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Kristen Larson

4 thoughts and a cup of coffee

Every stage of life has its own set of struggles and blessings; let’s just keep helping each other out, and I think we’ll all be ok. Better yet, I think we’ll enjoy the journey.


Fear of being known

Writing, unlike my website, Facebook, or Twitter page, it’s the place where I can no longer act as if I have it all figured out.


Crisis in a snowstorm

It was winter, 2011, and we had an intense snowstorm. At the time, we only had one “running” vehicle, and it was a stretch to even call it that. I dropped Luke off at work, and wasn’t even a mile away when the car started to overheat again. We thought we had finally fixed it, but the raising temperature gauge was saying otherwise. I made…


When fear has a face

Life is so much easier when we are not actually pursuing our dreams, but if God has placed something in our hearts, he will have our back as we press forward.



Life is never quite what we expect it to be. In most areas, it’s far less than what we anticipated. When I became an adult, I imagined myself having a beautiful house, nice car, and fancy furnishings.  I figured since my parents had all those things, it was only natural that I’d have them too. I didn’t realize how much work, and even character…


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