Highlight: Revitalizing missions

Some places are harder to reach with the Gospel than others. How do we convince missionaries to go to these places? According to Steve Douglas, President of Campus Crusade for Christ, the key is young people.

“Interestingly enough, it’s not as hard as you might think because there’s a younger generation that is inspired by a challenge. Sometimes the harder you make it, the more excited they are.”

Steve tells the story of one couple who wanted to go to such a dangerous territory that Steve and his organization didn’t feel comfortable sponsoring their trip.

“They didn’t want to, but they stepped aside and said will just go as individuals then because it wouldn’t be good to attach to a mission’s agency. As far as I know they’re still alive and doing well.”

Steve says many people are willing to commit to risking their lives for the Gospel.

“What’s fascinating though about what’s going on is God is going ahead of us, He is sending dreams into the Middle East.”

For instance, a young woman in North Africa just flunked an exam and was ready to commit suicide until Jesus intervened. She had been abused as a kid and just felt dirty, she just happened to see the name Jesus is love next to a home. She remembered seeing that phrase and cried out in desperation to the Lord.

Jesus of love. if you’re out there, tell me, what am I supposed to do,” and He appeared to her in a dream and He called to her and said, Anna, receive me as your Savior and Lord.”

She gave her life to Christ, ran back to the house where she had seen the phrase Jesus of love and they gave her a film about Jesus.

“She rushed home, watched it three times, wept for two days after that she led her mother, sister, and 25 of her friends to Christ.”

According to Steve, if the Gospel is going to reach the unreached. The indigenous people must be involved.

“Our job is in missions is to plant right, and to help it thrive, but then don’t get in the way, simply unleash, coach, and encourage in any way that we can and when we do that well you get stories like Anna that occur.”

Steve Douglas is President of both Campus Crusade for Christ International, and Cru, as the ministry is known in the United States. He is the author or co-author of several books, including Managing Yourself, How to Achieve Your Potential and Enjoy LifeHow to Get Better Grades and Have More Fun. His radio program, Lighthouse Report, airs daily on 800 stations.

Youth and missions for Christ