With a career that has included professional athletics and acting in blockbuster films like War Room, T.C. Stallings knows what it is to live out his faith under the brightest lights. His unique experience has given him a real passion for making his private life and his public life matching examples of integrity.

“I live with a holy fear of God! You’re talking about a holy God who can decide whether you breathe the next moment! The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. We don’t even begin to be wise until we learn to fear God.”

That attitude has continued to reshape the way he’s walked out his faith.

“Trading in my will for His will. Doing that, He eliminated the whole football thing. It was never in my mind to go and be some Hollywood actor!”

“With His plan leading me coming out to Hollywood, rejecting anything that would not honor Him. So here I am. I gave up everything. I came out here, and I end up in the number one movie in America, which was about Him. And that became my testimony so keeping that clean is a priority of mine.”

T.C. isn’t saying he’s the model of a perfect person. His point is quite the opposite.

Am I perfect? No! But the mistakes that I make are the ones that every human being is going to make. It doesn’t matter how holy you think you are.  You’ve got to have something that makes you dependent on Jesus Christ. So, you know, I may get angry. I may not like somebody. I have to repent of these things.”

“But the Bible says that God will judge everybody’s secret life, and things like that terrify me! And it’s a kind of fear! I want my secret life to be honorable to Him. So – if you do well behind closed doors – you will definitely do well out in the public. So I want people to watch my life.”

T.C. Stallings is a former professional football player now finding success in film and television. He played professionally in the Arena, European, and Canadian leagues. But T.C.’s desires shifted to a career in film and television. He featured in the 2011 hit movie , and starred as “Tony Jordan” in the 2015 hit film, , which soared to #1 in the box office in its second week. T.C. entered ministry in 2003, and has since been a busy keynote speaker in and out of the country. His newest print offering is .

On the Road with T.C. Stallings

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