Being a part of a community and staying connected to others is an essential part of recovery, but how do you find that community, and how do you find a mentor to keep you accountable? Pastor John Steger suggests this first step.

“You need to get connected in your church. If you’re a man get connected to a men’s group, if you’re a woman get connected in a woman’s group. I believe you need to pray for God to show you who He wants to be in your life that will speak into your life. What God’s going to do is He’s going to show you who He wants to be in your life and you need to be aware of that.”

“You have to be an active participant your own rescue. You can’t just sit there and wait, and you can’t wait passively, you have to wait actively. So get involved in your small groups at church and you’re going to find a mentor. I promise you’re going to find somebody you click with.”

John’s mentor, Brett, offers this prayer for finding a mentor:

“Lord, I pray today that you just come into my heart and show me who it is you want to speak into my life. I pray that you as I go through your word that you find somebody that’s able to speak to me, that I can listen, that they can teach me your ways, God, and show me how to walk this life that you have for me in Jesus’ name.”

Brett also reminds us to go to the source of all true wisdom.

“Dust off that Bible. It’s there – it’s powerful – it’s supernatural. Just open it up and pray, ‘God, teach me, show me something, speak to me through this word,’ and he will.”

Finding a mentor

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