All too often we become trapped by our daily work activities that keep us bound to our desk. This type of sedentary behavior can lead to a multitude of health-related issues. It’s time to start looking at how you spend the hours at your desk and make your workouts work into your workday for best health.

One area that is often overlooked is one in which we use to see. Our eyes! Do you typically stare at your computer hours on end? This can be detrimental to your vision and cause you to become tired and lethargic. You’ve heard it said before, “If you don’t use it, you lose it.” This phrase is equally true for the muscles around your eyes. Take a moment throughout your day to exercise those muscles. Simply shift your eyes from the left and to the right and hold for several seconds. You may even want to circle your eyes around in circular rotations as well. Maybe you are already doing that as you read this article. ☺ Doing this often will allow you to maintain focus on the computer work ahead and build strength in the eye muscles for long-term eye health.

Another reason people tend to get tired throughout their workday is the way in which they sit; neck tilted down toward their computer or desk. This can lead to neck aches, headaches, poor posture and overall stiffness. One of the best things you can do is perform Visibly Fit™ isometric neck exercises to alleviate any pain or discomfort throughout your day. Your head actually weighs anywhere from 8-12 pounds, so it’s important to strengthen the neck muscles that hold it up. Start by putting your hands in fists and place them on top of one another against your forehead. Press your hands into your head and your head into your hands while leading and pressing out with your chin. This will look a bit funny, but soon you will reap the benefits of a stronger neck and it will help diminish the unwanted “waddle” as well. Next, clasp your hands behind your head and press against one another in the same fashion as before. Now take the palm of your hand to the side of your head and press them into one another. Do this on the opposite side as well. Hold each move for 10-12 seconds and perform several times throughout your day for best results.

Push-ups are a great exercise to perform on a regular basis, but it’s not always conducive at the office to get on the floor to perform the move. Two alternatives that are very effective are performing push-ups right off the edge of your desk or using visualization to perform the move. You can use slow and controlled flexed tension by starting with your arms bent, hands close under your arms, and both wrists flexed. Slowly press and flex as hard as you can while you straighten the arms and press towards the floor. Use the same tension on the upward movement to bring you back to starting position. Do 10-12 repetitions. You will feel this in your chest, shoulders, arms, and upper back. Remember to hold your stomach in tight and breathe deeply – exhaling on the downward press.

As you incorporate small, simple actions throughout your day then it will become a habit that will benefit you for years to come. Make your workouts work for you during your workday!