On this edition of Grace and Truth, Craig and Paul discuss the Confederate flag controversy as well as the sad story of the most recent senior pastor to succumb to temptation.

Confederate symbols 

A movement to eliminate the Confederate symbol from places of prominence is sweeping across the country in the wake of the shooting that claimed the lives of nine people at Emmanuel A.M.E. Church in Charleston, South Carolina.

The shooting has been widely accepted as a hate crime. Several pictures of the shooter, Dylann Roof, displaying Confederate banners and other traditional symbols in support of slavery and racism have been found on social media, causing people to reconsider displaying such symbols.

This turn of events has caused a tipping-point moment in the United States.

“It is believed by many people that the time has come to address these symbols from the past.”

The Confederate symbol is highly controversial because of its close ties to slavery. In order to be considered a part of the Confederate States of America, a state was required to be a slave holding state. The Constitution itself called themselves the “Slave Holding Confederate States of America.” The Confederate flag is irreversibly and directly linked to slavery and racism.

“There is a place for remembering these symbols but that place is not at the state house.”

Aside from South Carolina, other states are deciding to take action and remove Confederate symbols in places of prominence.

•  Alabama governor, Robert Bentley, ordered immediate removal of four confederate banners from an 88 foot tall memorial on the capital grounds.
•  The leaders of the state of Mississippi are considering altering the state flag of Mississippi which contains the Confederate emblem.
•  Closer to home, officials are considering changing the name of Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis. The lake is named John Calhoun who helped to establish Fort Snelling but was a staunch supporter of slavery.

America is beginning to embrace the idea that these symbols belong in museums and not places of prominence.

How can I pray?

•  That America can stand up to racism
•  Victims of racism
•  Political leaders making choices regarding confederate symbols

Succumbing to temptation

Tullian Tchividjian, grandson of Bill Graham has admitted to having an affair. Tullian was the senior pastor of Coral Ridge Church in south Florida. He is the latest mega-church pastor to succumb to temptation and take part in an affair.

Tulllian’s affair was reportedly the result of his wife having an affair before him.

Three other Florida mega-church pastors have resigned as a result of adulterous relationships over the past several years.

How can I pray?

•  Pray for Tullian and Kim Tchividjian as they move forward past mistakes.
•  Healing and restoration

Always remember to pray the news with grace and truth!

Confederate flag controversy