Dads are more than just second adults who grace our homes. Dads bring benefits to children and families and serve important roles. Despite the mockery of dads in sitcoms and the movies, dads are vital to the healthy development of kids.

A father’s role in a home is essential to good mental and physical health of children. Thus, let’s honor our fathers and talk about the important lessons we learned from them.

Here are 10 reasons why dads are important:

  1. Fathers who have good relationships with mothers spend more time with their kids and bring psychological and emotional health to their children.
  2. Fathers tend to push achievement and intellectual development in their children and greatly influence academic success. They have children who get As in school more often and are less likely to repeat grades.
  3. Fathers promote independence, moms tend to be more protective and nurturing.
  4. Fathers play differently with their children than moms. They stimulate more one-on-one play with their babies and toddlers and help them deal with their aggressive impulses and lessen the frustration of toddlers, which spills over to the adolescent years.
  5. Involved fathers have children who are more social and popular, according to studies (Pruett, K. 2000).
  6. Involved fathers have children who are socially better connected with their peers.
  7. Involved fathers provide emotional security to children.
  8. Fathers who treat mothers with respect raise boys who respect women and girls who are respected, making them less likely to be involved in violent relationships.
  9. Fathers who resolve conflict with mothers model this skill for their children.
  10. Involved fathers provide an all-important spiritual leadership role that models faith in action.
Why fathers are important