How can we support those who are struggling with guilt and shame?

Author Kathy Gray shares how Christians can bring change into the lives of those who need it by caring for others.

“Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much care.”

and I think that one of the most interesting things about our book, and one of the things that we that we try to do in this book, is to tell a story to show people how our worldview, our environment, our belief system can affect you and has an impact on the decisions that you make.”

Showing how God can make lives more positive, joyful, and fulfilling is done through extending that love and care that we get from God.

Our culture tends to look down on those who are drug addicts, homeless, mentally challenged, disabled, people who have aborted, and even those who we simply don’t agree with. But God does not. He loves each of us, and tells us to love as He does. Without walking the walk, talking the talk is useless.

“No matter how logical your argument, no matter what evidence you show people, they’re going to reject that because they’ve got that a set view in their mind. But stories change lives, and stories save lives.”

So why will sharing our stories help?

“We don’t tell anyone what they should believe, what is right or wrong, but we share our story of literally being lifted out of the pit of hell and being, you know, put next to and involved with the king of Kings… your story, God can use that to just pierce their heart in a way that nothing else can.”

Jesus spoke in stories and parables, and that’s what changed many of the hard hearts. So whether someone is struggling with an abortion, an addiction, or any difficulty, for them to hear where you once were and the quality of your life since surrendering to the Lord is incredibly powerful.

Highlight: Sharing our stories

Sharing our stories