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Christmas ABCs

John & Kendra Smiley are regular Faith Radio contributors, and this Christmas, they share with you their Christmas ABCs, some basics for the holiday season to help you stay Christ-centered and God-grounded. A – Always remember who this “birthday party” is for…Jesus. B – Be a cheerful giver.  (2 Corinthians 9:7 -Each man should…


Finding hidden treasures in dark places

I’ve never been good with waiting. My husband never understands why I purposefully read the end of a novel just to know what happens and yet still go back and finish reading the rest of the book. When we watch a movie, if he knows how it ends, I want him to tell me, then I can settle in and enjoy the rest. When I was a little girl, I discovered…


Unexpected Christmas hero

The holidays can be difficult for those facing loss. Sometimes God will bring a stranger across our path to bless us, and help us heal. Susie’s guest in this podcast is author Kathi Macias. We’ll unpack the message of Christmas and talk about how God’s provision comes in unexpected ways. Kathi’s book is Unexpected Christmas Hero.…

Susie Larson


Tired of keeping all those Christmas traditions?

I used to go all out for the holiday season decorating, cooking, and making homemade gifts. I’d send out cards with yearly letters and photos, make videos for the grandparents, and shop for unique and well thought out presents. By Christmas Eve I felt exhausted and crabby but I was determined to make Christmas feel like Christmas.…


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