How much of an impact does the Gospel have on your everyday life? Is it your main focus? J.D. Greear joins Ed to discuss what it means to live a life centered on the Gospel.

What is Gospel centeredness?

“It’s the idea that the Gospel is not just the diving board off which you jump into the pool of Christianity, the Gospel is the pool itself.”

The Gospel is so much more than a prayer you pray to begin your Christian life. The Gospel should influence every decision we make in our lives.

“In Scripture you see that every dimension of spiritual growth comes from a greater sense of wonder and awareness at what God has done for you in the Gospel.”

The deeper we go in the Gospel, the more alive we become to the Spirit inside of us. With the Gospel at the center, you can apply it to all areas of life.

“What does it look like to love your spouse, in light of how Jesus loved you? What’s it like to forgive yourself? What’s it like to use your talents and your treasures for Christ?”

What does Gospel centered community look like?

Gospel centered community involves applying your strengths in the body of Christ where others are weak.

This community that God desires for his children should be driven by grace.  We need to begin to see ourselves as the sinner first and not the sinned against.

The Gospel and the Holy Spirit are inseparable. The depth of the Gospel is the root of the Spirit-filled life that all Christ-followers long for.

As Christians we should be well-acquainted with the true meaning of the Gospel and we should ask God to help us understand it and apply it to our lives.

Highlight: Living theGospel centered life

J.D. Greear