. The the minister invited listeners to visit his church if they’re ever in the area. I think, I’d love to. I wonder where this ministry is located. And guess what, it’s THAT city. So, I immediately stop listening.

    I’m an avid reader. I go to the library and the librarian tells me about this great new true story mystery novel arriving soon. I place a hold for it. It comes in. I read the jacket and set it aside for later. I get all cozy and crack open the book and start to read. Guess where the mystery is centered: THAT city. So every other page I turn this city’s name is jumping off the page at me.

    My sister buys me chocolate as a gift. Great! I open the package and the name of he chocolate company is named after THAT city. Great.

    I could go one like this for quite some time. You get the picture. Is God really telling me to pick up my life and move to a huge crime ridden city where my ex lives and if he is WHY? I liked that ministry but not enough to want to move there.

    Every time I pray about moving THAT city comes up. I looked into cities on the opposite coast and started lifting them up in prayer to God. He breaks in my thoughts (or someone does) with THAT city.

    Everywhere I go there is some reminder of that CITY. Please believe me I am no crazy and I’m not making this up.

    On another front, at the same time, I was unemployed for almost three years. I wanted to work in the IT field and had no background to do so. God gets me into IT! Not one job but THREE. So, now I can say that I’m an IT person. Thank you God! There is no reason I should be in this job other than God put me here. I know that for a fact.

    So at my current job I’ve been there about 1 year. I made a huge splash by quickly becoming the highest performer. I am not bragging. I was literally an accidental success. The only thing I will say is that God always reminded me at every new job to work unto all thing as though working unto the Lord. So that’s what I did.

    I wanted to do well and I wanted to honor God by not cheating my employer by working hard and trying to do a good job. Well then I got attacked by people who started saying I was cheating. They started spreading rumors that my work quality was bad and that’s how I got so much done every day.

    My supervisor and my supervisor’s supervisor told me I was doing a great job and keep it up. One of my coworkers posted a nasty message about me on a work related website and has recruited a bunch of her friends at work to constantly nit pick me.

    I moved under a new supervisor and he said he doesn’t understand why people are saying bad things about me because he’s watched me work and I’m a model employee and he knows I do good work.

    Now this same girl is having her family and friends call our work and ask for me and pretend to be customers. I start to help them and they call me names, hang up, etc. I can’t prove she’s doing it but I’m pretty sure it’s her. My supervisor is aware of it and tries to help but it continues.

    My old supervisor jokingly accused me of swearing at a hostile client to get them under control since the client wasn’t hostile with me the way they used to be with others. I told him that I don’t swear. I didn’t mean it in a holier than though manner. I just smiled and said, no, no, I don’t curse. He spread it all over to the whole company and now people make fun of me. People who used to be friendly towards me shun me as if I’m some sort of weirdo. I don’t wear my “religion” on my sleeve and treat everyone nicely. I don’t proselytize to others on my job.

    So, I don’t understand why God is letting me be attacked like this or why he ended my engagement to my ex only to allow him back into my life.

    I’m afraid to move to THAT city. It’s too big and is high crime. Plus my ex lives there now.

    There are other things but I think I’ve made my point. I don’t understand what God is doing. Please pray for me. I feel lost. I’m afraid. Most of all I’m tired. I’m trying not to become disillusioned and lose faith but I’m having a hard time understanding. I”m afraid to do anything for fear it will blow up in my face. For the first time in my life I feel like trusting God is risky and I’m scared and confused.

    1. Christina Ju says:

      Hi Cristal, I’m so sorry to hear the difficulties you face. I’m not sure if this would be a consolation but I came across an article that you might want to read: http://www.kevinathompson.com/dangerous-assumption-gods-will

      It might dispel some doubts you have about God or it might not. Either way, I hope it helps. God Bless!

    2. Don Quixote says:

      I’m going through something very similar myself, and I think part of what may be at issue for me may be at issue for you.

      I’ll spare you my long story, but allow me to raise this possibility: God never said no to your prayer to heal and restore your relationship — this is how He has chosen to do it.

      By allowing all that your relationship was to be destroyed, He was able to work on both of you in order to make that relationship what He wanted it to be. He may now be calling you to step back into it.

      The fact that you don’t feel for your ex what you used to is actually something that speaks in favor of this interpretation. The two of you can get to know each other all over again, with the right mindset this time. You’ve changed and grown, and so has your ex.

      The fact that God (may have) inspired your ex to get back into your life at the same time He seems to be pushing you back in his direction may well mean that it is time to once again respond to God’s call to do the difficult thing you don’t want to do but He wants you to.

      God does that sort of thing all the time. I could offer many examples, but just consider His call to Jonah. Jonah was free to refuse, but God was going to make it as difficult as possible for him to do so, and He wasn’t going to change His mind about what He wanted Jonah to do. Jonah really, really did not want to go to Nineva to preach repentance. Too bad. God wanted him to do exactly that thing.

      The thing to take back to God in prayer at this point is whether or not He is calling you to build a new relationship with your ex after all. Maybe He’s not, but maybe He is. If He is pushing you as hard as you say He is, and potentially moving your ex as well, it is entirely reasonable that He is guiding and calling you.

      1. Girschwin Lewack says:

        God has given us the Holy Spirit as a guide and a comforter.
        So, His voice, is the one we should ultimately be listening to, but, be very careful as there are forces which could strongly attempt to imitate what YOU THINK you WANT to hear. So, spend time in God’s word, while aligning yourself with the utterings of the Holy Spirit.
        In this way, you cannot be misled by deviant activity trying to pull you back into a possibly toxic relationship – I dont know the dynamic of yours.

        First and foremost, though, the decider would be whether or not your ex is a Christian…not by birth, but by rebirth, and whether he is a faithfull servant of God. If he is not, it is not of God. As a devoted Christian, God will not expect/does not want you to enter into such a relationship and that comes straight from His word.

        If He is a Christian, and a true follower, which you should be able to tell by his fruits, a balance of ‘leading’ by the HS and the truth in the word of God, will miraculously reveal Gods plan for you in all of this. If it is HIS purpose, you will be falling head over heels again, and find yourself wondering ‘what just happened’?

        I know it has been hard. Most of us on here have a story. But know this, ‘the devil wouldn’t be fighting you this hard, if He wasn’t terrified of the anointing God has on, and instore for you’. You are set for great things in what God is entrusting and building up in you.
        Even now, in your discouragement, you are an encouragement – already being used by Him.

        Stay strong, my sister. Especially when in doesn’t seem that way, OUR GOD is on His throne!

    3. hi there…your story has been on my mind for quite a few days. first let me share with you that i accept christ at 21 years of age..i am now 53.
      your story has stayed with me, i believe as some of your story reminded me of something i encountered years ago. i too felt confused and bewildered.
      the part about the guy re entering your life after you had made peace and could finally move on especially hit home to me. you see, while i do believe that GOD works in mysterious ways, i do NOT believe that HE sent that young man back into your life. sometimes once we have finally made the decision to move on, that particular person simply tries to come back. GOD would never ever make you be with someone that your heart does not love. If that were the case i would see more POSITIVE adjectives in your post….joy, peace, excitement…does that make sense?
      you are undergoing a tremendous amount of warfare in your life for not only is GOD strengthing you , but those times are times of testing. years ago i shared with a sister in christ all the immense adversity i was facing in my life. it was horrible! just never seemed to quit. she said, Karen, i do believe GOD has something amazing in store for you in your future. i asked her why do you say that? simply she said ” if not, why would the enemy be trying so hard to knock you off track?”
      i am sorry for the confusion and bewilderment that you feel. Just stick close to god..HE is making you into an overcomer!!! and just like that sister said to me, i am saying to YOU :GOD HAS AWESOME THINGS PLANNED FOR YOUR FUTURE. stay in faith
      know that i have been praying for you….
      hang in there and know always know, that GOD loves you…:)

    4. Spring Stocks says:

      I felt the need to reply to you because your story reminded me so much of me. Without trying to be harsh or critical, the only thing I can say to you is have Faith.. I learned the hard way that the things I wanted or didn’t want, we’re not the things God was looking for in me. He wants us to surrender to him. My point of pain and frustration was so deep that it took me to a level I had never been before. One night, instead of pleading and asking God why, I just simply told him, “I’m done. It’s all yours, please take it all because I don’t know what to do.” Immediately when I backed down and threw my hands up, he took over! That’s what he wants. He will bring us to the brink of feeling like there is nothing left in order for us to give up our independence and to rely completely in him. Psalm 46:10.. “Be still and know that I am God.”
      Don’t question anything he brings to you, just go with it. Your reasons and explanations for where you are going or called to do are TOTALLY different than his, I promise. He may be sending you somewhere you don’t want to go but his reason for it is because he’s not done with you yet .. You’re a work in progress, we all are. Like the song goes, “he’s refining us to be like diamonds.”
      Your ex came into your life again but quite possibly for reasons you would never expect. God may be simply using him as a tool to lead you to your destination of greater joy.
      I have learned to accept anything that comes my way. Pain, suffering, back stabbing, criticism, all of it, are simply tests of our faith. When you can accept that God is in control of your life and doesn’t need your help, you will find an overwhelming peace within you because that is when we are finally admitting to him that we are his creation and not our own.. Created for God. His way and no other way.
      Many prayers for you.. Keep the faith and “Be still..”
      Murfreesboro, TN

    5. Rick Starnes says:

      I try to turn to our Lord before making decisions and reciting and remembering Proverbs 3:5-6 helps me immensely. However if this passage does not touch your heart then I recommend turning to the Word of God to find your answer. Trust me, I’ve been in countless situations not knowing what to do but as I turned to God for the answer I was always victorious. Always! As followers of Jesus Christ the road is not easy. So don’t lose faith. Let God guide you and forgive which is very hard to do sometime. I had to let my ex go but only by the grace of God are my 3 children with me along with our house. It’s quite a challenge but there is finally love and peace in our home. Another thought (and I don’t mean to be confusing) but there is the story of a man on top of his house during a flood. Several means of safely getting on dry land were offered to him but he said No to them all and stated he was waiting on God to save him. The man drowned. What I’m saying is God may be showing you the answer to your concern but your hard heart may be trying to protect itself. This is truly just a thought. (Ironically I’ve been an IT/Consultant for many years). Remember, search your heart as you study Proverbs 3:5-6. Relax and listen to Him.

    6. Katy Freeman says:

      Hi Cristal, I just wanted to remind you of something God said in the Bible. He talked about those who follow Him will go through persecution, you should feel honored. Remember Peter was crucified being in the middle of God’s will for him. Paul was beheaded for obeying God. John saw visions while exiled just because he was listening to his Savior. In Acts 5:41, Luke talked about them rejoicing for getting beaten because “they were counted worthy to suffer shame for his name”. Don’t be a Jonah and not listen to God because you aren’t comfortable with it. God actually calls us to step out of our comfort zone. Who knows what kind of blessings are waiting for you. He will direct your path, just follow it. I’ll be praying for!!!!!

  • KIM Bellamy says:

    God is still GOD even in the dry places. I went from working a full time job and a part-time job, attending college, and playing sports, to being unemployed, dropping out of school unofficially for the second time, being injured in a automobile accident and not being able to endure the stress of working, being disenfranchised of my rights both at school and work, all while no one seemed to care except me. Being action oriented i sought avenues for redemption but most importantly i sought god. In standing for righteousness, i lost everything GOD blessed me with and everything i worked hard for during the past five years of my life. im 26 and now and must start over. Im tired, frustrated, weak, seeking god every day. Sometimes i can’t pray. But if i could encourage anyone here including myself. GOD has not forgotten and he speaks through me as i type this message. i so desperately need to see my promise fulfilled!!! Before all of this occurred, i had an encounter with GOD through another person and GOD showed me in a vision and gave me a promise. Two years later I’m still waiting. Broken and still waiting. Still seeking him and still waiting. I’ve gotten angry with god for giving me all that i had taking it away and using painful situations to change me. I’ve asked for forgiveness countless times and I’m asking that god’s helps me to forgive those who have hurt me. I just pray that i dont lose hope and that neither of you all will either. God Bless you all.!!!

