On this edition of Grace and Truth, listen as hosts Paul and Craig discuss the latest headlines around the world.

This week, they discuss the terror recruitment problem in Minnesota. Last week, six men were arrested in Minnesota on charges of terrorism. The group of suspects was attempting to flee the country to join ISIS in the Middle East. Four of the men were caught in Minnesota and the two others were caught in San Diego while attempting to flee to Syria.

“These are not confused young men, they are focused and intent on joining a terrorist group by any means necessary.”

The six men between the ages of 19 and 21 had been plotting for 10 months to go and become terrorists with ISIS in the Middle East. The men have not been allowed to post bail and are considered to be flight risks.

What else has ISIS been up too?

Rumors are circulating of the existence of an ISIS training camp in Mexico near the border of the United States. The US State Department denies such a base exists and Mexican officials have echoed the denial from the United States.  While the rumors are unfounded they have still raised concern over ISIS activity in and around the border of the United States.

“These terrorists are among us, they are not dazed and confused, and they are true believers and are willing to put their lives on the line.”

An Algerian native in France associated with Islamic extremist groups has been arrested after his plot to attack several churches in France was uncovered by police.

“ISIS is on the loose, ISIS is on the move, and we need to be praying.”

Unrest in the Middle East is causing massive amounts of migration from Africa into Europe through the Mediterranean Sea. More than 1300 migrants, mostly Muslims and Christians have died as a result of boats capsizing over the past three weeks alone.

How can I pray?

• Pray that the United States and other countries can root out evil and stop terrorism around the world.
• Pray for God to halt the advance of ISIS.
• Pray for those persecuted around the world, that their faith can be strengthened during their affliction.

 The Problem of Russia

Paul and Craig then turned their attention to Russia who is quickly becoming a serious issue in the east.

Despite the fact that Russia is still recovering from the collapse of the Soviet Union, they have still established themselves as a global power. Russia has tremendous natural resources, because of that they will always be a major power to be reckoned with in the world. Russia continues to put military pressure on neighboring countries such as Poland and the Ukraine.

Russia is not only aggressively active militarily but economically as well. Russia has an economic stranglehold on Europe because they are one of the major providers of natural gas European countries rely on for survival.

How can I pray?

• Prayer for the situation in Russia to be controlled.
• Prayer for wisdom for the leaders of the US and other countries as they deal with Russia.

ISIS advancing and Russia flexing its muscles