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Orphans with parents

Recent figures indicated 1.8 million children were adopted in the USA. There are kids who aren't adoptable who still need positive adult interaction.



The physical bond between mother & child

Thirty years ago Vicki Thorn couldn’t have foreseen that she would be at the center of a movement involving millions of women and men in need of hope and healing. All she knew was that people were suffering after abortion and she wanted to do something to help. It’s a dramatic story of listening to the pain of a friend who shared with her…


Project 143

Today we hear the story behind an important ministry. Paige Clausen is a representative and adoptive family for Project 143, and she’ll talk with Jo about how we can minister to orphans around us this Christmas season. Highlight – Project 143 Project 143 Image: Flickr…

Carmen LaBerge


Finding Joy

It was 11 years ago when a young woman living in east central China learned she was expecting a baby. She was a hard working wife, but financial resources were very low, and visiting a doctor was out of the question. While she was excited about the life she carried, her joy was tempered by the expectations of her husband and his family.…

Liz Curtis Higgs


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Family Life Today

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