What can we learn about the women involved in the Christmas story? On the Monday edition of Live the Promise, Liz Curtis Higgs joins Susie to unpack the lives of Mary and Elizabeth.

Redemption in the life of Elizabeth:

“Even though she had not given Zechariah a son, he remained faithful to her. [The passage] says of these two that they are righteous. They’re both righteous people – but they were childless. It’s a triple whammy – they don’t have kids, they can’t have kids, and they’re too old to have kids. Don’t you love how God works? He’s setting up the miracle.”

An angel comes to Zechariah and announces that his wife will have a son. Liz points out that Elizabeth credits God, rather than her husband, for her pregnancy.

Redemption in the life of Mary:

Liz points out the youth of Mary first.

“Think about this young girl. Women – girls, really – were betrothed as soon as they were able to conceive a child. Mary is betrothed to Joseph. She is about twelve. It would undo us that God would ask so much of such a young girl. Mary was the plan. He knew she would say yes. What makes her special is that God chose her.”


• Each of these women were living ordinary lives when God broke in; we need to be ready for unexpected blessings.

• When a barren woman in the Bible gives birth, she gives birth to a hero.

• God is on the move even in our darkest moments.

• God is in our future and is waiting for us to step, with faith, into tomorrow.

• “When there is barrenness in our lives, God is getting ready to do a miracle.”

Liz’s book is .

Key Scriptures: Luke 1:37; Luke 1:19; Matthew 1:18-25

Theme Song: Jesus Savior by Chris August

Highlight : Lessons from Elizabeth and Zechariah

The women of Christmas

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