Thanks for your interest in knowing more about having a relationship with Jesus Christ.  You are on a quest that will change your life.

God doesn’t ask you to try to do enough good things and simply hope that somehow He will take notice and give you a ticket to heaven.  He asks you to follow a few simple steps to experience true peace with God and incredible joy.

Understand God’s plan:  God wants us to know He created us to live in perfect harmony with Him.  He created us “in His image” with the ability to think, to love Him and others.

Acknowledge our rebellion:  God wants us to recognize that the perfect harmony He planned for us isn’t possible in our natural state.  Our ancestors struck out in rebellion against God.  He sent them away because He is a completely holy One who cannot tolerate rebellion of any kind.  We joined in their rebellion. And we can’t restore that harmony on our own.

Stand amazed at God’s solution:  God had to remain true to His holy nature, yet He loves us, the rebellious ones.  He did something radical—He sent His perfect Son Jesus, who created us, to live among us and teach us.  Then Jesus died to pay the penalty for our rebellion, to restore the harmony we had wrecked.  God showed He accepted this solution by raising Jesus from the dead.

Take action:  God simply asks us to (1) admit our personal rebellion, (2) believe that Jesus suffered the punishment that we deserve and (3) accept His forgiveness.  When we do that, we can once more experience true harmony with God.

One way for you to experience this harmony with God is by saying the following prayer:

Dear God, I admit that, like my ancestors, I have lived in rebellion against you.  I’m sorry that I have offended you in so many ways.  Thank you for sending Jesus to earth to teach me your ways then to die to pay the price of my rebellion.  I accept what he has done for me.  Thank you for welcoming me into your arms . . . forever!  Help me walk in your ways from now on.

If you just said that prayer, please let us know.  We would like to celebrate with you—and maybe even send you some helpful materials.  Did you just say that prayer?