Rachel Cruze stopped by Faith Radio to share one really important tip for responsibly handling your finances.  Check out the Rachel Cruze interview below!

She also stopped by University of Northwestern – St Paul to speak at Lessons for Leaders.

Rachel Cruze is the daughter of well-known Christian financial advisor and personal money management expert, Dave Ramsey.  Rachel grew up in a household that stressed the importance of stewarding your finances wisely.  Rachel was just 6 months old when her dad declared bankruptcy, and started building back from the ground up.  She saw the difficulty and hardships, but also the work of intentionally managing money pay off.


Now, as Rachel has watched her generation continue to mismanage their finances, she is more motivated than ever to change the money habits and lifestyle of her peers.


“People always tell my dad, ‘I wish I had known this stuff when I was a young adult,’ so I’ve taken that to heart.”

“The habits we form early on in life will affect our future.”

“You are the one who has to tell your money what to do.”


Rachel has a heart to empower this generation to save, give, and live intentionally.  On her website she provides tips on college planning, debt free living, kids and money, and real life on a budget.

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