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Real Recovery

Grace Rehab

Having a full understanding of grace can be hard to grasp, even misunderstood, but Bill Giovannetti does his best to help us understand grace in all its fullness. “Even if you sin, even if you invent a new sin nobody ever did before; even if you crossed a boundary once again that you swore you’d never cross, grace means that…

Bill Arnold & George Fraser


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Early Morning Programs

The Jeremiah Johnston Show (Mondays)

Dr. Jeremiah Johnston

Chris Fabry Live!

Chris Fabry

Turning Point (Mondays)

David Jeremiah

All Things New

Shawn Thornton

Know The Truth

Philip De Courcy

A New Beginning

Greg Laurie

Family Life Today

Dave and Ann Wilson, Bob Lepine

In Touch

Charles Stanley

Telling the Truth

Stuart, Jill & Peter Briscoe

Daily Hope

Rick Warren

Living on the Edge

Chip Ingram



Know The Truth

Philip De Courcy
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