    1. Girschwin Lewack says:

      Hey Kim
      Just said a prayer for you.
      Remain faithful and know that like Paul, your sufferings are not in vain.
      We don’t know how many lives we touch, so don’t be surprised when one day, in eternity, you have a que of people, who may never have made it, lining up to say ‘thank you’.

  • Brittany Tate says:

    Hi, I’m 20 years old and I have been attending community college since I was 18, also living with my elderly mother who got divorced that summer I turned 18. My father left us and it’s been hard here at the house; never gotten better. The first year I had to work full time and take a few courses (2-3) each semester. Now I don’t work because I receive financial aid for my mom’s low income. I’ve always been into God, thanks to him himself and my mother who reads her bible and has a great connection with him. In High school I suppose I had it made, I was popular/kinda happy, since my parents were both together and working, plus I had friends and was involved in school/played sports. I was just always the big shot put girl with Serena Williams built (5’8″ 170-185lbs suffering weight issues and tried everything). Although, I tend to eat my problems away every since middle school. My weight fluctuates, and I so great with working out/exercise but somehow manage to go back to depressed, over eating slump from stress and such. Although I’ve never been obese thank god. I just eat my pain away since I have nothing to do, nor look forward to. I go to class everyday, come home to eat and sit in front of the tv- losing motivation to do work and procrastinating and doing things at the last minute. I’m lazy, and I don’t go out on the weekends, suffering from anxiety, depression, and now an insomniac (with a weird sleeping schedule). I sleep in my mom’s bed now with her because that’s the only way I can fall asleep and not think of scary images. I feel so lost, even I pray 2x or
    More a day (since god have had a good connection since I was very young), read Joyce Meyers books and such. Though nothing seems to work. I can also only work so much, or my financial aid will be taken away. I feel broken because I don’t know what to do nor what is my calling. Everyday I dread waking up, while my Friends are at 4-year universities and enjoying life, while I’m stuck here in our hometown barely making it. It just stinks:( I don’t like myself, I’ve put on much weight (not obese), I binge eat, I never really had a boyfriend and no guys ever really wanted to be with me so I don’t ever go out. Plus I’ve been hurt by men, who don’t even want me now because I’ve gained weight and don’t have money nor am very successful. However, God is good I managed to keep a 3.94 gpa/in honors organizations and still study and such- just at the last minute. I don’t know if I should continue college, go to the military, run away, etc. My brain is foggy, everyday is gloomy, I dread going to school because people see I’ve put on weight and I’m not myself, have no energy (tried every diet and gym and still relapsed) plus I have nothing to look forward to when i come home- just tv and food. All is really bad now, and I cry everyday so very hard. I’m losing it, no energy, foggy brain, negative ways/thinking and all I do is complain/talk mean even after prayer and reading uplifting Christian books. Church isn’t an option because I just don’t have good ones nearby, and I feel it’s all a scam/fraud plus I don’t feel it; it all feels fake. Church these days are pushing out the kids in my generation, although I do believe in God, Jesus and Christ and never will let go. Overall, I just never imagined my mother and our lives being like this. I feel so depressed and alone. I even thought to end my life. Life has been incredibly hard for me and my mother. No where to turn and I just want answers, happiness, and direction and to finally be out on my own with much success and being the ‘New’ me.

    1. Tonetta Smith says:

      Hi Brittany,
      Glory to God for your authentic testimony. I understand your situation I had been through many valleys.
      I can hear the conflict of the desires of your flesh versus the desires of your spirit man. But just like the article said sometimes we have to let things go in your flesh and be able to be humble and listen to God there’s a purpose for your storm. You are in a venerable place right now and the devil is trying to attack you, it means you’ve been chosen for greatNess and you must believe in that. Don’t let the devil take what God has planted inside of you. Remember the story of Job, the devil’s strategy is to break you down so much that you stop believing. That you give into your fleshly desires. The devil took everything away from Job and his own wife told him to curse God and even his friends told him to give up because it seemed hopeless. But don’t give up Brittany hold on, hold on to God’s promises you can do it. Walk away from overeating to comfort yourself, walk away from just wanting to be leave the house this is where God has placed you right now at this point. There’s strength… He is strengthening you in this valley this is a time where your old self should be shedding. I know that its hard trust me, I know the flesh is very strong. We were born of this world and it is difficult but Brittnay I tell you hold on, you’re doing everything right …you know the Lord, you’re reading books, find a church even if you have to go the distance so that you can get the comfort of fellowship, but more importantly the word God has just for you. And remember that even if the church that has hypocritical people in it and all churches do, God’s Word will never go out void,so if you sit there and you take in everything God has to minister to you… that is the point. If God can use a donkey surely he be able to use even the person of hypocrisy and they don’t even know that God is using them for His glory. Stay encouraged. I’d love to stay in touch just to know that you have someone praying and a true sister in Christ.

      1. Brittany Tate says:

        Thank you. Ah, it’s been really hard :/ but thank you. God bless.

        1. Tonetta Smith says:

          You’re welcome. Be blessed Beloved.
          Some daily encouragement if you’re on https://www.facebook.com/groups/317578335076606/

        2. Brittany i am going to lift you in prayer…stay encouraged.
          stay in faith.
          God bless you.


    2. Rachel W. says:

      Hi Brittney! I have also been through some difficult times, and would like to encourage you with what I’ve learned.

      First off, know that God loves you, so very dearly! You are precious to Him! His princess! I know that right now you feel like life is ending, that the world is crashing around you, and that there is no hope in this world to be found, but know that beyond what you can see, God has a glorious plan for you. “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11.

      I have gone through my share of hardships, and one thing that God always told me through it is that I am going through this because I am going to meet someone later in my life who is going through the same or a similar thing, and I can help them with what I’ve learned through my struggles. 2 Corinthians 1 talks about this; “Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves receive from God.” (v 3-4)

      When I was 12, my mom got sick with something doctors couldn’t diagnose. They either said she was crazy, that it was just stress, or that they didn’t know what it was. We found only one doctor who could help us. My mom was so sick, it was a good day when she had energy to brush her hair. Because of this all of the housework and cooking fell onto my older sister (20 at the time) and myself.
      When I was 13 we got evicted from our home that I had lived in my whole life, till then. We had never been wealthy, and my father made poor financial decisions most of the time. Yet through all of my life and during these struggles, God let me know that He is always there, and Brittney, He is there for you! And He knows that you hurt, and He knows that you’re in pain, and He want’s to help you out of your troubles.

      We moved into my brother’s apartment, then into my other brother’s apartment, for 5 months. Then we finally were able to move into a house that was owned by my dad’s sister, only for family drama to ensue and us have to leave after 6 months there. After roughly a year of being homeless/not paying much rent at all, we still didn’t have enough money to get into a home. We ended up borrowing a 15ft long camping trailer from someone at a church we used to go to. Looking for cheep rent, we moved to a missionary campus for Bible translators and lived in the RV park there.

      The verse that God showed me so very often through this was Romans 5:3-5 “Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. And hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us.” (Some translations “suffering produces endurance”) And, James 1:2-8 “Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything. If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you. But when you ask, you must believe and not doubt, because the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind. That person should not expect to receive anything from the Lord. Such a person is double-minded and unstable in all they do.”

      The best way I can explain this is like while we were moving. It was just me and my dad loading things onto the truck while my sister and mom packed boxes. Late nights, little sleep, tons of stress and worry, and lots of physical labor–suffering. But even though my back hurt and I was tired I learned that I could keep going regardless of that; God gave me strength and endurance. The moving added to my character because I am now really good at moving. This brings me joy because I help people move a lot now and I know how to help them. (Which also ties in with 2 Corinthians 1:3-4)

      God will take you through things that are hard so He can refine you. God is like a gardener, and us like His trees. He will cut away the weak limbs to help make you healthy and stronger, able to soar above the things that stopped you before in life so that you can overcome them, help others, get closer to God, better trust Him, end up in a blessed place and because of these further glorify Him.

      Like when we moved to the missionary campus, I started going to a youth group for the missionary kids there. I made friends, and many good things came from it, but one of the biggest things was I got over a long period of feeling like I wasn’t worthy of God, or His love, or anything He did for me. How dare I fail Him, I’m not good enough for God, I’m a bad Christian–was my mindset.
      I went to a small group one day and wasn’t planning on sharing what I was going though, but God had a better plan for me. That day we read Romans 1:8 “Therefor there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus,” I broke down. Could God forgive me though I fail Him? Could He really not condemn me? I opened up to the group about what I was going through and was met with compassion and love.
      Through the months of battling over this God continued to show me how beloved we His children are. One night in particular I was feeling upset about the hardships I had gone through. I appreciated the goodness that came from them, don’t get me wrong, that’s what keeps my hardships from being useless. But it was hard not being able to go to my mom during the evictions because she was too ill to take more stress. Through it I was worried about everything: where we’d live, our finances, my mom’s health, my sister’s stress. I felt like I had to be a grown up. I stopped caring, because if I cared I would just get hurt again, and I was already so hurt.
      So this night the pain was revisiting me I felt like God wanted me to read my Bible. I open it and come across the death of Lazarus. I would read the whole story if I were you, it really helped me: https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=John+11%3A1-45&version=NIV

      John 11:32-35 “When Mary reached the place where Jesus was and saw him, she fell at his feet and said, “Lord, if you had been here, my brother would not have died.” When Jesus saw her weeping, and the Jews who had come along with her also weeping, he was deeply moved in spirit and troubled. “Where have you laid him?” he asked. “Come and see, Lord,” they replied. Jesus wept. ”
      It was like God was saying “I’m crying for you! I know what pain you feel! I see your tears my child!” But why did this happen in the story? V 14-15 “So then he told them plainly, “Lazarus is dead, and for your sake I am glad I was not there, so that you may believe. But let us go to him.”…and raise him from the dead, and comfort Mary and Martha, which in turn 2000 years later there will be a girl in pain about her past and she will see that I actually do feel her pain and that I do care dearly about her. “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” 1 Peter 5:7
      It took months to get over this condemnation, but once I finally believed that He didn’t condemn me, a few days after I found out that a friend of mine was going through the same thing. I had just gone through it, I knew exactly how she felt! Not only could I say that I understood her, but I also had been given all these scriptures of truth that could help her out of it. This gave me the upmost joy! That was why I went through this, I was to be a mouthpiece of His love to her. Suffering produces perseverance: the condemnation I felt and the verses God gave me to endure. Perseverance, character: the verses God showed me through my suffering gave me a full knowledge of how to get out of unnecessary guilt and feeling condemned. Character, hope: from what I had learned through my suffering, I knew there was hope for her (and everyone else I’d come to share this with) to get out of her suffering, just as I got hope to get out of mine. Also from what God showed me I now have hope for the next hardship, because I know that God will turn it into something good.
      When God takes you through something hard, trust Him. It is really for a better and greater reason. Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.” Look at Jesus for someone who went through suffering that would aid others and glorify God. He knows how you feel, that’s what His entire life-purpose was; to suffer for us so we could know the comfort that He had from God. To bridge that gap between us. He knows how you feel, trapped in darkness, the world against you, drowning without light.

