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No more throwaway babies

Representative Geanie W. Morrison crafted legislation as one of the first to recognize the need for a comprehensive approach to protect vulnerable children and their mothers. The deadly decision to abandon a baby or worse rests ultimately with the girl or woman who makes it. But I believe our culture has some culpability in these…



It’s not too late for you to find God’s love today

Are you struggling to overcome a painful past? This week we’ll bring you encouragement and equipping to persevere in hope. Many of us feel defeated by the circumstances of our early life. If you were abused or neglected there may be a default belief that you are unworthy to be cared for and loved. But the story of Jesus Christ alive in…


Partners in prayer

I was almost forty years old the first time someone prayed aloud on my behalf. Until then my prayers were neither personal nor powerful. Maybe you’ve experienced frustration and weakness in your prayer life too. You don’t sense any answers, you don’t grow in faith, and soon you just give up. My breakthrough…


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