“Wait patiently for the Lord. Be brave and courageous. Yes, wait patiently for the Lord.” Psalms 27:14

I’d like to wager that at some point in the past year, you’ve persistently asked God for something. Asked for some kind of breakthrough, healing, or opportunity. Asked for the true joy of His salvation to overtake your heart. Asked for peace or justice to finally come. But have you ever been hounding after God, only to have him turn to you and ask you to wait? I have. I’m waiting right now. He told me to wait.

It’s kind of like he asked me to pitch a tent, build a campfire, and hang tight while he goes on ahead. For a while, I thought I’d just spend a night or two and wake up to find him standing outside my door ready to go. But it’s been longer than that. It’s been months. I’ve been sitting in my camp, trying my hardest to go about my business and honor what he’s asked me to do – stoke the fire, gather food, sleep, repeat – all the while straining my eyes every hour, every minute, to see if he’s rounding the corner to come get me.

The reality is that in these waiting times, there is nothing we should do except for what he’s asked of us. He told us to wait while he goes out and clears a path. If we packed up and started walking after him before he came to get us, it would be disobedience. Our very actions of packing up and setting out would prove that we do not trust him.

The truth is, most of us have been on adventures with God where we are blazing the trail together. On those journeys, we’ve seen miracles happen right before our very eyes. With every step, we had to actively trust that he knew the best route to get us to our destination. Whether the path was close to a steep cliff or through a peaceful meadow, we had to follow and have faith. He was the only one who knew how to get there, so we followed in amazement. But right now, this journey isn’t about following – it’s about trust. Trust that he will come back for us. Trust that He has our best interests in mind.

I know we’d rather be walking with him – hacking away at branches or wading through icy streams – because we believe that any movement, even hard work, is better than this. But instead, our waiting allows us to experience beautiful sunrises and sunsets. We are able to rest. Instead of hiking through the forest with him, he has left us in a cozy little camp where there is a warm fire, plentiful food, and safety. Could this actually be a blessing?  In this waiting period, we can rest and know that he is out laying the groundwork, making sure everything is ready for us.

And this is the best part: while God has gone ahead to prepare a way, he is also right here with us in our camp. The wait is challenging, but there is so much we can learn about him during this season. He is here to listen, process, and give us wisdom. He’s here to give us strength, and to show that he has not abandoned us. He is here to whisper that we just need to be still and trust him. He is all we need to have joy. He is talking with us by the campfire, laughing and singing. Protecting us while we sleep. He is near, even when he feels so far away. He is revealing that he is the very source of peace.

We don’t create miracles. He does. We don’t part seas, fell trees, and make paths. He does. Our camp is cozy and warm, and God is with us. Omnipresent. He has not left us to wait alone. No, we have our creator right beside us. If we choose to embrace this time, we will discover a new depth of his love for us.

“My heart has heard you say, ‘Come and talk with me.’ And my heart responds, ‘Lord, I am coming.'” Psalms 27:8

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  • Elyonara Borges says:

    This words encouraged me so much. I will continue waiting on the Lord. I know that He is working in my life and He chooses the best for me.
    May God bless you Kristen Larson.

  • Joel I says:

    The following is a quote from P. 174 of the Experiencing God workbook by Henry Blackaby.
    “You may think of waiting as a passive, inactive time. Waiting on the Lord is anything but inactivity. While you wait on Him, pray with passion to know Him, His purposes(plans), and His ways (methods). Watch circumstances and ask God to interpret them by revealing His perspective to you. Share with other believers to find out what God is saying to them. As you wait on the Lord, actively ask, seek, and knock. While you wait, continue doing the last thing God clearly told you to do. By waiting, you shift the responsibility of the outcome to God, where it belongs.”
    “When God gives you specific guidance, He will do more through you in days and weeks than you could ever accomplish in years of labor on your own. Waiting on Him is always worth the effort. His timing and His ways are always right. Depending on Him to guide you in His way and in His timing to accomplish His purpose.”

  • Joanie H says:

    Wow. A friend sent me the link with a note that I might like this. This precious friend sends me words (at very specific times) that are “spot on” with what God is doing in our lives. Just as my husband and I were considering taking a first step toward the direction we believe God is leading us, this word comes. So timely. So thankful!

    Giving thanks to God for His faithfulness and for you!

