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    On The Road with Dr. Stephen C. Meyer

    ...eighborhood – grew to become a pioneering scientific thinker. Highlight: Darwin’s doubt On the Road with Dr. Stephen C. Meyer...

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    Darwin’s doubt

    ...coded DNA within the cell sounded a death knell for evolutionists, as Dr. Meyer details in his book. He discusses the importance of letting science follow the evidence, the gaps in the fossil record, and how we can point to the complexity of life as a way to worship God. Meyer explores other aspects of this debate in his discussion with Neil: * The “tree” of Darwinian evolution, and the reality that seems to suggest a “forest&#8...

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    Darwin’s Doubt

    ...ry Institute’s Director for Science and Culture, and noted scholar Stephen Meyer joins us to highlight the points of debate in the ongoing ideological battle over origins and discusses his latest book Darwin’s Doubt. There is remarkable complexity in creation – as illustrated in the mechanics of the cell and DNA. It is simply too profound to be adequately explained without an intelligent designer. Because mutations have been thoroughly dispr...

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    Douglas Axe

    ...ar Biology, the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, and Nature, and in such books as Signature in the Cell and Darwin’s Doubt by Stephen Meyer and Life’s Solution by Simon Conway Morris....

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    Ask the professor – Holy Week edition!

    ...of us. Christians don’t need to fear debate about creation of the universe and the similarities between humans and primates. (Here is a link to our recent conversation with Dr. Stephen Meyer on creation-evolution.) Does the Bible mention anything about aliens? Highlight – Ask the Professors Ask the Professors...

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