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Janelle Keith

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Speak Life

tobyMac has a song that reminds of what I learned to do waaayyyy back when… It’s called “Speak Life”. And from the first time I heard it, it’s reminded me of my victory of when I started to give myself some grace. It has literally spoken life…to my heart and it has changed the way I feel about me,…


Adventures in waiting

The other day my first born found out the gender of her soon-to-be second born child. Ahhhh…there was a sigh of relief once we all felt the confirmation that baby number two was fine, healthy and of course what gender it was. It was hard to wait. In my days of having two babies we didn’t know what we were giving birth to. We…


Candy Land wisdom

As my daughter unfolded the new Candy Land game from the box, the anticipation was building in her young little helper. Avery waited…but really he just wanted to get his hands on the spinner. I could see it in his eyes. Actually, his little 3-year-old anxiety was wanting to touch the spinner, the game pieces, and the board. All…


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