  • Jessica says:

    I have not been very good at “waiting” and so I wonder if that is why in 10+ years of marriage, I haven’t seen the Lord’s answer yet for our relationship. It may have taken the last 10 years to prove to me that I cannot orchestrate the change that needs to happen I have to surrender to God and stand back and wait while He does the heavy lifting :). It can be such a painful place to close your mouth, stop trying to control things and just get on your knees in prayer and wait, and wait and wait…but I am choosing to believe that God will bring about change regardless of what the circumstances look like. Is. 43:18-19. Thank you for the encouraging words :).

  • Kris says:

    Dear Kim Moore, Well said, I too understand struggle, but not my struggle, but my daughter who also has struggled with Lupus, IBS, pain that moves, brain fog, digital vision, anxiety and many other symptoms. Watching your child struggle and continually get worse is also very painful and seems hopeless. But God is good after 14 years of struggle we finally got the correct diagnosis. The answer came after many prayers for wisdom and healing. She has lyme disease and based on your symptoms listed you may have it as well. (Google chronic Lyme disease and look at symptoms if it sounds possible, watch the documentary online “under our skin”). Having Lyme is good news as there is treatment, antibiotics, will take time though. Lyme is one of the hardest diseases to diagnose; as it looks like other autoimmune diseases, Lyme is an epidemic now. I have met several lyme paients at doc office, 3 who thought they had MS, one who thought he had parkisens several with chronic fatigue and fiebeminagiia. These people who I have met give me great hope she will get her life back as they are well on their way to a lyme free life.
    She is now 25, had to quit college, 3 classes short of her degree, 2 years ago. She cannot work due to pain and brain fog, college loans wanting to be paid and a boat load of medical bills, has never dated and spent college in her room in pain. She had 3 days feeling good, in Nov. It was a taste of what is to come. in 3 days she read 2 books and was checking into finishing her degree and wanted to go shopping and walk (HMM?), then the fog moved back in and her vision went again and pain came back with force.Grr She said that is what it feels like to be well, I cant wait! She is hopeful.
    I met a former patient who now works at the clinic we go to(Godly 22 year old gal) she is well now, back in college and even recorded a worship song that made it on Christian radio a few weeks ago. She is healed. I was lead to this clinic by two gals from bible study who gave me names of people who were treated for Lyme, both names lead to this wonderful clinic.
    Through this journey I too have felt frustrated knowing God has the power to heal her at this second. He is allowing this journey, I do not like it, nor do I understand it, but now I see his hand. I have heard him whisper (not really hear him, but sense him) do you trust me? I am trusting Him. I am not sure of why this has happened (she was 11), but I do believe God has used it in my life and will use it in my daughter’s life as well.
    The crazy thing through all this as well was, we were livinging in MN (where she got the Lyme and there are docs who know how to treat it) My husband took a new position in Georgia ( they claim there is no Lyme here). right after we moved and bought the daughter as could not abandon a sick child, we got her MN lyme test back, saying she has Lyme. So we get a diagnosis for disease all the internet says there is no lymes here. Through prayer we found a good team of docs to treat her and it happens to be a team of Christian docs. KInd of like being a diabetic and just happening to be stranded on a deserted island with a diabetes doc with lots of insulin. finding a Lyme doc in MN would not be such a miracle, but finding not only one but a team of them in Georgia, is. God is good and working even when we do not see it. Eventually we will see his fingerprints all over it. Kris

  • Karen says:

    What a beautiful reminder to be patient and wait and trust in The Lord. I’m trusting in him to restore my marriage that’s been derailed by infidelity, restore my husband who completely lost his way, restore my happiness. Along the way I’ve learned to act with grace, to teach my daughters how to forgive and how to be strong. And I’ve leaned I can climb on my roof and hang the Christmas wreath all by myself. God bless you and thank you for such a wonderful message.

  • Christina, “God’s ways are not our ways; His works to perform”. We can only see life where we live it; God sees the beginning and the end. I have prayed for 50+ years for “the desires of my heart”, not for material goods but for spiritual growth in loved ones. While I’m “waiting” to receive my desire; I am growing in my own knowledge & understanding of “living for Jesus”. As I pray for health conditions, I realize healing comes so that God is glorified as serving Him is the focus. I will pray for you to have a glimpse of God’s LOVE & goodness in your life. Don’t let Satan’s lie pull you away from TRUSTING God’s promises. I love you. 🙂

  • Kristen Larson says:


    This breaks my heart. I was almost in tears as I read your comment. Honestly, I have no idea why it is you’re going through what you are. I don’t think I’m meant to. I realize that God is sovereign, and there are some things we are simply never going to understand. But I do know this, God is good, and he loves you. Whether you feel it or not, I know it.

