How do you find hope in suffering? How do you support someone who is suffering? Recently co-host, George Fraser, was diagnosis with stage 4 cancer. He shares the source of his hope in the midst of suffering.

“When you go through something like this you’re alone. Jesus said on the cross, ‘Why have you forsaken me?’ I think He’s the only one who can identify with that. He’s the perfect guy but He’s also been alone when he’s dying…and He overcame it.”

One of George’s doctors, Dr. Mark Solfelt, shares the perspective of the one who is comforting the one who’s suffering.

“There are no words. Sometimes there’s no words to comfort, there’s no way for me to really feel what you’re feeling or understand what it is you’re experiencing, and yet we can come alongside of you and we can pray. We can encourage. We can see truth in the word together, and I think that’s one of the things I’ve seen even in the interaction we had in the office.”

“It was a beautiful time. It was a painful time, but I was encouraged. I was encouraged to be able to experience with that with you as a brother in Christ. I don’t have words, but I’ve got presence, and the Lord does that too. He just provides presence and that deep-seated sense that you know He’s with you.”

Dr. Mark Solfelt is leading a multi-disciplinary approach at North Memorial in the treatment of lung cancer and other diseases of the chest cavity. He joins the North Memorial Cardiovascular Surgery group after 14 years of private practice. His focus is non-cardiac thoracic surgery with an emphasis in oncology.

Hope in suffering
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