On this edition of Grace and Truth, listen as Paul and Craig discuss the big names in politics that have announced their candidacy for the 2016 presidential election.

Republicans Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Marco Rubio have announced they will be running for office next year, as well as Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Paul and Craig discuss the means by which each candidate announced their involvement in the presidential election in 2016 and how it could impact their run.

They also discuss other potential candidates who have expressed interest in running but have not announced their candidacy officially.

“We need to pray that the leader that we choose would be one who has lived his or her life according to biblical principles so that we as a nation would be a reflection of the light, love, and justice of the God of the Bible.”

How can I pray? 

•  Pray for the American people to make the right decision in the next presidential election.

•  Pray for the politicians that they can have wisdom and have the interests of the American people in the forefront of their minds.

Paul and Craig turn their attention to the ongoing the nuclear treaty between the United States of America and Iran. They discuss how contrary to the belief of some analysts, President Obama does need to get the approval of the senate in order to sign a treaty with a foreign country.

How can I pray?

•  Pray that God can defuse the nuclear threat in Iran.

•  Wisdom for our leaders to make the right decisions to keep the American people safe from foreign powers.

As always, when you watch the news, take time to bow your head in prayer and acknowledge that God is in control everything going on around the world.

Presidential candidates and nuclear deals