    Kim, Mary, and Cristina, you are amazing. Thank you for stepping in as well to encourage Christina in this awful time. I’ve been camped out in the Psalms lately, and my focus has been to underline every reference to God’s character, be it things I like or dislike. What I’ve found is truly amazing. There are things that comfort me and things that scare me, but he is God. Not I. Christina, Could I encourage you to do the same?

    Believe me when I say that I will be praying for you. We are all in this together. And, I don’t think it’s too far a stretch to beleive that these other ladies will be as well. I am so thankful for our sisters in Christ!


  • Cristina says:

    I completely understand, Christina. My time of waiting has been YEARS as I watch my husband suffer daily with an autoimmune disease that causes chronic pain. But it’s a mistake to picture God simply standing near us watching us suffer. He is continually WORKING on our behalf. Christ is interceding for us. I cling to the hope that His promises are real, and He will remain faithful to those promises in His timing. I cry out to God on a daily basis to intervene in my husband’s health…I don’t understand why He chooses to wait. But He waited when His friend Lazarus was dying because He knew there would be greater glory after the waiting. I, too, am waiting for the greater glory. I pray the God of all comfort will reveal pieces of His plan to you as you are in this time of suffering. I believe His word is true…He sees every tear and He intends to redeem everything the enemy has stolen from you and me.

  • Mary says:

    Dear Christina,
    As soon as I read your response, my heart ached with compassion for you. I want to encourage you with a verse from Psalm 34:18 which reads, “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted; he rescues those whose spirits are crushed.” I pray that right here, right now, Father God ministers to you. He sees you. He knows you. He feels your pain. He loves you.

  • Kim Moore says:

    I have been in the same situation (not cancer,but Lupus,fibromyalgia,IBS,copd and numerous other acronyms) no work,no income,no family,no friends,overcoming addiction,power shut off in mid winter all food spoiled ,etc…….at first I kept focusing on myslf and why was God not instantly fixing all my issues.Then I started reading His word …actually read the whole thing(not much to do when the power is out..then I couldn’t stop when it finally got turned back on and I didn’t have to read by candlelight).I saw how I need to focus on myrelationship with Him and Christ Jesus first..He had already sent His firstborn son to die for me so that I could have a relationship with him with my sins forgiven..the closer I got to God,the more I saw the things He WAS doing in my life that I wasn’t noticing before…How He was setting things in motion that I had no clue were going on and how he truely brought me to a place that I would have all my needs met.I just had to learn to trust Him.Once I did,I never went without.Not ONCE.He provided for me for 1 1/2 years until my disability was finally approved,straightened all ny legal issues out,worked real life miracles for me and provided spiritual and physical help at the right times always. Our GOD KNOWS THE RIGHT TIME>WAIT FOR HIM.

  • Christina says:

    This discourages me. 🙁 When the wait in this agonizing time in limbo (never-ending health attacks, work failures, cancer, financial land of just-barely-enough) drags on and on, deferred hope sets in and my heart becomes sick. It is so hard to not feel defective when God, who is mighty and powerful, can step in and help and He chooses to wait. Unlike the writer here I find no solace in knowing He is there with me; it hurts to know He could help and instead stands by watching us in pain;. SO longing for the God of the breakthrough to show up.

    1. Kim Moore says:

      see above reply

    2. Mona says:

      Christina i too am experiencing a Waiting on God period. It is so hard and it hurts! I think by me hearing his voice specifically telling me to wait assures me that it will all be worth it. The problem is the actual process and the fact that i have no idea how long the waiting process will be. I just feel like i should be doing something while waiting. Anyway i know it’s very discouraging to wait what seems an eternity and still have no answrs. I am praying that you have received some form of response or direction and remember that all of the waiting must be for something big, at least i pray so anyway. God bless you love.

  • Kelly says:

    I can’t even tell you how many confirmations God has given me in the last few weeks on this very message. Trust is the word I received for 2014 and I’m sencing God telling me to wait for something…This beautifully summarizes what God is doing in my life, thank you for putting words to it!

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