It’s official – Faith Radio is growing and we grateful to God and you!

First of all, we are excited to announce that Bill Arnold is the NEW and OFFICIAL host of the Faith Radio Morning Show!!  If you didn’t know, in his non-radio life, Bill is a comedian, comic-magician, and emcee. He is also the co-writer & co-star of the nationally acclaimed show, Triple Espresso… a highly caffeinated comedy!  Bill enjoyed a 17-year run as “Buzz Maxwell” in Triple Espresso, which has played to more than 2 million people in over 50 cities and 6 countries since its opening.

Secondly, we are adding another FM signal in the Twin Cities! A little later this month, Lord willing, you will be able to hear Faith Radio on Faith 97.5FM located in St. Paul.   Here’s the projected coverage map:

97.5 Map

And last but not least, Northwestern Media has agreed in principle to purchase KLBF 89.1FM in Bismarck, North Dakota for Faith Radio.  Lord willing, our hope and goal is to be on the air by late summer.  Please pray that the paperwork moves quickly through the Federal Communications Commission and that the response from believers in Bismarck will be positive and supportive.

Thank you again for your support of Faith Radio during last month’s fundraiser known as Spring Share.  We are humbled by your kindness and generosity!  God bless you!

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