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Finding contentment in authenticity

It’s a routine we are all familiar with. Each morning, we stand in front of the mirror and prepare our appearance for the day. For some of us, it’s a 5 minute refresh. For others, it’s an hour long ritual. But we make sure that, when we step out the door, we are putting our best face forward. Our personal appearance…



Chapel at Northwestern with Pastor Jason Strand

Pastor Jason Strand, a member of the teaching pastor team at Eaglebrook Church in St. Paul, Minn., speaks to students on learning to exalt God in this podcast of daily chapel at the University of Northwestern – St. Paul.  He challenges his listeners to consider why people so badly want to glorify other people. He thinks it comes…


Prayer tips

Have you ever offered to pray for a friend, but then forgot? Betsy Lee of Prayer Ventures shares some prayer tips.


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Chris Fabry

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John H. Munro

Turning Point

David Jeremiah

Truth For Life

Alistair Begg

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Philip De Courcy

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Greg Laurie

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Dave and Ann Wilson, Bob Lepine

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Dr. Stephen Rummage

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Paul Sheppard

Daily Hope

Rick Warren

Living on the Edge

Chip Ingram



Living on the Edge

Chip Ingram
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