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Holiday Specials

If you were listening the past few Saturdays in 2015, we aired some wonderful Holiday Specials that are available here. Thanks for listening!


Why we pray

God has a lot to say to you – more than you’ll be able to take in during your life-time. BUT he wants to hear from you too! In the simplest of terms, prayer is talking to God. There are a lot of reasons to talk to God, but you need to know God likes to hear you talk—often! Why should I pray? Many people only pray in times of emergency. Or, that we…


20 ways to have a relationship

20 tried-and-true ways to have a relationship with someone that will change your daily interactions with family, friends, your spouse, and someone special.



Rachel Cruze interview on the #1 tip for handling money

Rachel Cruze stopped by Faith Radio to share one really important tip for responsibly handling your finances.  Check out the Rachel Cruze interview below! She also stopped by University of Northwestern – St Paul to speak at Lessons for Leaders. Rachel Cruze is the daughter of well-known Christian financial advisor and…


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