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Having a full understanding of grace can be hard to grasp, even misunderstood, but Bill Giovannetti does his best to help us understand grace in all its fullness.

“Even if you sin, even if you invent a new sin nobody ever did before; even if you crossed a boundary once again that you swore you’d never cross, grace means that God does the work.”

“That’s kind of the essence of it: God does the work. Getting you saved was God’s work, saving you is God’s work, keeping you saved is God’s work, but so many people lose it right there.”

Giovannetti paints a very descriptive word picture of how we sometimes approach grace.

“It’s like you’re in the sea, God rescues you, and on the boat back to shore He decides, ‘I don’t like you very much,’ and throws you back overboard.”

“Not going to happen. What good is a salvation that throws the soggy sinner overboard? Heaven is not a merit badge for people who behave before, during, or after you’re saved. It’s a gift for someone who believes on the Lord Jesus Christ.”

The story of the prodigal son to drive home the power and importance of grace that doesn’t run out.

“Even the prodigal son has the word son in his name. He never stopped being the father’s son. He was in the worst place ever…and yet he was still the son, and the father was still looking for him every day at the head of the road, and he wanted his son home. And the minute his son came home it was ‘welcome home let’s have a barbecue and a party.’”

“I’m here to tell you today, on the basis of God’s Word, he does want you back. He loves you. You’ve not sunk to low for his grace.”

“You say, ‘Well, I’ve tried that again and again.’ He’ll welcome you again and again. You’ll never run out of ‘welcome homes’ with your Heavenly Father.

Bill Giovannetti is an author, pastor and speaker in Redding, CA. You can learn more about Bill, his books, and his ministry at MaxGrace.

Grace rehab

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