By now your kids may have been confronted with evolutionary theory in school.  Evolution is the dominant view in education at every stage, but there is a movement growing in the scientific community—and beginning to spread to schools—that introduces the idea of design to the subject of origins.

The Discovery Institute’s Director for Science and Culture, and noted scholar Stephen Meyer joins us to highlight the points of debate in the ongoing ideological battle over origins and discusses his latest book Darwin’s DoubtThere is remarkable complexity in creation – as illustrated in the mechanics of the cell and DNA. It is simply too profound to be adequately explained without an intelligent designer. Because mutations have been thoroughly disproven as a method for progressive evolution, scientists are on the search for new processes and mechanisms that could allow for their philosophy.

Highlight – The search

They touch on these topics in the conversation:

•  “The digital code” contained in our DNA holds untold reams of information. DNA functions a bit like an alphabet as it directs the functions of proteins and cells.
•  All of biology is driven by information technology.
•  Origin information always come to us from an intelligent source – a mind and not simply material.

Dr. Meyer notes that the intelligent design theory doesn’t address the age of the Earth. Instead the movement is focused on the crux of the debate – an intelligent designer vs. a completely material explanation for all things in the Universe.   The word ‘evolution’ itself has multiple definitions. For instance, most everyone agrees that things change over time. Yet it is macro-evolution as the explanation for all life that intelligent design rejects.

Darwin’s doubt

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