On this edition of Grace and Truth, listen as Paul and Craig discuss the Religious Freedom Restoration Acts in Indiana and Arkansas as well as the Iran Nuclear Arms negotiations. As always, they will analyze the current events from a biblical perspective and explain how Christians can “pray the news.”

The Religious Freedom Restoration Acts in Indiana and Arkansas are designed to protect the freedom of religious institutions. These acts have received a lot of push back from the secular community.

“Religious liberty means standing up for unpopular religious expression within constitutional appropriate bounds.”

As a result of these new amendments, religious organizations have the ability to refuse service to someone they feel goes against their religious beliefs and practices.

However, anyone in the public sector who is running a business will be forced to serve anyone by law.

Are religious liberty laws important?

“Societies that respect religious freedom are more prosperous and are more stable have more social peace. A government that interferes with people’s religious freedom will interfere with everything else as well.”

How can I pray?

Pray that our country can move toward more religious freedom and acceptance.

Iranian Nuclear Arms deal Bad or Good?

Only time will tell if the arms deal between the United States and Iran is good or bad. However, there are already major concerns with the agreement.

After just one day, Iran began touting details of the deal that were a “mirror image” of what is being reported in the US. It is quickly becoming apparent that there are many discrepancies between the Iranians and the United States fact sheets that show the terms of the deal.

How can I pray?

•  Pray that Iran and the United States can reach an agreement that is clear and concise.

•  Pray for wisdom for the leaders of the United States so that they can make the right decisions.

•  Prayer for an American pastor being held prisoner illegally in Iran.

As always, when you watch the news, take time to bow your head in prayer and acknowledge that God is in control of all events across.

Religious freedom restoration and Iranian nuclear arms