We all have fears, but not all fear is the same. How do we know when fear is sin and when fear is a good thing given to us by God to preserve us and those around us? Trillia Newbell explains the difference between good fear and sinful fear.

“We’re fallen and it’s easy for us to fall into sin, but also, I think the root of our fear is unbelief. We have to trust and believe that God is truly in control and trust and believe that God will care for us.”

Inevitably, there will be times when we are afraid. God wants us to turn and cling to Him when we find ourselves wrestling with fear.

Often, we are fearful because we feel like we’ve lost control of our lives.

“It’s hard not to be in control and to have to trust that there is someone who is in control.”

God isn’t just in control he is good. He is for us, and he knows what’s best for us, even when we don’t know ourselves.

Is fear always sinful?

“God has given us our senses, he’s given us our emotions for a reason so that we can exercise wisdom and discernment.”

If we are walking down a dark alley and we feel like something is wrong, it is not sinful to turn around and choose a different route that is more well-lit.

“God has given that emotion, that clue to protect you.”

When does fear become a sin?

“If he’s going to clothe the lilies and we are anxious about provision and money then there is a problem.”

If we find ourselves failing to trust God and then we feel fear creep into our lives, we can rest assured that the fear we feel is sin.

“When we look at Scripture and we see that our thoughts and actions are opposed to the Word of God, are opposed to God himself, then we can say that we are acting out in fear instead of faith.”

As Christians, we should trust God to provide for us and take care of us if we commit our lives to him and follow Him in thought, word, and deed.

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