      But know that light will soon flood your life! The goodness of God will come before you and you will see His plan soon. Hardship doesn’t last forever. “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. I will be found by you,” declares the Lord, “and will bring you back from captivity. I will gather you from all the nations and places where I have banished you,” declares the Lord, “and will bring you back to the place from which I carried you into exile.” One thing that helped me through some of my troubles was measuring my hardship to the rest of my life on earth; comparatively it is short. But even better, compare hardship to the rest of our lives, which is forever and eternal since we know Christ as our Savior. “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” John 16:33

      Because we moved to the missionary campus, my dad got a job with them and they pay more than his last job did. We are now in an apartment. I have made an impact on the youth group I go to, I now have a calling to help missionary kids, and I’m making a documentary about missionary kids! Through my mom’s illness we met a doctor who was not a Christian, but had questions about Christianity. My mom was able to answer those and he is now a Christian! My sister’s photography business failed, and she started working at a grocery store; it was there she met her now fiancé! While traveling with my dad for his new job, I met a boy who God told me to witness to. He was homeless and his mom was sick. I was able to help him through his hardships, share the Gospel with him and even give him a Bible. If I hadn’t been evicted or if my mom hadn’t have been sick, I wouldn’t have been able to relate to him or tell him from my personal experience that it does get better. If we hadn’t have needed to move to the missionary campus, my dad wouldn’t have gotten the job with them, I wouldn’t have been traveling, or have ever met this boy to encourage him, and he wouldn’t have met me and heard my words of the Gospel, had he not been homeless.

      Finally, you do not have to go through this alone. “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.” Deuteronomy 31:6
      “You hem me in behind and before, and you lay your hand upon me.” Psalm 139:5
      “Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand” Isaiah 41:10
      “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9
      “…And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” Matthew 28:20
      “For I am sure that neither death nor life, nor angels nor rulers, nor things present nor things to come, nor powers, nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Romans 8:38-39
      “Do you not know that you are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in you?” 1 Corinthians 3:16

      Also, during my own troubles I also considered taking my own life. Know that you are completely and totally unique. No one can fill your shoes, no one can replace you. You are an organ of the body of Christ, and brick in God’s temple, unique from every other with a specific purpose different from every other. Trust that God has your life, and your steps planned. Again I will say “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.” Proverbs 3:5-6 and “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

      Know that I am praying for you my dear sister in Christ, and will ask those I know to pray for you as well. You will get through this! For, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13. All that I have shared about hardships in this message, I have learned through my own hardships, and now I am able to, I pray, help you. Let me act as living proof of the good work God does through hardship if you trust and obey Him. If you are having a hard time trusting Him or having a hard time with anything you need, know that you can go to God for whatever you need, and He will be willing to help you according to His righteousness!

      I pray that you come out on the other side of these troubles with much reason to rejoice. I pray that you grow closer to God and stronger in your faith because of this. I pray that peace, joy, and love abound in your heart and mind, and wherever you go. May the peace of God which surpasses all understanding, guard you and your mother’s hearts. Just like in Philippians 4:6-7 “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” I pray that you will see God’s hand working through these problems, and the you will grow to trust in Him more. Amen!
      Remember that you are loved by God!
      Much love and prayers. -Rachel

    3. Katy Freeman says:

      Hey Brittany! I know right where you are with the nothing- to- look- forward- I- dread- life kinda thing. I also know the no- guys- want- me kinda thing. Girl, I’m proud of you tho. You have stuck with God, don’t give up. One thing that really helped me is helping others. When we take the focus off ourselves and our own problems, we realize just how much God has truly blessed us with. Living a life of humility is truly the best way to reflect the best opinion of God to others. And don’t ever let something like your weight bring you down. Pray about, girl!!!! Let God know how your feeling. Don’t just think He knows, let him know!!!!! He wants to here it from you. Let God be your best friend. I hope this helps, and God loves you girl. Praying for you!!!!

  • Carla Page says:

    Do you have a sense of how God is using your current circumstances to prepare you for a great calling?

    No but I do believe he is doing a work in me – to accomplish what, I do not know. What I do know is that this season has been painful, confusing, growing….

  • Zebulun Wideman says:

    I honestly don’t know what God s preparing to do, but I am doing my best to trust in him. The past year just a nightmare and to open the new year thinking it was over and it was just starting. In 2014 me and my wife was having a very rough patch in our lives. It was to the point where I almost sought after child custody, but instead decided to go a different route and work things out. Shortly after our debacle my mother was re-diagnosed with cancer and no greater fear than hearing that brought the most pain knowing that she might not be here to make it. Later in the year I find out I am having a son and the news was awesome, but just like clockwork another tragedy struck and that was that my mother was admitted to the hospital due to cancer attacking her brain and her skull protruding. I left my job to go down and visit with her as what I thought to be her power of attorney only to be denied by my mother and rejected by her. I left the hospital even more disgruntled and in pain. I traveled back to my home in Colorado to just be even more welcomed by more tragedy. The company I managed store closed and I was laid off and now with little to no money, job searches coming up great but not providing an immediate solution being their commission based solely and time winding down; with no way to pay rent, lease is up next month, car note bill is coming and my son is due next month. All I have done is give it all to him but it’s hard knowing what to do or how this is going to turn out. I just pray and continue to pray that God somehow will make a way out of no way. I have been looking for work and actively going out with little to no gas and so far time is against me. All I am saying is I don’t know what God has for me but it’s becoming harder and harder.

    1. Carla Page says:

      I just found this site last night and decided to read some of the articles/postings, etc. I am there….been in this valley for over a year now, and I don’t know how much more I can handle..

      I lost my job over a year ago, I’m a single parent – right now, rent is due, car payment (to be 2 very soon) is due, all the bills are due and I’ve sunk in debt. Been on so many interviews and applied to more than I have and still do feel at times left out, unwanted and I look around and see others prosper – some in the worse way. I felt that God was leading me to let some things go and I did and I stopped doing somethings and it seems like my situation got worse….I pray, pray, pray, study his word, etc. Many times – more than I care to say – I’ve felt like I’m losing mind and I just don’t know what to do but keep praying, keep being patient, keep asking him for help, keep trusting and then pray some more….

  • Tashonda Rivers says:

    These past few years have been some of the toughest times in my life. 2014 My 17 yr old Brother was murdered a block over from his house and 2 weeks before he was going to move out here and live with me, I started doing things excessively to numb my pain and sadness.2015 I recently lost my job after working there for 5 years, family relationships are failing, friendships are failing, and most importantly my faith. I’ve grew up with a tough life. Drug addict parents and no support system, the only thing that kept me going and motivated was my siblings and GOD took that away from me when I had sooo much faith!!!! Things just seem to not be getting better , I miss my brother every day, I’m growing so much anger and a loss of hope. Did God give up on me because I turned my back on him when my brother was tooken out of my life, is he not understanding of my pain and struggle On a daily? How do you keep faith when life has been dramatic from birth. Why are some people so blessed, but the ones that doesn’t have much but still appreciates life and god’s work get a horrible outcome. How do I forgive others for taking my family, or parents for letting go of there own children? How do I get god’s attention again? Why do I feel like I’m being punished, or feel like if I get close to GOD again I’m going to lose more. Never questioned my faith before like I do now. I’m use to being so strong, but yet I’m feel so weak like I’m losing myself . 25 yrs old, and I’m more lost then I was 2 years ago.smh. How much do you have to go through till God gives you a break!

    1. Kimberly Northington says:

      Tashonda losing a love one can be very hard and be very sad and during the process of grieving you have a lot of emotions you must relinquish. Nothing wrong with that because God already knows this. But in God things do happen and sometimes you can’t change it. But God is not one that will just do bad things to us He is a loving God and He loved us so much that he gave us his only son. In life we have an appointed time all of us must die its an appointed that none of us know the time or the hour that he’s going to come us. But God knew all these things would take place in your life including you your parents work the job you will have an even the life of your brother but he also knows that greatness is in you you just have to fulfill your purpose sometimes there is pain during the process of us being made whom he will have us to be. A year and a half ago I lost my only grandbaby two month old to cardiac issues but in the process of that I find myself being able to minister to others out of a pure heart because I know the pain it is but yet I still trust God in my whole life because of that I’ve seen him personal in my life because when it hurt so bad I turned to God and he comforted me. Now I’m able to comfort others and help other people get through the roughest time in their life. So don’t turn away from God turn to him even the more. He’s preparing you to be to be a strength and comfort to others. You can’t do anything about the parents you are brought into this world with but yet and still you can make a difference to others. God just used them to get you here. May God’s peace be upon you and rest in Him crying is okay but cryi to him and he will comfort you in all the time.

  • Memphis jones says:

    Do the enemy make you fill like you made a mistake
    And the reason why I say this is because i was working on a job that I like for two years because it was paying my truck note and my pastor came to me and offered me to be his assistant at the church because I was only making 20 hours a week at Toysrus in a way i know God has great things for me so keep me in your prayers on the right decision

  • Ken says:

    For a few years now I’ve been feeling the Lord has been stripping me down and rebuilding ne from the inside out. Things that i have ALLOWED to keep me in the dark are gone. He has allowed whats good in me to flourish for a reason. Im getting the sense that the lord is preparing me for his purpose.

  • joni24 says:

    three years waiting with temp work on and off; financial difficulties on and off and struggles spiritually try to know what i am suppose to do. i have never heard it called refining time but i am restless and i keep hoping and looking to see if the next job is the right one but it keeps eluding me. I have had good and bad during this season but mainly restless not knowing if i am doing the right thing. i was called by a potential employer wanting to know why some much temp work. i do not have an answer for this question. I just keep waiting….

    1. joni24 says:

      i am restless and without motivation too.

    2. LaQuissa Mason says:

      I’m going throught the same thing with trying to get a job. It’s hard to have faith when it seems like nothing is going right and you don’t know if it’s because you have done something wrong or not. But I just had a little alone time with God and laid everything at His feet and spoke with faith and in Jesus name, which is the most important, that I will have this job by the end of October and now I’m going to let it go and let God. There’s only so Mich we can do but if you let it go and stop worrying then God can work. See it took me some time to realize that I kept worrying about if I was gonna be able to have enough time to save up for college and a car but with worrying there’s no faith and with faith there’s no worrying. So take some time by yourself and just let go and talk to God like you would a friend and at the end of it tell Him that you give all your situations your in to Him and lay it down. You have to let His Will be done and not yours. Hope this helped! God bless!

  • Irene says:

    The last few years of my life has been hell. It’s hard because I put myself through turmoil, but God never let anything really bad happen to me. The worse of the worse could have took place. I’m generally is a nice person, and there has been a couple men I allowed in my life @ different times tried to destroy my life. Because my emotion are so deep and caring for others, they took advantage of me financially, sexually, and emotionally. I started to believe it was nothing but pure love. But it was lies, manipulation, deceitful, evil, cruel, jealousy, etc…..one day recently I finally woke up from this last relationship. I did some research on his behavior and realized that he was a sociopath, psychopath, narcissistic scumbag. Well both guys had the same tendencies to use other people. This last guy tried to destroy my marriage. I was thinking the grass was greener on the other side when it wasn’t @all…:( I feel like I woke up out of this nightmare and came to my senses. One thing happened after another, good things….I was slowly but surely getting him out of my life. The final straw was putting a restraining order on him..:) Sometimes, this horrible act still haunts me, I have feelings of guilt and regret. So I am asking for prayers, please pray for me.

    1. Roslind says:

      I’m also going through hard times myself my husband no longer wants to be married to me anymore and it hurt me so bad I left my hometown and my family to move with my husband to his hometown and their he shattered my life I love my husband and I enjoyed being married and did not see this coming. After this happen to me I got baptized and surrendered my whole life to Christ. And know it has been two months since I’ve moved back home I now have a job and I still live with my daughter but I do thank God for a roof over my head I don’t know what God has planed for me I know it will be Great. I pray everyday for reconcileition for my husband and I. And if you would pray for us as well Roslind&Walter Ruffin

    2. Tommy says:

      Thank you for being open & transparent. Similar things happen to men too, it happened to me!…manipulated, used, abused and taken advantage of…not that I was spotless or blameless, I had my own faults & flaws too!
      I’m two years out of that relationship. The thing that concerns me is the woman I believe God has shown me has a similar issue, a grown child strongly influencing her and using her! The greatest difference is the past wife wouldn’t go to church or counseling, she was always “blowing smoke” making empty promises… I don’t see that characteristic in the one God has shown me, in fact, she is in Church and active in Church ministry…yet her “shadow” follows her almost everywhere. I’ve got two grown children myself but neither ride my coat tails! Sorry for venting! God bless you and prayers for you!

