Episode #326 — For Becky Murray, it was a moment of heartbreak – but also a moment of decision. She’d just met a new friend named Felicity on a mission trip to Africa. Felicity was facing unimaginable difficulty in her life & doing her best just to survive. Becky was able to give her the simple gift of a pair of shoes. But then it became clear, the young woman thought the payment Becky would expect would be her body. Becky was stunned & shattered, but she knew without a doubt – she had to do something.

So many of us can relate to that powerful tug on our hearts. At the moment, it’s transformational, but then we take a look around. The problem are so huge. So vast. And we’re only one person among billions. What can we really do?

Becky confronts those thoughts with us and explains how she found her way through them and took the first steps to founding the global ministry One by One.

“I often describe it – because there’s so much need – wherever you look in the world. Even look across America. Look across England. You don’t have to go out to Pakistan or Kenya to see needs. You don’t always know where to start. I describe it as holding a teaspoon in my hand and attempting to catch an ocean of need using a teaspoon, and it can feel so ridiculous, so insane.”

“But every time I’m tempted to become overwhelmed at the scale of the need out there, I bring it back to the one. Thankfully, through One by One we’ve now rescued thousands of children. But every single time I take a new child into one of our safe houses, it’s like I’ve rescued Felicity over again. And when I bring it back down to the one person in front of me today, I can impact that person. We come in overwhelmed at the sheer amount of need, but if I bring it back down to the one – that’s pretty much what Jesus did in John 4. He stopped for the woman at the well. But in doing so, a whole town came to know Christ.”

Becky Murray is the founder of the global ministry One by One & the author of the gripping memoir, Embrace the Journey.

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On the Road with Becky Murray