What is your life’s purpose?

The question can loom so large that we just put it on the shelf, perhaps hoping we’ll figure it out . . . someday.

But when you live without a clear sense of purpose you tend to drift–and drifting is seldom a neutral activity. It can be dangerous whether you’re out rafting or just lacking direction in life.

Finding your purpose is not as elusive as it may have seemed. Susie Larson is here to help–with a volume to encourage you titled, Your Beautiful Purpose, Discovering and Enjoying What God Can Do Through You.

A number of years ago I was transitioning from a lifetime of daily radio broadcasting to pursuing the chance to write the book which was ultimately published as Cradle My Heart, Finding God’s Love after Abortion. Radio is my first love and it will probably always have a place in the mix of my creative goals and plans. But radio is not who I am, nor is it my purpose in life. I learned that writing was also not something I could define as my purpose.

Finding purpose is distinct from career and again, from calling. If the pursuit of purpose has left you feeling frustrated and confused, this is definitely one episode of Cradle My Heart Radio you don’t want to miss. Especially if your heart is hurting because of abortion, or if the weight of your mistakes and failures have left you feeling as though you may have missed out on God’s purpose for you, here’s hope and a renewed understanding of the value of your dreams today.

The pursuit of purpose can be a grueling struggle or an invigorating adventure.

The choice is yours.

Learn how to have joy in the journey with this very special interview.

Finding your beautiful purpose