    3. talayna says:

      I thank God for your testimony irene….I’ve been going through similar problems the last three yrs of my life. In 2012, god gave me the strength to end a miserable relationship that I was in. It lasted for almost a year. I promised myself after that, that I would never allow another man who wasn’t my husband live with me and I didn’t… It wasn’t until that third yr. Mark that I started to grow lonely. I tried to date my children’s barber during the the yrs I fooled myself into believing that I was making a change…that failed!!! Then after about 9 mos. I met this guy on line….that’s when he’ll really broke loose.. I allowd him to use me up sooo bad that I ended up falling into serious debt. I almost lost everything….he also abused me sexually, financially, and emotionally. This was my first experience with verbal abuse…Then once I was able to break away from that, this guy at my job had been watching me for several months and he finally approached me. We dated for about 4 months. He was so good to me then all of the sudden, he started acting strange. The next thing I know he’s telling me he can’t give me the relationship that I’m looking for, when he was the one who came after me..miss leading me and telling me what he thought I wanted to hear. I’m sooo tired of my feelings being hurt. I broke down crying at work in the bathroom. I began to ask the Lord to make me over!!! I asked him to use me for his glory. It took me years to realize that the enemy (satan) tries to use our weakest areas against us… mine is my heart…but I’m declaring on today that what the enemy ment for my harm God is turning it around for my good!!! I want to be able to help other women who have been hurt like me. I want to be able to teach young women how to protect their precious jewels….Thank you God for the pain, without the pain I would’ve remained lost… Pray for my strength in the Lord that I will all that he has called me to be…Talayna Kelly

  • Martin Maraga says:

    For Several years I have gone through financial hardships. I am always in bad dept from the bank and friends and work place. My wife is always sickly. I earn my salary and it is gone in repaying the dept have and even still carry forward more bad dept. Recently I got a new job yet it is stressing that sometimes I feel I made a mistake. But one thing I have learn t is to to continue trusting in God for he is my fortress and my refuge. I know God is preparing me for greater things. My God give me the strength to move on and overcome.

  • Kevin says:

    I know that God is at work in my life. I have been through so much pain, but I want to please Him in all I do. I appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

    1. Brittani says:

      I agree Kevin. It feels like I’ve been saying for so long “God is preparing me” “God will lift me from this pain” “I will praise you in this storm”….and it seems as though I just get hit harder with something new or worse. BUT, I cant give up, even when I want to 100%, I just can’t. I will keep you in my prayers, I know your pain and I’m genuinely sorry for struggles you have been and are going through. May God Bless you abundantly!

      1. Enzowun says:

        Hey britt , just an update, from my opinion that signs came flashing down on me recent days and as ur a believer i shall share with my knowledge of thoughts i believe are my rights to help for the Glory of God.I finaly came to a conclusion on what those signs realy meant. All am certain of for now is to stay strong and prepare for anything. As we are mean to help each other to UNIFY when these events accurs . God will send you these clues just listin and be patient. Then spread it out when its time. Year of the whirlwind.

  • Jonathan says:

    Interesting how you said when we don’t let God have his way our dreams, relationships, and marriages die.

    I ALWAYS thought it was when we trust him that’s when he ruins our desires, brings trials to make us stronger. I have been let down by God, and my heart and faith is shattered. But I will trust that it wasn’t God, and it was just life and bad choices. I really really hope someone can give some encouragement or even proof testimony of how Trusting God was even good. Since when did he care? My heart breaks

    1. April says:

      Jonathan, I understand how you must be feeling. There was a period in my life friends of mine back then would always say to me that I was a “Diamond in the ruff”. God put me thru seasons that I had not planned on going thru because I had lived my life through my devotion to my marriage, church, children, profession and community. I thought because I lived this way and Jesus was in my heart that bad things would not affect my life.. Wrong! Bad things are going to happen in life period!!! It’s how we respond. This incident happened over 15 years ago. I love The Lord and he is my salvation. My life has completely changed. I have gone thru divorce, domestic violence, homelessness, isolation, sin…but when The Lord really has your heart that of which you gave him..and you understand how much he loves us… You will get through it. Depend on HIM, not You! He loves you. He wants to lead your life. Go to Gods Word and refresh your self… I hope this encourages you…God Bless.

    2. Julie says:

      I hear you Jonathon and my heart breaks for you. I think I was once a where you are now. Too scared to trust God with everything because he takes away more than he gives? With him we suffer more than we thrive? We lose in life more than we win? These used to be my beliefs of God. Funnily enough, total surrender has actually come through much heartbreak, similar to what April has said. It wasn’t until I got to a place of complete and utter dependence on him, literally – I got to a point where I couldn’t mentally and emotionally get myself out of bed anymore (my endpoint), that I realised my absolute need of him. I had always understood intellectually that we need God, but up until this point I didn’t get it emotionally.

      If God had not allowed me to get to that breaking point in my life, I would still have been a little too independent of God for his power to be seen in me. The immensity of how powerful he is and how extravagantly he loves us cannot be grasped by us or seen by others until we depend, surrender and trust – completely. Easy to say, hard to do, I know. He knows what he can accomplish in us and for us and he so longs for us to experience his incredible supernatural power every day of our lives. But we don’t get to experience life that way when we only partially trust, partially surrender or partially depend. And so God directs our steps in such a way that we finally get to a place of complete dependence on him, much like a drowning swimmer grabs on to their rescuer for dear life. He loves you so desperately and so richly, that he watches and suffers with you through everything you’ve experienced in the hope that one day you will grab onto him with everything you have. Then you will find your rest. Then he can show you who he really is and the things he wants to do for you that you could never dream up yourself.

      I’m sorry if I’ve misunderstood what you were saying and just went on a completely different tangent. But even so, I pray God will use these words speak to you. Blessya.

      1. Lisa says:

        Julie, your post was written for Jonathon, but meant for myself and others as well. I call myself a newbie or infant in my relationship with the Lord. It is so very confusing at times as I try to understand how this whole relationship thing works. Throughout my life most of the relationships I have had with friends, men and even family has caused me great heartache and to have a distrust of all relationships. So much so, that for the past almost twenty years the wall I built around my heart was solid. I didn’t let anyone in. I believed in God, but stopped going to church because I wasn’t getting anything from it and it became to political, but that was about it. I just went through the motions each day going to work and living. Some times were harder than others with medical and financial issues. I made it through those times with the help of family, of course, but also God. Not because I prayed, but because I had the prayers of other people in my life. I didn’t realize that at the time, though. I’m a slow learner. Last year I met a young man through work. Didn’t even give him a second thought, I actually thought he looked like a frat boy from one of those movies where the popular frat house cause all sorts of havoc. Certainly the last person I would ever think that would lead me to the Lord as I am almost 20 years his senior. But, that is exactly what he did. Talking about work led to more personal conversations and friendship and God. I now go to his bible study group and he is a dear friend. I have come to realize that God puts people in your life for a reason and if we can open ourselves up enough, we will see that. I now have a handful of people that God has blessed me with to help me along in my journey. The hardest part of this whole journey is opening myself up enough and just trusting. Completely trusting and depending on and surrendering to Him. Giving God the control instead of myself. I am still working on that part. Whew! It’s hard and it takes work on my part, but I know it is worth it because He has already shown and given me so much during this short journey so far. My life is already better than it was six months ago.

        This is the first time I have visited this website. The description ‘God is preparing you for great things…’ is what drew my attention. Reading your wonderful response to Jonathon really struck me and I knew it was meant for me as well. Thank you so very much for your words of love and support. If your words don’t help Jonathon right now maybe they will at another time, but they sure helped me!

        I have never written a response to anything online before. I would never share anything this personal, but it’s like I feel the urge to do so now. Maybe what I have written will help someone else at some point. I don’t know. If not, sorry it’s long!

        May God bless you and keep you safe, bring the wisdom of his Word to those mentoring and being mentored, and that the knowledge that Jesus loves you is a totally awesome feeling!

      2. Thank you Julia. So far, a year later I have had people speak on behalf of God for me. He does care, he wants me to still trust, but I don’t know exactly what I’m “trusting” or hoping for. I’m indifferent at this point. I do miss being happy and my old life, but whatever God wants so I can stand before him and make it.

      3. Julia I’m sitting here thinking I do trust God, I’ve prayed to you God for years now. I’ve cut out so many bad things in my life, what more do I do before it’s a task list and legalistic ??! I get angry. But, if this is what he wants no complaints. Being single and traveling works for me

    3. Enzowun says:

      He made me reply for a reason which now has opened my eyes even more.Keep believing on the one and Only God.Dont keep your guards down.Raise your family on stronger path.If u really believe, you shall find out what ive found out and be ready for the events.unless…we can help each other to prevent it, in which case is not something to dicuss on the net.

    4. philo arua says:

      Hi Jonathan,

      Believe in the abilities and capabilities plus talents he left in you. A Good choice makes you happy. A Bad one gives you a the horrible vibe. Trusting him is like handing over your rights and doing what the scriptures tell you too. You can not say you believe in God when you don’t believe in yourself. To trust in him is to learn to trust yourself too,

    5. carbar says:

      Hi Jonathan (waving)

      1 of the hardest things to do in life is “thank God” for NOT allowing your desires or dreams to be met when we think it should be.

      1. Know the origin of the trial and be honest about it. Was the trial a result from your lack of knowledge, a pre-meditated sin, poor decision-making etc on your part? Or is it to serve as a learning experience for you to help someone else down the road?

      2. Is it’s God’s desire or your own? It says, “He gives us the desires of our hearts,” but we give ourselves desires/dreams as well. Should a desire/dream come true right now, how would it change you? (rhetorical qstn only)

      3. Is your letdown and heartbreak of God based on not getting it ever or not getting it right now?

      4. Did he tell you when it would or would not manifest itself?

      5. Are you being denied or delayed?

      6 God doesn’t ruin a good and perfect desire, but He may delay it based on various factors. Are you ready for it w/out removing God from the picture, etc?

      I know how you feel and am going through myself right now. Its ugly and tough when we don’t get what we feel we need or want when we want it. Only thing I can do @ this point, everytime I’m reminded I’m not getting what I feel I need and want and the consequences of all that it entails, I move my lips even when the joy not in my heart to say – THANK YOU JESUS! Those 3 WORDS TAKE AWAY THE NEGATIVE IMAGES OF WHAT I’M LEFT WITH WITHOUT GETTING WHAT I NEED. SOMEDAYS I’M THANKING HIM EVERY 20MINS ETC. As time goes by the pain of not getting lessens and I can look forward to a wee bit better on what & when God will move on my behalf.

      Not easy not getting what you want or “need” especially, but knowing if we don’t get a desire, Jesus is in the midst of it trying to offer us His peace. Its up to us to accept it.

      Lastly, what happens if we don’t get what we want/need for real? Nothing. We just wait to see what EACH day will bring.

      1. Carbar thank you. I used to dislike a lot when people would tell me things like this, it was my pride and stubbornness. Now I’m at a point where I am indifferent to my desires, my hopes. Whatever God wants. I really don’t care, but I have to if I want to prove faithful.

  • Kathryn East says:

    “Do you have a sense of how God is using your current circumstances to prepare you for a great calling?”

    Sadly, my answer to this question is ‘no’. I feel I have been in the valley for too long. I don’t understand.

  • Carol says:

    I recently lost my fiance…we would have been married in March or my hope was on hi upcoming birthday. He proposed on mine so it was only fitting to take our vows on his. I finally found the man I have hoped for..loving, a Chrstian man. There were so many things going on that needed attending. All he wanted was a loving wife and companion. His death was sudden and I am nit handling things welll. I guess I feel I can’t be happy and feel like I am alone.
    One thing I have become aware of is that I seemed to become interested in reading of religioys material and listening to religious songs. I sit and hear these songs as if they are being sent to me as a message from him…… and….. The Lord…. maybe this sounds silly to you.
    I am dealing with a major surgery and recovery is really tough and I miss the love and support he gave and would give had he been here. He could make me laugh and gave what I consider “unconditional love”. For that I thank the Lord…….and Bill. I am thankful for the 15 months we shared. I am lost though….empty. i need to have support and love now….it seems I am alone. Maybe a few prayers and words would help.

