Summer is officially underway!  Or at least that’s what we are told, right?

Numbers of us will be taking some time off over the next weeks for vacation and deservedly so.  On behalf of all of us at Faith Radio, I do hope that you enjoy your time away from the stress and pressures of your day to day responsibilities.

I’m excited to announce that we are a few days away from being on the air at 97.5FM in the Twin Cities! This is our second FM signal in the Twin Cities and should give Faith Radio coverage over most, if not all of the metro area! Please help us spread the word about the new Faith 97.5FM!

Also we only have a little over 100 spots left in the Northwestern Christian Writer’s Conference featuring Liz Curtis Higgs.  The date for the conference is Saturday, July 15th and you can find out more; plus, register at here.

Enjoy your time off this summer and don’t forget to take us with you.  The Faith Radio app is available for your iPhone and Android device through the App store or Google Play.

God’s best to you and yours this summer!