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Handling disappointment

Disappointment happens all the time. People let us down and it hurts. But we never get used to being disappointed. For example, your father promised to take you to the Cubs game. He didn’t. Your wife said she would make time for physical intimacy. She didn’t. Friends promised to call you on the weekend. They never phoned. While you…

Dr. Linda Mintle


Trusting God even with Afghanistan

Do I trust God? Do I trust God to be God with the events and realities of life today? Even with something as complex as Afghanistan-Do I trust God, even with that? We are either people who have faith in the unfailing faithfulness of God to be God or we are not. Can we trust God to be God and act in perfect accordance with His character and will,…

Carmen LaBerge



Learning to trust

Suzanne Happs' family has been through many difficult times, but through it all they have learned the most important lesson - learning to trust God's goodness.

Meridith Foster


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