    1. Francine says:

      Carol, I wish that I could meet you in person, hold your hand and pray with you. But I am thankful that God can send you just what you need. Wait upon the Lord. Rest in him. Sometimes that’s the hardest thing that we can do, and that is wait and rest. The 23rd Psalm says that he restores our soul. He will do this for you, because he is a faithful God who loves you perfectly. May he also send you friends and believers to come along side to bring encouragement and comfort. The valley is not a pain free place, but God has a purpose. I know my times in the valley, I want to see and know what is going on and what God is doing, but, trust and obey is usually the way he leads me. May God bring you hope this day to fight the good fight. A friend in Christ………………Francine

    2. MarShay Hayes says:

      Praying god surrounds you with the love..peace and comfort you need!

    3. Susan says:

      Dear Carol,
      I am for the first time on Susie’s page. I said a prayer for you immediately. Since a month has past I sure hope you have leaned more on our Lord and able to find some peace, but strength also. Francine gave some wonderful words of encouragement. I sure hope some family or friends have been able to also surround you with love and help in your recovery. Trust in the Lord always, for He is good. His love endures forever! Be strong & courageous! In Christ’s love, Susan

    4. Michele says:

      Yes I truly do believe this whole heartily. I purchased a new business almost 1 year to the tee. I can however tell you that I just finally got up and running this week, my heart, dreams, vision, hopes were almost dimished, and this had nothing to do with me my whole life was in somebody else’s hand. I was just a number and they didn’t care. I was just about ready to throw in the towel due to funds running very low, and I new deep down inside that God had a plan for me. However I can tell you I did in fact start to loose faith. But the wonderful people that were around me and the people that I had to deal with who tried very hard to keep me grounded and tell me that good things will come my way and they did. THANK YOU GOD, I know you are guiding me to beautiful and amazing things. You will open my eyes to things I would never have seen in this life time and lessons will be taught to me. So please try and never give up hope because God does hear our prayers and we need to instill patience, that was very hard for me. the golden rule Patience is a Virtue. God bless

    5. Angela says:

      Carol my heart goes out to you dear one! You are not alone and I will pray for you. So glad you found love like that…it will remain with you always!!! 🙂 hugs, love and all that God has for you …in Jesus precious name…Your sister in Christ ….GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!!

    6. Cheryl says:

      Carol, I don’t usually reply to these types of things but I hope my words can give you hope. Today I attended a bridal tea for the fiancé of a friend’s son. Everyone was so happy! However, about 3 years ago this family was devastated because the son had lost (through auto accident) his fiancé and love of his life. The son was so sad and broken for quite awhile. But then a new love came into his life and now they are getting married. I certainly have no answers as to why life happens the way that it does…why bad things happen to good people…but God is still good and in time I believe you will find love again and you will find peace and happiness again. The Bible tells us to “wait on the Lord.” How difficult that can be but it is worth it! Hang in there…trust in the Lord…when He brings you to it, He will bring you through it.

    7. Tammy Graham says:

      Look into Jeremy Camp Christian singer and songwriter and his story for hope

    8. Carol, I’m sorry for the death of your fiancé. Please know that I am praying for you.

    9. Enzowun says:

      This past few weeks ive been given sign in which now i trully feel like i know why now, is to help people and to remind them that everything happends for a reason.I lost my mom when i was 7 years old , then my step mom when i was 17… It has made my life hard but grew strong from it. I am led by him. Prepare youself for upcomming events stay strong cause when it comes it will be swiftly.We will unify or prevent it but will have to do something about it for the Glory. Subject as a matter to discuss on net but hopefully God will wisper it so that u can tell your fellow people too and so we can help each other to help us all.

  • Christina says:

    The Word says that a desire (answered prayer & longings) accomplished is sweet. Proverb 13:19

    We come across so many in our ministry who give up on God through the troubles because if He really loved them and His Word is true, He would be the ever-present help in time of trouble (Psalm 46:1) and not just stand by and watch until they have attained some level of perfection before He helps them. It is no comfort to know that the One with the power to rescue you stands by and does nothing to relieve your pain. To be told you are still not ready yet – it’s just not His timing for you – is very despairing, especially to one who is already been assaulted by many trials and tribulations. We see way too many give up on Him. It is sad.

    1. Mary Ch says:


      I try to read the Acts of the Apostles when this feeling comes over me; it helps put everything in perspective. I am learning neither to look back nor forward, but to just stay in the present day as if it were the only day I have. It doesn’t change my circumstances, but it does alleviate some of the pain.

    2. ufa says:

      Thank you Christine…..your comment is so true and
      i have wondered so many times (and still do!) if my
      Father can help….where is he? as an earthly parent,if there was ANYTHING i could do to help my child in distress i would not hesitate to (in anyway i could) help them. when we are sometimes bordering on despair and someone tells us: don’t worry God is always with you, what does that mean? how do i take that to the bank either literally or figuratively?

      1. ufa says:

        as i submitted this post i am convicted by the Spirit to
        remember God’s love and provision. please forgive me
        Father and anyone who may read this, or he has done wonderful things for me. the problem is is that i hate living in this city. prior to being forced to move here, i lived in a lovely shady place that was quiet and small and i knew it like the back of my hand. this city is dirty and rude and unsafe and the noise level IS WELL BEYOND ANYTHING SANE…in live in a room
        share and sometimes don’t have enough food. what did i do wrong? i have given and trusted and have brought people to Christ and yet here i am. i pray daily to return home and yet i can feel the immensely stubborn wall of God’s resistance and for a while i can trust and go along…yet i always return to this same old space….i do not have a vision or a dream for anything anymore, hard for someone that has been creative since childhood. i feel like i am sitting in a chair and waiting by the window, watching the sun come up and go down again….waiting for my turn.

        1. ufa says:

          sorry to be such a piggy but i want to make clear…for my room share i am paying just two hundred dollars less than i was paying for a three bedroom home before. the
          town was small but my house was spacious and cool. everyday here is 80 or 90 or 100….now i share a bathroom and a kitchen….i do not know one person i
          know who could do this casually it is an immense challenge….for me anyway.

      2. carbar says:

        It means, if there’s no resolution, Jesus is in the midst of it with us– feeling the sorrow etc we feel. We cry, He cries, we laugh, He laughs. We have to be made aware of His presence while He hangs out w/ us in moments of despair. Also…

        As a parent, its not always good to jump in and help a child. Sometimes a parent has to step back and let the child do what they can for him/herself…Ex: baby trying to walk…parent in midst (God) but kid will fall, parent will pick child up if they can’t get up. But kid will walk eventually.

  • donna says:

    i am too near the end of my life, my losses have been to complete. I pray every day to just know where to put one foot in front of the other and that soon my journey on this earth will come to an end.

    1. Jean says:

      Donna! I pray that the Lord will renew your strength and give you his joy. He has work for you to do here that only you can do. Volunteer if you are able, encourage people over the phone and online if you can. Focus on blessing other people and God will pour out his blessings on you! DO NOT GIVE UP HOPE! I am praying that the presence of the Lord is felt greatly by you and you are filled with the power and wonder of the Holy Spirit!

    2. carbar says:

      How old are you, Donna, and did, God tell you your life’s ending date specifically?

      “Your latter days can be far greater than your former.” See Job 8:7 and 42:12

      Why are your footsteps requiring prayer?

  • Wow, this is actually the subject of a book and workshop I am writing right now. I went through a very difficult season in 2012-2013 and came out determined to believe that God has a plan for restoration, provision and destiny , even if I could not see it with my eyes. Here is my intro: http://www.becomingmybestme.com/?p=1

  • Barbara Mitchel says:

    Dear Susie…Thank you for your encouraging post. I am going through the results of a fall when I fractured my upper shoulder…. I’m learning to thank God every day for His goodness and grace, Now I must be patient and wait for a healing to occur. I have found whenever hard situations happen, God sometimes is trying to get my attention. And I just want him to have full control of my life.

  • Mary Ch says:

    I do not have a sense of how God is using my circumstances to a greater calling, in fact, I feel like I have died and no longer live, just exist. Two other seasons of my life I also went through extreme circumstances and the Lord pulled me through them in unusual ways, but as I enter my seventh year of this particular season I have no dreams left and feel that I have used up the talents God gave me in the prior seasons. My dream right now is to have me doctor tell me that I have an advanced stage of cancer (or any other disease that cannot be cured) and that I only have a month or so left.

    1. Danielle says:

      It’s horrible that you feel that way, but never wish that on yourself. God is always right beside you & will never forsake you. Things will get better in time!

    2. Gary says:

      Can I say, that you might be right where God intends you to be, yes to die.. (don’t get me wrong), but die to yourself, and all the ways known to you before, for the Lord is purging you, and redefining you for a greater purpose, but we have to get ourselves out of the way for Him to use you greatly. You see you are being used, not even knowing so right now, God has given you a great purpose in life to accomplish all he has for you. I don’t know if you will ever read this, but someone will, and that will be encouragement for them through your words, because there was life brought to this situation. pick yourself up of the floor and race for the mercy seat and repent and ask for forgiveness from the Father for He delights in you more than you can ever imagine or think. Seek his face!!! He loves you. He loves you! the enemy is a liar, satan is the enemy and he wants nothing more than to destroy you. Don’t allow that to happen! if you or anyone needs anything, gvande74@aol.com. I will pray for you!! love in Christ!

      1. Kathy says:

        Thank you, Gary, for your encouraging words!

    3. Kristin says:

      Mary, I could have written this myself. We’ve owned a failing business for 7 1/2 years and for many other reasons I have the same thoughts. Thanks for sharing your comments and thank you, Gary. I needed to hear that.

      1. Mary Ch says:


        Hang in there! We will come to the end of this very long road through the grace of God alone.

    4. roxanne says:

      You are not alone Mary. I feel the same way.

      1. Mary Ch says:


        There are many of us experiencing this lesson right now, and I am glad to meet you.

    5. Kathy says:

      I’m There with you. I feel the exact same way. You Are not alone

      1. Mary Ch says:


        I am glad to meet you, and wish you well with this lesson, too. Each day that I avoid the little voice in my head that says “curse God and die” is a win. The people that make it through this lesson have awesome testimony, which encourages me to hold on a little longer.

    6. Ashely says:

      I am only 20 I’ve been threw losses of loved ones and much more ! I do sit here at home and hope the world would just end and let me restart from scratch but unforuntianlly it doesn’t work like that. When I lost my bf and and a baby I was carrying, I lost myself and my aunt told me that god wouldn’t give us challenges if he could over come them, just shortly after a couple weeks ago things started falling into place like I got a job, graduated high school and am now expecting a baby. Things may take time but keep your head up and just pray. If I’m going threw a bad day all I do just sit down relax and pray for it to get better cause I know deep down that you gotta help god out as well by just staying positive and show him that you can succeed with a positive attitude No matter what is going on, and soon enough god will realize that you are strong and have overcome the big issues and he will help you threw the rest. .. Just remember God wouldn’t give his strongest soilders the toughest battles if he knew the couldn’t over come them

      1. Linda Stevens says:

        Ashely and Mary Ch,
        Your comments affected me so deeply that they brought tears to my eyes. I have felt so much in despair lately. I do know that God will see us through all our darkest days or years even… They may not seem temporary while we are in the middle of these times of despair, but they are. God is faithful and will never leave us even when we have almost given up on ourselves. He has brought me through too many awful times to not know deep within my soul that He will bring me through time and time again. He never gives up and will give us strength and peace even when all we want to do is escape from our pain. Hold on tight and just Trust. Thank you for your analogy about God giving his strongest soldiers the toughest battles because He knows they can overcome them. I thank God for you guys and feel not so alone right now because of you both.

