On this edition of Grace and Truth, Craig and Paul discuss the six new presidential candidates as well as the meaning behind the Muslim celebration of Ramadan.

Presidential Candidates 

Six new Presidential candidates have their sights set on the White House in 2016. A total of 10 Republicans and four Democrats have announced their candidacy, the largest field of candidates since 1988.


Lindsey Graham – Senator of South Carolina.

• Climate change is real and partially man made.
• Wants to secure the border before allowing any pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants.
• Wants to repeal affordable care act.
• Ban abortion after 20 weeks.
• Will accept Supreme Court ruling on gay-marriage.

Rick Santorum – Former Senator of Pennsylvania

• Climate change is not real.
• Supports more gas drilling.
• Block pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants and ramp up border security.
• Repeal affordable care act.
• Ban abortion unless mother’s life is in danger.
• Marriage between one man and one woman.

Rick Perry – Longest tenured Governor of Texas

• Climate changes naturally.
• Wants education to be run at the state level not national level.
• Provide undocumented students access to in-state tuition.
• Repeal affordable care act.
• Ban abortion after 20 weeks.
• Each state to decide on gay-marriage.

Marco Rubio – Florida Senator

• Climate change is real and man-made.
• Repeals affordable care act
• Ban abortion after 20 weeks
• Man and women marriage


Martin O’Malley – Former Governor of Maryland

• Climate change is real and man-made
• Increase gun control and ban assault weapons, requiring finger prints to buy firearms.
• Wants to create a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants.
• Legalize same-sex marriage.
• Abolish capital punishment.

Lincoln Chafee – Former Governor of Rhode Island

•  Illegal immigrants should have path to citizenship.
• Keep affordable care act.
• Access to abortion without limitation.
• Legalize same-sex marriage.

How can I pray?

•  Pray that America would repent and turn back to God.
•  Pray for wisdom for the American people as they elect a new President.


“Ramadan is all about fasting and denying one’s self to become more in touch with their feelings of God as Muslims.”

The Muslim week-long celebration of Ramadan starts Thursday, June 18th.

A movement has sprung up mustering Christian to pray that God can reveal Himself to these Muslims during this celebration.

For more information and resources about how to pray for Muslims during Ramadan click here.

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