It’s been said that our lives are only as good as the health of our relationships. As our guest, Austin, talks about his recovery, he shows us how true that statement is.

“The hardest thing in my recovery is my relationship with my mother. Me and her, you know, we were using together. I pray every day for us to have a relationship again.”

“But for me, I’m scared of what’s going to happen. I don’t want to, in some way, be dragged back into it. But at the same time I want a relationship with my mom.

Austin shows the impact of addiction and the need to set boundaries.

“Just last night I found out she had a stroke Christmas night, and she’s still in the hospital right now. So I’ve just been praying and praying for her. I’ve actually recently started talking to her a little bit again.”

“We went about five months without speaking to each other so that for me is the hardest. I know God’s got His plan. God’s got His reasoning. I just have to sit back and let Him do His job.”

George summarizes the importance of counting the cost of recovery, especially on past relationships.

“We used to call it planting our stake in the ground. There are some people that I might be tempted to use with, some really good friends, people I love in my life that maybe haven’t made a choice for sobriety, and we miss those people. Our recovery’s going to cost us some things. Our using cost us, our recovery is too.

The cost of recovery