    7. norman says:

      praying for you my friend i hope you are doing better ont give up

      1. Mary Ch says:

        Thank you for all the prayers. I am not giving up but cannot get past the scared and sick feeling.

    8. carbar says:

      Like you, feel my talents given won’t be used either & wasted. Have waited 7 yrs for a job to no avail. Learned the other day, shaky believers & non-believers are studying my life to see how and where God’s showing up and out.

  • Theresa says:

    Thank you, Susie! What a great word of encouragement for me in this season as I walk through this valley! I feel like I am watching myself give up my dreams and God’s calling in my life. I know what I need to do. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.

  • Jennifer Hanson says:

    Thank you, Susie! I am so blessed by your posts.

  • my family has a dream that God gave us over four years ago. We have been praying and working while we wait for Him to fulfill it. In that time I have seen Him work in us and refine us more than I could have ever imagined possible. I am thankful that God never wastes time!

  • Charlotte says:

    Thank you Susie. God has been speaking to me about humbleness, and I believe it involves being secure with your relationship with God so much so that whatever is required of you, you are at peace. I am finally living out the position that I have been preparing for all of my life. In it, I have found every day that there is a choice: be thankful, or be burdened. Be overwhelmed, or surrender each and every decision to Christ. I am thankful and am praying to be more. I am surrendered and am taking steps to let go of more. Reading your prayers and others helps me feel that I am part of the greater Christian community that is doing the same. Blessings!

  • Lauren H says:

    We’ve been in a hard season for over two years now. Day by day I haven’t understood why we have had to endure so much loss and suffering, but when I look back to who I was before and who I am now, I know without a doubt that God has used this trial to refine me. He loves me too much to leave me as I was. He has a perfect plan for my life, and He’s using every hurt, every disappointment, every injustice to make me the woman of God He created me to be. He had to break me to make me whole again, and I’m so grateful for the second chance I’m being given. I trust Him and can’t wait for Him to reveal my beautiful purpose in His perfect timing.

  • Sandi says:

    It’s amazing to see how many seemingly separate and random events and experiences in my life are actually all connected. They have softened me and strengthened me all at the same time. After seeing this happen so many times over the years it’s comforting to know and remember that in my valleys (which I’m in yet another!) that nothing is without a reason or out of God’s plan for my life. It’s exciting to wait on the Lord and see what he has in store for me next!

  • Linda Davis says:

    Recently, I’ve felt that God is trying to heal my heart. Every message I’ve heard lately is about making it past the pain and trusting that God has a plan that I can’t see yet. I’m excited, but still not sure where he is taking me. Thanks for your blog post today on Facebook. It really jumped out at me and spoke to my heart.

    1. norman says:

      please i ask that you would lift me in prayer i jut went through a horrible breakup thought to be my wife but she called it quits it has eaten me up in side i feel useless for GOD RIGHT NOW

      1. carbar says:

        Why would you feel useless to God, because of a breakup? Is it possible your relationship while together was having you useless for God, and you’re just now recognizing it — after the breakup?

        How much usefulness were you to God during the relationship?

  • Lisa says:

    A beautiful reminder that to whom much is given much is required. Obedience is better than sacrifice. Patience is a virtue. Thanks for the reminder. God Bless Lisa

  • Elaine Wozniak says:

    At 62 years of age & trailing behind on a 40 year journey, I have finally gotten it. Your day/eve blessings soothe my soul & reinforce that my feet are finally planted on solid ground. Thank You!

  • Denise Wilson says:

    I’m needing help in how to trust God’s plan for my life. Right now I’m in a valley and don’t know what I should be doing.

  • Melissa Blair says:

    Wow. This is so timely in my season right now. And a conversation I just had with a dear friend tonight. Thank you for this God whisper.

  • Linda Thompson says:

    I think I started crying before I got through the first paragraph. Sometimes when I read something that confirms everything God is trying to show me at that time, the tears are my confirmation. I don’t cry much. I went through years of a difficult marriage and finally realized I was not supposed to be there, instead of trying to do the “right” thing and stick it out. I just got my divorce, after three years of renewing my relationship with God that had been dormant throughout my marriage. God has brought me on such a journey, of discovery, healing, faith and hope, but I know it’s just beginning. I’m learning now the lessons I’ll need to be a blessing to others later. It’s so difficult at times, especially when I hit those valleys. The struggle I’m in currently is learning how to trust my desires to the Lord. I’ve learned how to trust him with my hurts, for my provision but I’m still hiding the desires of my heart, afraid to turn them over for fear of being “shot down”. Instead of doing that, I simply turned those desires off, and shut them down myself. I let them die in the valley of dry bones, instead of hoping in the resurrection of my dreams. How foolish! I need to learn how to open my hands and let God have my dreams. They seem so big sometimes. The things I want to do, the things I have clamoring inside of me! Like someone else posted, I want to do them NOW….but when He puts me out there, and calls me to do something, I hang back and scream “I’m not ready!”. I know that God has plans for me, I know that my dreams are nothing compared with what He can do….but part of me is afraid that I won’t be good enough, and part of me is afraid to actually voice what my dreams are, even to God. I don’t even know if that makes sense! I’m just sitting in another little valley, trying to figure out where God is taking me from here, and feeling like I’m too dense to get the message.

  • deb friedl says:

    i know I am being sifted but I have a hard time discerning if I have done something wrong or if the trials are necessary to equip me.

  • Laurie Machtan says:

    i believe this and yet it’s hard to feel it’s true about myself. What could I possibly do for God? How on earth could he use me? I don’t know which dreams are mine and which are His. I’ve really been struggling with this lately and the enemy keeps throwing my failures back in my face. This leads me to go BACK to God and apologize for “falling off the altar” (again) and into the pit of despair and fear that God has already rescued me from. I love your posts, your blogs and your heart. Thank you for such encouragement.

  • Shelly says:

    “Here’s my question for you: Do you have a sense of how God is using your current circumstances to prepare you for a great calling?”

    I don’t know. I thought I knew. There is just a lot of pain now, pain and confusion. But what I am thankful for is hope that survives the traumas of life. Perhaps God can use this time to make me stronger, so that I can better understand the pain of others and be more compassionate. Part of me wants to retreat, to find a safe place within myself and keep people at a safe distance. However, that is not the person I want to be. Thank you for posting this. It is timely.

  • Theresa says:

    through many ups and downs and abandonment God is always proven to be faithful and true and He know ALL my hopes and dreams and He has a plan. Of this I know!

  • cj says:

    I’m not sure where God is taking me, I just know that as of lately, I am more bold, grateful, revived, inspired, and full of abundant life. You see, in September I made the desperate move of surrendering all of me to Christ. I had just found out that my husband had cheated on me for the 3rd time. Previously, I had been so determined to keep my family in tact, that I ignored my hurt. When I finally came to the place of experiencing God’s refining fire, and trusting HIM to teach me what I needed to learn, I began to heal. My crusty heart began to open up toward not just my husband but with all of my relationships. I trusted the Master Gardener to prune away the rotting, withered branches of my past that were choking out my future. I am trusting the Lord to take me to places I dare not go on my own; to keep the weeds of fear, distrust, and inadequacy from creeping in and taking over. Im now excited to be pruned and refined because God’s ways sre so much higher than my ways. With His hammer, i can build a godly character thats more prepared for His service. To God be the glory!

  • James Lee says:

    Timely for sure! The flesh is the sermon and suspect it’s the strongest opposition standing between me and Gods promotional revelation. He is sure working through you! Thank you Jesus Christ! Thank you Susie Larson!

  • Leslie Merry says:

    Love reading your words, you are so encouraging to me! I struggle with humility daily. Some days I feel so worthless, and others I feel a false sense of pride in myself. God is faithful to remind me that He is surely the source of whatever is making me feel proud, and He is faithful to lift me up when I am so deeply in need of encouragement. So grateful for His presence, His love, and His faithfulness.

  • Donna Mazzie Torrado says:

    I do believe God is leading me to hold a ministry for broken people. Especially women and children. He has placed such a concern in my heart for them. I know what it is like to be broken and unloved & I have begun to understand what His unconditional love is. He is taking me to a new job & leading me to fully trust Him with what is going on at home. I know no matter what I have to trust Him. There is such peace although there is turmoil all about me.

  • Michelle W says:

    I am in the valley right now with the dry bones of a 39 year marriage. I am trying desperately to hear and obey God’s call for my marriage. The tighter I try to hold on to the bones, the more I hear God telling me to let go and to trust HIM. I just want to be very clear about whose voice I am following. Thank you Susie for your daily devotions. I feel that you are writing only to me. I can barely wait to go to bed at night so I can savor your evening blessing.

  • Cheryl says:

    i’m currently entering a new season of my life and even though I know God is faithful I still wonder daily what my purpose here on this earth is.

  • David Pinales says:

    The last 6 weeks have been very difficult for me. I know that God is teaching me and stretching for a greater purpose. I have had many many people praying for me and lifting me while I go through these trials right now. Thank you Susie for reminding me of this assurance that God is going to do great and mighty things through me. I saw a poster, of all places, at the credit union the other day that spoke very loudly to me. It was a photo of the great sequoias in California and below the photo in bold letters was the word “PERSIST”, and below that was this, “life does not get easier, we get stronger”. That was what I needed to see that day. It’s not so much that we get past or over our circumstances, it’s that we learn how handle them. Thank you Susie for your insight and wisdom you share. It is amazing to see how God has used you to speak to me on a daily basis.

  • Debbie Landis says:

    This has been a season of between the rains as they say…. Your words are parallel to what my journey has been the last two years. A dream was planted, everything seemed to be going in that direction and then all doors closed. As my heart broke God brought me to a place of intimate prayer, deeply studying his word and being still. I had no job(still do not have a steady job) and each day I surrendered more and more, some items were pried out of my hands ….I sensed I was being prepared but had no idea what for, as I released all my hopes and dreams into the creators…I received a call to be on a women’s minisrty team from my church and believe this is the start…..from here I pray that His plan for me will blossom and that I would be willing to step out of His way:) please pray for protection over this group of women that our hearts would be pure and our purpose would be for the Kingdom.
    I love reading what you are inspired to write, beautiful words, that iencourage and lift. Thank you for being who you are!

  • Dee Minter Kaiser says:

    Because I find myself in a hard place I am pressing into the Lord as never before. I find myself praying for His PERFECT will to be done in my life instead of my own but I find myself clinging internally to what I want!
    I know that this latest setback is an attempt of the enemy to make me throw in the towel, give up on God, His call and plan for my life.
    I desperately want to be in the center of His will in every area of my life so that He can be glorified and His Kingdom increased through the works He has purposes for me to accomplish.
    I pray for grace and strength to put my hand to the plow and keep my focus on Him, not allowing anything or anyone to hinder what He is calling me to.
    I cry out to Him to show me great and mighty things that I don’t know and once revelation comes, to use the wisdom He gives to proceed in the power of His Spirit.

  • Jacki Varnell says:

    I need to wait on God & his plans for me. God has a great purpose for my life, but most days I don’t see it. These are the days I need to wait on God & listen to him.

  • Deanna says:

    I’ve tried on a myriad of purposes, and none ever seem to settle. I’ve asked God for a purpose for a decade and though He faithfully directs specific tasks or projects for a season, I feel like he forgot to plant a dream or purpose in me. It’s possible that it “died in the valley”, but I just wish I could recall if I ever had one at all! :-/

  • Bonnie Billadeau says:

    God bless you Susie. Thank you for all the work you do for the Lord. I too am in a season of waiting. Drawing closer to the Lord through His word by myself and with others. Just what He has planned for me is not clear at this time but I am being still and waiting on the Lord.

  • Beck Gambill says:

    Perfect reminder for me right now! I think my circumstances are teaching me to trust God’s provision and are ridding me of pride. Pride is offended when people question motives. Humility isn’t easily offended by and is even grateful for a personal challenge. I’ve got to work on that!

    And I would love a new copy of Your Beautiful Purpose because I gave mine away to a Mormon in an airplane on our way to Europe!

  • Cathy says:

    timely post, it seems like yours have been in the past year. God bless you!

