Do you know how much the Lord, creator of the Earth, loves you? Do you know?

It is not because of anything you do – anything you produce. It is because you are a precious soul He intricately created.

Before the time of conception, He fell in love with you. He watched as you grew. His love for you has done nothing but increase since that moment.

Where are you in life? What are you facing? What have you heard? Maybe you’ve heard that the Lord is angry – out to get you. Maybe you’ve heard that He expects perfection and holiness. But, deep down, you don’t believe this and you long to be reconnected with Him. You long to once again feel that love overtake and settle over you. To be accepted. But you also fear that if you bow your head and close your eyes, there will be nothing but anger, disappointment, and punishment.

My friend, this is not true. It is your sin that keeps you distant from Him. He wants nothing more than to once again be your God. He does not expect perfection. He does not want you to clean up your life before coming to him, because in truth, it cannot be done.

You cannot be perfect apart from him – apart from accepting that through Christ’s sacrifice alone can you enter into his presence. Turn from your ways and be his. Simply acknowledge that you will never accomplish what he needs you to be on your own and ironically, blessedly, you will become perfect in his eyes.

He protects his people. He provides and knows about every need you have. He knows you need clothing, food, and a safe place to rest your head. Turn from your ways, and be his.

Are you feeling empty? Have you wandered through this world, tried what it has to offer, only to feel the hollow emptiness it offers? Look up. Don’t be afraid. He knows. He sees. And he loves you.

“Your sun will never set, your moon will not go down. For the Lord will be your everlasting light. Your days of mourning will come to an end.”  Isaiah 60:20