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A Lifelong Love by Gary Thomas

A Lifelong Love for Singles

A Lifelong Love for Married Couples

Gary Thomas believes couples often settle for too little when it comes to marriage. We fail to understand how deeply God cares about our spouse. We diminish our need to not only understand what biblical love really is, but also to become a people who excel at it. We let ourselves drift apart instead of making the daily choices to grow closer together.
Whether your marriage needs a complete makeover, a touch up, or just a new purpose, A Lifelong Love promises to set your relationship on an entirely new dimension. You will never look at worship or your spouse in the same way again. You will understand how living for that day will so radically transform the decisions you make this day. And Gary will guide you through the power shifts and seasonal mine fields that blow up so many marriages so that you can grow in your love instead of in your disappointment.

Thirty years of study and two decades of working with couples has led Gary Thomas to his most significant book yet on the relationship between husband and wife. Find out for yourself what all the fuss is about—and why A Lifelong Love is sure to challenge the way the church talks about marriage.

Whatever season of marriage you are in, A Lifelong Love gives you the practical help you need to infuse your marriage with a spiritual passion that will not only change you but will change the world around you.

Making Right Choices by Elizabeth George

Making Right Choices pt.1

Making Right Choices pt.2

Elizabeth and Jim George are bestselling authors and national speakers dedicated to helping people live a life after God’s own heart.

With the New Year fast approaching, have you given thought to what New Year’s resolutions you might be making?

Resolutions sure are hard to keep!  But, instead of making resolutions that don’t last, Elizabeth George encourages us to focus on making right choices – that is certainly an attainable goal!

Her Scripturally-based suggestions will help you not only begin the New Year with the right goals, but will become a part of your every day life.

Waiting for the Ball to Drop by Carter Conlon of Times Square Church

Waiting for the Ball to Drop pt.1

Waiting for the Ball to Drop pt.2

Where will you be this New Year’s Eve? As the famous New Year’s Eve ball descends from the flagpole at One Times Square, over a million people will be in Times Square, with over a billion watching from around the world, waiting for the ball to drop—to say farewell to 2015 and celebrate hope for the year ahead.

And in the midst of all the revelers is Times Square Church—as Carter Conlon brings a message for the New Year—just a few thousand feet from where everyone will gather to look up at the ball on top of the tower—waiting for it to come down—hoping for a better day.

It’s from this unique vantage point that Carter brings a challenging message—a message to millions whose back is to the very altar of God—millions facing the altar of a secular society—waiting for the ball to drop—waiting and hoping!

Carter’s message is the message of this hour—from the Scripture in 1 Kings when the people of Bael (ironically pronounced Ball) are looking to the top of the mountain worshiping a false God when all they have to do is turn around and see the altar of God. His message and the testimony of a Broadway actor and a former modern-day Mafia member are words of truth you won’t soon forget!

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