  • Jan says:

    I enjoyed this very much –
    It comes at a time in my life
    I am in a waiting time in my life where I believe The Lord is at work behind the scenes and I trust in him for the next steps on my journey.

  • Jan Frans says:

    I have had a dream of starting a faith based community center to love on our community and thus earn a hearing from those who don’t yet know Him. My first priority is making sure I am vertically focused so that we can make a kingdom difference for those we serve. Pray for us please. It’s shaping up as amazing grace. Need miracles for sure!

  • Karole longbrake says:

    About 9 months ago, I left my salary position,l as general manager of a $3 million dollar restaurant, to complete a good work that The Lord started in me many years ago. I am now working part time and painting with my Creator full time, and I couldn’t be happier. I am blessed with an amazing supportive husband who values my soul and presence with he and our three girls more than that paycheck I used to bring home. Your morning and evening blessings have been so comforting to me during this time. I am beginning to get glimpses of what God is doing with my artwork (or art ministry) but there are days when it seems like I’m swirling around in meaningless confusion and losing sight of what He has been doing in my life. My dreams are lining up with God’s plan and I thank you for your guidance along the way.

  • Michele Stelley says:

    my daughter just lost her job….this is so timely….for me and for her….love your posts….

  • Beth says:

    I love this so much. Such a word of encouragement for those of us walking it out.

    I love how you say “If you’re in a season of refining, lean in. Trust the loving hand of your precious Savior and know that He will lead you to the other side. Refuse a sense of entitlement and don’t demand to be understood.”

    It’s not always easy to hear what we need to hear, it’s more fun to hear what we want to hear. These are the words that cause us to pause, ponder, and ultimately we will persevere because of them.

    Thanks friend

  • JoDitt says:

    I can see how I am definitely more stronger, bolder, and more confident as a result of really leaning into God during the last few very challenging years. And, what I love most is that God taught me how to pray prayers that are effective and that He loves. (because they are in agreement with His Word.) I believe He is wanting me to teach others how to pray this way, and to be an encouragement wherever I go, letting His light shine into the darkness.

  • JHollyhock (aka Jennifer H.) says:

    At this time, I don’t really feel like I have any dreams. I feel like I am a pile of bones needing a little life breathed into me. Hoping to feel the breath soon. Thanks for the encouragement.

  • susan daniels says:

    I believe He has great things for me to do. I am trying to listen, sometimes my mind gets so busy with others opinions I can’t hear my calling. I know He has plans for me I pray I can hear when He wants me to be still or when He wants me to move. My family needs me but I wait on Him to do great promises. When I am week I am strong in Him.

  • Amanda says:

    Wow, this was a cool breeze on warm day! Thank you for the encouragement! It’s so important to keep your eyes on the prize (Christ) than to get bogged down (not easy but so important!).

  • SonyaRenee says:

    Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. Been in more valleys than light in the past 5 years pursuing a messsage and a vision. Seems like everytime I would get up and running I would get knocked back down with health issues ,financial issues and family responsibilities. Through-out this time there have been revelations and refining that have definitely changed me and prepared me for what is to come but also a weariness of the fight! I used to be so strong and determined. Now, I am Battle weary! Leaning into the Prince of Peace is the only way I survive to fight another day.” I can do all things through Christ who stengthens me”, is a daily ,hourly and sometimes minute by minute declaration! I have tried to let the dream die, but I can’t. It has become who I am. Like Peter said to Jesus, “Lord to whom would we go, you have the words of eternal life.”John 6:68 NIV Thats how I feel now. Where would I go? What else would I do? My vision is such a TRUTH for my life, I dont know what else I would pursue.
    WOW! Babbled myself into purpose,truth and strength! Another Victorious day! Still in the FIGHT!
    Thank you again for all your encouragement! I am so glad I checked out your post. May the Lord continue to Bless you and give you strength!

  • wren says:

    i have been praying for words to share with a daughter who is ready to leave bones in the valley. Thank you for allowing Jesus to use you for this purpose.

  • Chris says:

    I feel like I don’t have any dream in my heart. So, if and when I DO get one, I know that it will surely be from The Lord.

    1. Kristin says:

      I like that, Chris. That’s me, too. Thank you for that!

  • Rev. Brooke Wickliffe Fisher says:

    I am waiting patiently to a call to pastoral ministry. It is becoming a financial necessity as I teach and will not have an income.

  • Tanna says:

    God is using you in such a mighty way in my life. Thank you.

  • Diane Selz says:

    Ephesians 2:10 ( nlt)
    HE had a plan for me long ago.
    He gives us spiritual gifts to be able to accomplish His plan. WE NEED TO HAVE FAITH TO Believe and Trust Him to empower us through the Spirit, to move forward. Until then , He prepares us. Some of us have a teachable heart and others get stuck. I am thankful that He never abandons those who truly Love him. I got stuck for a little while but I’m moving forward and give Him all the glory!

  • Janine says:

    Susie I’m so eternally grateful that He uses you to speak to so many of us. I love your morning & evening prayers on FB. I always sure them with my friends so that they too can feel the blessings. He is good to us, and He never forsakes us!! May God bless you & keep you. Thank you!!!

  • Laureen L. Fong says:

    How apt this devotion is to what God is using to encourage me and my family. Five years ago on this day we signed the escrow papers to sell our house which we struggled to keep after my husband went from being “laid off” to “underemployed” earnings. We have since then moved from rental to rental twice and onto our third move. Since then, the rental prices have increased in the bay area. We struggle with the dismal situation but know from the past that God has pulled us through and worked through even at that final hour to help us find a place. I am sharing with my friends and a realtor that God will provide and use this for His glory of His love and faithfulness and also that when God closes one door, He opens another. I hold onto how He has faithfully promised that He will take care of us. The study on my other devotion that I have written in on 2009 and 2010 where I listed my prayers and praises was on the passage in Deut 8:2-3. In a humorous way, I hope it won’t be 40 years in the wilderness, because, I have a lot more years to go 🙁 . Also, in another Bible study (BSF) , guess what they are studying? You got it, Moses. Thanks Susie, your prayers morning and evening and your radio broadcasts have been so uplifting, encouraging and have drawn me to His throne. Thank you for your heart for God and your fellowship encouragement (I especially liked hearing your testimony online and how God used your past to minister) God Bless!

  • Through a. Eating disorder and contemplation of suicide I have been able to understand God’s purpose for me was to start a nonprofit.ed Gracefully Strong. An eight week self esteem program for girls of all ages. I have gone from broken to blessed.

  • Marcia says:

    I am truly leaning on Him and asking for strength to find my purpose in life after many life-altering events this past year. I look forward to your morning and evening prayers.

  • Georgette Johnson says:

    Preparation time is never wasted time.

  • Amanda Reimer says:

    Thank you for sharing this Susie! I feel like God is calling for me to wait and be patient and patience is definitely something that is difficult for me at this time in my life. I just want to see things getting done. God’s timing is always perfect 🙂

  • Allison Wells says:

    “…at work within us”. What promise!…What hope! That ” to the extent He’s allowed to work in us, will be the extent He does great things through us!” Sometimes it takes all my energy to hold on to this truth, when my circumstances and personal issues scream otherwise. Thank you for continually speaking Truth into my life.

  • Abby says:

    Thank you so very much for sharing, I can’t tell you how much I needed this today!! I’ve been dealing with various health issues, one after another for over 10 years now. It’s been such a struggle to have to let go of the things that I thought I wanted, but so grateful for a God who has bigger dreams for me that I could ever imagine!

  • Laurel says:

    Waiting isn’t easy. I need to remind myself of God’s work in my heart – how He’s developing my character and refining me. I’m learning that when it seems we are moving further away from our destiny and dreams, God may be actually moving us closer. Needed word for me.

  • Adrienne Robinson says:

    My “One Word” for 2015 is journey. I am facing the empty nest as well as my final elected term in office as of December this year. I thought my “journey” was a path to a new job but it has turned out to be so much more. God has begun a work within revealing the roots of doubt, fears, and depression. He is healing me from the inside out. I am not sure of my “next place of promise” just yet but I know I am in a season of preparation. He spoke to my heart saying, “Where I am taking you, you must be able to stand.” If He hadn’t revealed and dealt with the buried yucky stuff, I would not be ready. Love your show and have grown so much from you and your guests. Thank you for sharing your story.

  • Kerry Foley says:

    I am in the midst of a whirl of circumstance, primarily involving a new terminal illness in a family member living in another country. In and amongst this, for a while now, has been the feeling that it is time for me to make a great change, career-wise, and in where I live… I am starting to see the direction in which He is moving me, tho’ I struggle for clarity, and in completely placing my trust in Him. I want to do right by my family, the best that I can for myself, and primarily, and above all, be able to allow Him to carry me through this weighty time – overwhelming emotions, unsure of my own strength, and inability to clearly see where this will end. I have to be able to let go of all my attempts at control and give it all up to Him. As a primary health care worker and a “care-taker” of things, I have to allow Him to take care of me – this is my greatest challenge.

  • Diana Hall says:

    I have been in this very dry valley for 7 months. I lost my home of 10 years, lost a great job that Almighty God provided 4 years ago. I have run out of unemployment benefits, NO income, savings or resources to lean on. In the midst of all this my elderly parents are in assisted living and dad is under hospice care.

    From the very beginning of this dark season, I have believed and trusted God that He will provide my needs. That in this storm I am being (somewhat unwillingly) groomed& refined for the great blessings My Heavenly Father has in store for me. It’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. Bills keep coming, getting acquainted with new creditors every week. I need food, prescriptions, gas money to get to interviews. Yet, I am trying so hard to rest in the Peace of the Almighty God. I cannot see the great things that are coming. But, I assure you that I am waiting with excitement. Life verses are Phil. 4:6-7.

  • Carol says:

    Susie, I’d love to win a copy of your book! Your daily blessings have been balm to my soul many times. I don’t know you, we’ve never met, but I recieve your words as if they’re coming from the heart of a very dear friend. Thank you for sharing.

  • Aimee L. says:

    Boy oh boy, this could NOT be more timely. We’ve gone through a terribly stormy year with what we thought was my husband’s “dream job” he transitioned to last summer. While we haven’t understood why things have turned out the way they have, we most certainly know that HIS plan is unfolding regardless of how uncomfortable it’s been for our family. We’re doing our best to lean in to Him and weather the storm…that’s hopefully going to die down sooner rather than later because we’re worn down and ready for some sonshine! 🙂 Thank you for this post – I needed the reminder.

  • I’ve been through 10 years of waiting that could possibly culminate in a plan better than I could ever have dreamed. I’ll find out in just a few more short weeks of waiting. “Thickets and thorns” is an apt description (I call it my wilderness experience) but with every detour ’round or scratch received there has been a lesson to be learned – dozens of them, in fact, all necessary preparation for my next step. After 25 years of doing it my way, the Father has graciously and intentionally wooed me to Himself, pruned back the deadwood and refined away the dross (Eph 3:20). As I said, it’s taken Him 10 years. I would encourage those with broken dreams to read the book “The Dream Giver” by Bruce Wilkerson. It changed my mind while God was working on changing my heart.

  • Kathy Brooks says:

    I didn’t have a clear sense until I just read the blog. I’m in a time of transition and I have no clear vision of where God is leading me. But what has become clear is that He is giving me a gift of time and space to spend time with Him and also to resolve some past issues. I need to rest in this and realize it is enough.

  • Debbie says:

    We have been in a storm for quite a while. God has given us many gracious answers and signs. We sputter and feel at times that the waters will drown us. But He promises to take us through the waters, not to leave us shipwrecked! The changes that He has caused in our hearts tell me that He has plans, and the plans are good ones. The price for refining is often painful, but for our merciful, loving Father, the pain is a small price.

    God bless you, sister! I appreciate your words, every day.

