“I would say that most in the pulpit believe that their primary obligation is to preach the Gospel, but unfortunately that’s where they stop.”

Preaching the Gospel isn’t the only job of pastors and Christians alike, we are called to something deeper. Sam Rohrer of the American Pastors Network discusses the importance of not only spreading the Gospel, but also making disciples.

“The reason it’s not right is because the great commission command is not just to go share the gospel but it is to make disciples.”

As Christians, we are called to make disciples of all nations, providing instruction as to how God’s word applies to our lives socially and politically. When people come to Christ we cannot abandon them because they are still young in their faith.

“When they come to Christ and are born again, they are babies in Christ, if we only leave them as babies, they will be consumed by the wolves in the street, and they will never mature to be a solider of Jesus Christ.”

We are not equipped to make disciples right after we receive Christ, we need to become a disciples ourselves before we can disciple others.

“If we are left only with the milk of the word, we may feel good about ourselves, but we will perish and we will not change the culture or bring other people to Christ.”

Many Christians sit in a pew on Sunday morning and have never become more spiritually mature and it has to change.

“The key is discipleship and the pastors understanding that the obligation is to take these babies to a point of mature adulthood where they know how to wield the shield of faith and the sword of the Truth which is God’s Word.”

Pastors have been called by God to shepherd their flock. However, every Christian has received the call to make disciples of all nations. Ask God to help you become a disciple of Him and if you already are, ask Him to help you make disciples for His kingdom.

“Get people saved, bring them to the point of the Good News, but then bear down on helping them to stand in the gap for Truth.”

Highlight: Are you making disciples?

Spreading the Gospel & making disciples

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