The church should be the most creative place on the planet because God is the ultimate creator. Mark Batterson shares a call for creativity in the church.

“Why did God created 350,000 species of beetles? Evidently He like variety. Never has there been and never will there be anyone like you, it’s not a testament to you, it’s a testament to the God who created you.”

God first reveals Himself as creator, and calls us to use our God given creativity in sharing the Gospel and caring for others. Mark says it is up to the people of the church to use their creativity to answer this question:

“How do we really engage in our community and love them in a practical way?”

Mark’s church has developed creative ways to minister to the poor and homeless. This starts with inviting them to come into their church to be loved and cared for by the congregation.

“We have a lot of homeless friends who are a part of our congregation. They gather on Wednesday nights in a place we call the living room and they have dinner together. We find ways to care for those that are kind of disenfranchised.”

It’s important for churches to not only be creative inside the church, but outside the church as well.

“A church that stays within the four walls isn’t a church at all.”

When the church believes that God has a heart for the community outside of the church walls – great things can happen.

“God wants to raise up a generation and give them a dream that comes from God.”

How can you step up, use your God given creativity and share that dream with your community?

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