  • Carolyn says:

    Thank you for your posts daily , especially on Facebook i really am blessed reading your morning and evening prayer posts .
    I am humbling myself in this Valley and trusting Jesus will guide me, i rather do Gods will and have Jesus in my life than go my own way and loose his guidance . Thank you for this Blog Post . Carolyn

  • Janice Runswick says:

    I do believe that God has a purpose and a plan for my new adventure. I am in the process of getting ready to sell my home and move out of CA. I retired last year and am on a fixed income, CA is not user friendly to senior citizens with a limited amount of money. So my son and daughter in law want me to move close to them in Illinois. I am a native CA and this will be a new adventure for me. I have God’s blessings and look forward to the journey. I read your morning and evening posts and am very blessed. Thank you.

  • Debbie Wicklund says:

    It all started on November 30, 2013 with a deputy knocking at the door at midnight. My 25 year old stepson had committed suicide. The day before the funeral I fell & broke my ankle & leg, had surgery the next day. Then three days later I had melanoma removed from my back. For recovery purposes I had to go to transitional care until I could get up stairs at home to get into the house. That was 7 weeks. Home with lots of help including my husband, who had to take leave from work. Things did get better and I am walking pretty well now with pins & plates in my leg/ankle. Now 2015, things will be brighter, right? January, I find out I have diabetes and heart trouble. I believe your article is quite timely for me. I have never doubted God or His love for me. Just curious to know what will come about from all of this. God is good – all the time.

    1. Diane Selz says:

      I am so sorry for all of these tragic things occur -ing in your life! I had a terrible year about 10 years ago and I clung to God for dear life. Through it, He showed me that He was real, He was trustworthy, and that He loved me! It’s so hard to be in the midst of and storm and praying for it to end!
      I lookback now and see how much my faith became real and God uses my past to help those who are suffering in the present. It is part of my testimony. Praying that God will heal you physically and spirituality.

  • Tammy says:

    I believe I’m being prepared, and I trust the work he has done.

  • Erin messina says:

    I can tell that God is refining me. The enemy is working hard getting me discouraged and I give in. But when I really stop and think about it, I think the Lord is using this to trust Him.

  • Susan Bolton says:

    I gave up trying to understand the trials and tribulations my family have gone thru the last couple of years….too many to list!
    I do know this! The more time I spend with God, the more peace he gives me in the midst of these challenges! Sometimes, I just try not to ask for anything, just wait and listen. It can very disheartening to wait, but I know that when we are at our lowest moments in life, that is when the Lord is doing his greatest works in us! He will never give up on me, and I will never give up on him!
    God Bless

    1. Mollie Lyon says:

      I love that-I just try not to ask for anything, just wait and listen.
      My word picture for this year is “Rest.” Resting in God, not scheming to make my dreams of making a living with my writing come true. I write and wait on the Lord. Rest in His goodness.
      Yeah, for three years the trials of my family get worse, it seems. But as I read yesterday by Andrew Murray, “The moment the lesson becomes easy, the student is advanced to one that is more difficult.” I feel His potter hand shaping me upward again, after He pushed me down.

  • Sky Crawford says:

    I am stretching and learning so much from our ever so gracious Father in heaven. He amazes me. He loves us. He is Mighty, and gentle all at once. I am just in awe of HIM….and ready for my next assignment from HIM. I surrender. I am still waiting for revelation as to my beautiful purpose!
    Thank you for all you do to serve other and glorify our LORD. I have learned so much through you Susie…God bless you and yours !
    Love, Sky

  • Korinne says:

    God has been teaching me to wait. He is teaching me to trust Him completely for His will to unfold for our families future. We want to go where He goes and faithfully follow His leading. We don’t want to try and do it alone and make something happen. So as we walk through this hard time in our life we are learning to worship and rejoice while we wait. To open empty hands for Him to fill.

  • Barbie H says:

    I have been discouraged lately, but I do have a dream and I am going to listen to His guidance. I have something, a talent, that I believe God can use for me to witness to others. I just have to believe in myself. I need confidence to move forward. Thank you for your words. God bless.

  • Shari says:

    Your words amaze me! To know and understand the with each trial, I am being REFINED, that brings me hope that I can make it through the thickets and thorns. God bless you and your ministry. You are certainly a blessing to us all! <3

  • Kelly Darnall says:

    Battling breast cancer since July 14. Been lots of delays in treatments since january. If the battle is hard, he must be preparing me for something.

  • Mary says:

    God has placed a big dream in my heart. It seems too big for me. I get anxious alot and God is showing me that I need to trust him. Before I knew the the Lord I was so self sufficient. He wants me to rely on Him. My soul feels like it cannot take it but I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. One day at a time.

  • Krissy says:

    I left my career at the end of January after standing at the edge of the cliff for months, wrestling with God over what I was supposed to do if I left. He still hasn’t shown me, but I am trusting that He is using this time to prepare me for that next great thing. Never have I had to rely so much on Him before. As a single woman with a mortgage and now working for $8/hr, I am in a position of truly relying on Him as my husband, my provider, El Roi – the God who see ME (and knows my every need). To Him be the glory!

  • Sandy Boyer says:

    Susie, thank you for your constant inspiring words. I can relate to most. 🙂

  • Taylor says:

    Wonderful post! Thank you!

  • rachel meyer says:

    Sounds like a great show, sorry to have missed it.

    —“God puts dreams in our hearts and writes a destiny over our lives. And if we trust Him enough to take Him at His word, we will find ourselves on a journey toward the fulfillment of that dream.”—

    I felt a little thrill when I read those lines. I definitely have a God-placed dream – when I was doubting, I received a prophecy confirming it. I feel VERY blessed to have such a word from God. BUT it is still hard to trust enough to let God do the work. I am a passionate person by nature and I am ready NOW. Or, so I think. But God is giving me one word: “wait.” I am not very good at waiting! I need to constantly remind myself that I am not ready now – I haven’t finished my journey yet. For I can have all the eagerness in the world, but if I haven’t learned what God needs to teach me, I will not be able to carry out the great tasks before me. For this particular dream of mine, my journey is just beginning, and my job right now is to form the trust in God that I need, that He will carry out His plan. As HE sees fit, not me.

    —“Instead, humble yourself and seek to understand what the Lord is doing around you.

    He will faithfully lead you and you will be strengthened as you go.”

    What powerful words for me! I have been quite focused on things far ahead and not seeing what is right around me. I have wondered what I am supposed to be doing right now! There are so many things I want to do right now, but can’t, for various reasons. I’ve been frustrated, waiting for the right time to finally arrive – I think I need to continue learning patience, as well as open my eyes to the things God is probably trying to knock into my thick head. 🙂

    Thanks for your words today!

    1. Susie-Larson says:

      Dear Rachel,

      You are very obviously awakened to the things of God! He will make His way clear before you in due time! Keep pressing in and pressing on! Often during these ‘in-between’ times I find a Scripture that is my inheritance promise and I hang on for dear life. May God show you something powerful from His Word and may His Word be an anchor to your soul

      He is with you and He has great plans for you!

      Blessings, sister!

  • teri selbher says:

    This is such a pertinent question for my life right now. My husband and I are just emerging from the dark valley of failed adoption. After having our little guy in our home for 8 days he was removed due to birthparents changing their minds. I have thought through this scenario as an adoptive mom and never dreamed I could live through it. But I did. With His immense grace and the arms of Christ in the form of fellow believers, we began to put one foot in front of the other and walk again.

    Am I learning something that will help me in the future? You better believe it!!! Even through the past few days as I have helped one of my closest friends bury her 57 year old mother, the ability to mourn with others has been a gift I have gained through our pain. To truly become Christ’s arms and really love and give of yourself…this is what we have learned to do.

    A high calling…looking at adopting 2 African children. We know we are standing on the edge of MANY things that are way beyond us and are all about HIM!

    Praise Him,

    Teri Selbher

    1. Susie-Larson says:

      Oh, Teri,

      I’m SO sorry for what you’ve just been through! I can’t even imagine what kind of pain you’ve endured through this failed adoption. My niece and her husband are going through the adoptive process and to watch the ups and down, the hope and the despair, well, there just aren’t words for it. But He has called you and He will sustain you! I would LOVE to have you share your story on the show. Are you open to it? If so, please email me at: susie@myfaithradio.com and put ‘Blog Post Conversation’ in the subject line.

      I am moved by your faith and your faithfulness.

      Bless you, my sister!

  • T turner says:

    I have always trusted God, well to some extent…. Now I see in the past I always was sure to have plan “b”. Several months ago I had to quit my really great job I loved and move far away fromwhere I was…this was totally to car for my son. God led me to a new state and into a city where I knew noone. He provided a great church family to help support us. Now I have had to rely on God for every dollar. This has been awesome. Although I am not sure what is in store next I have no fear knowing PROVISON COMES FROM HIM!!!

    1. Susie-Larson says:

      Wow, T.

      What a testimony! I can ‘hear’ your faith as I read your words! May God continue to surprise you with His provision, presence, and His grace!

      He is with you!

      Blessings, dear sister!

  • I’m not sure exactly what God is preparing me for, but one thing I know He is teaching me is patience. And endurance. And the ability to trust Him in all things.

    1. Susie-Larson says:


      These are beautiful things! And God doesn’t work these things in us for no reason. He is preparing you for a ‘Next Place of Promise.’ I promise. May He give you eyes to see Him, ears to hear Him, and a heart to do His will!

      Blessings to you, sister!

  • Gina says:

    Sometimes I just have to laugh at the things that God puts in my life and the ways he calls me. This summer, my son was home from leave after serving in Afghanistan. While he was home he met a lovely young gal (we will call her Brenda) under some very unusual circumstances. A few hours later she ended up having dinner with our family because we had scheduled it for that evening, and while my son wanted to spent the time with her, there were family members waiting to see him too. After his leave was done and he was gone again, I could not get her off my mind, so I ended up tracking her down (yes, honestly, I facebook stalked her – something I normally would NEVER do, but I could not get her out of my mind). After a couple of meals, I invited her to spend the weekend with us, so that naturally lead to taking her to church with us. After that first service, I learned that she had just recently accepted Christ and because she is far from home and new in town, she did not have anyone to help her learn what that all means. At that time, it became apparent to me that God had put her in my son’s life, so I could meet her, so I could mentor her.

    Last weekend she was planning to come to our house, when she called and asked if she could bring a friend. She brought to us a young man that knew the Lord when he was younger, but has wandered away, and now is struggling with a lot of major “life issues”. He laid them out “on the table” (so to speak) for my husband and I and asked for help. After giving him practical information and help, we prayed for him.

    Let me sum this up with the statement my daughter made when I told her about all this. She said, “Mom, who would have thought that my brother getting a girlfriend would lead to a young adults ministry for you!”. All of this is so “out of the box” for me, and I would never do most of this, except that the Holy Spirit has been leading me to these things, and confirming them over and over again. It just feels so right, and I get so excited about what he is doing, that I know he is preparing me for something new! God truly is good — all the time!

    1. Susie-Larson says:


      This story moved me to tears! Thanks so much for sharing. I’m sorry I’m so behind on my blog replies. Lots of balls in the air! Anyway, I want to connect with you and have you share this story on the air if you’re comfortable. Can you email me at: susie@myfaithradio.com and we can set up a time to talk? Be sure to put (Blog Post Conversation) in the subject line so I’ll know what this is about.

      And if that’s too scary, and you’re okay with it, I can share your story on the air for you. Either way, God bless you for being such a Kingdom Woman! Bless you!

  • Aimee Libby says:

    I think God’s laughing at me right now…I just blogged about this VERY thing! 🙂


    1. Susie-Larson says:

      Ha ha. God is laughing with you!

      Great blog, Aimee. Thanks so much for sharing!!!

      Blessings to you~

  • Whatever my calling is, it’s evidently going to take alot of my focus. There are days right now where God has me walking with Him minute by minute.

    1. Susie-Larson says:


      Be encouraged! If God is training you in such a way, He IS getting you ready for something grand. I’m so glad you’re listening and leaning in. There is nothing better than a moment by moment walk with the Savior.

      Bless you, sister!

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