Episode #325 — Since the arrival of NASA’s latest exploration rover on Mars, the headlines have been filled with chatter about the red planet. Could a human presence on Mars be a massive step forward? As always, whenever we have a burning question about the heavens, we turn to the renowned and good natured astronomer and professor, Dr. David Bradstreet.

“It’s interesting. What’s in the news now? Certain people who think that going to Mars is the be all and end all. ‘Let’s go to Mars and set up a colony.’ As far as adventure, exploration, etc. – that’s cool. But think about what that entails, and what you have to do just to survive on Mars. There’s no atmosphere to breathe. You can’t go outside, because you blow up! I mean, there’s almost no air pressure. It’s just not as romantic as you think it’s going to be.” 

“How about if we take care of the planet we have? Make Earth more livable? Produce food? Help people become more happy on this planet rather than looking to other planets?”

Dr. Bradstreet says that travelling thousands of miles through space doesn’t mean we could leave our problems behind.

“I’m not saying don’t explore. But don’t think that going to another planet is going to solve any problems at all. Because all you’re going to do is bring your earthly problems with you. And so, I’m all for exploring other planets with people, with robots – that’s a lot cheaper. And I would love to go to Mars myself and just explore, not stay there. But I think we’d be better off spending a lot more of the resources we have taking care of the planet God has given us that is literally made just right for human life to thrive. Not just to survive but to thrive.

We’ve got to take good care of that. I mean this is what God told us in the garden. Take care of this place, and don’t be stupid with it!”

Dr. David Bradstreet is a celebrated astronomer with an asteroid named in his honor, a beloved professor at Eastern University & an author whose book Star Struck is an absolute treat for anyone who’s ever been in awe of a beautiful night sky. For all of Dr. Bradstreet’s appearances On the Road, go here.

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On the Road with Dr. David Bradstreet