This guest on Cradle My Heart Radio is one of the most articulate voices I have yet encountered to express the hurt and the hope that follow us after abortion. “Anne” is a blogger at Postabortion Journey who chooses to remain anonymous, while at the same time laying her soul bare. She’s been willing to write about emotions still messy and in process. And she is honest and brave. Her journey began as she puts it, when she was forced to abort “at the tender age of 17.” Now a wife and mother, her healing is blessing many. She’s learned the beauty of being herself despite the pain of the past. I’m confident you will agree.

I love helping women like Anne give voice to God’s love. When I first began telling my own story, I was working at News/Talk WCCO, the CBS’ owned and operated station in Minneapolis. As a broadcast journalist, I was careful to research the facts about the cultural impact of abortion. How many choose it each year? Are others as devastated as I once was? What sort of help and resources exist for healing?

I learned that millions are suffering in shame and silence. I was drawn to be the one to listen. That led to a short radio feature and podcast called Life Redeemed which gave women and men a chance to tell of the hope we have in Christ after abortion. And then I traveled for years with Ruth Graham and Friends listening to more stories and gaining the sweet privilege of sharing the forgiveness and grace God offers–and watching hope dawn. And now Cradle My Heart Radio.

Through it all, I’ve learned our stories matter. Connecting our stories to God’s story changes the lives of those who listen. Join us and see if you don’t agree.

Connecting Your Story to God’s Story After Abortion