In this Live the Promise program Susie hears from two very different people who each have a heart to reach a specific group.

Susie is first joined by Chris McFarland of PULSE. He discusses the PULSE Movement which focuses on reaching college campuses.

“There is a significant move of God going on in our college students.”

Chris reminds us that revival and spiritual renewal often come through the young people of a generation. Even though the current young generation is one of the least churched in history, he sees God working.

The people entering college now are those who will soon be influencing the world, and it’s important to set alongside them.

Next Susie chats with Jami Kaeb.

Jami Kaeb and Susie discuss loving and following Jesus over mountains of success and through valleys of preparation as well as Jami’s Forgotten Initiative.

Jami and husband adopted a son from Guatemala. The decided the wanted to adopt again from the U.S. However, birth mother after birth mother didn’t chose their family. While that process was painful, they realized that God had something else going on.

God was calling them to minister foster care for children waiting to find their “forever family.” They were supposed to help the children who are often the forgotten.

They started off by remodeling the rooms children had to wait in while social service workers searched for foster care families. Jamie and her husband took foster care classes and two days after they finished those classes they got the call for two young boys who needed care.

Through it all Jami is passionate about helping children who think they might be the forgotten know they are loved. They are not the forgotten.

“Children in foster care have often been rejected over and over and over. They’ve been transferred from home to home over and over and over….These kids have just gone through so much.”

Key Scripture: Isaiah 58:6-12

The Forgotten In Our Community

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