The President of the University of Northwestern – St. Paul, Dr. Alan Cureton, speaks to students about gracious leadership in this podcast of daily chapel.

Dr. Cureton explains that in his last days on earth, Jesus showcased his leadership by doing something unexpected. He performed an act that had no vestiges of power, no air of superiority. He washed his disciple’s feet. It wasn’t a twisted power play, and it wasn’t a twisted form of shamming his disciples or pointing out their flaws.

This act was an act of humility, an act of complete love.

It was also an example of leadership for his followers. Jesus knew believers would come into conflict because of our fallen natures.

“Jesus knew the struggle we would have loving each other. But, he also knew that the way the world is going to know we are Christians will be by how we treat and love each other.”

As Christians go out into the world, reflecting love is reflecting our desire for the world to be the way God intended it. Even as we attempt to reflect God through love, our fallen nature can creep in.

We like rules and regulations. We attempt to distill God into neat, easy formulas that we can handle instead of seeking after the heart of a big, wild and compassionate God.

Our formulaic requirements and downsized view of God lead us to walk a lesser faith than what Christ came to give us.

“Christ came to provide grace. He came with an unconditional grace for you and me. We no longer have to live according to law and rules and expectations.”

Key Scriptures: John 13, Mark 12:30

Chapel at Northwestern – Dr. Alan Cureton

The University of Northwestern is a Christ-centered liberal arts university, founded in 1902, and located in St. Paul, Minn. that works closely with Northwestern Media.


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