We’re living through a global pandemic. It’s been stressful. And we’re not out of the water just yet. Just that fact alone puts undue stress on our immune system. But thankfully, we’re not at the mercy of all this stress. We’re in the mercies of God! He invites us to embrace a heart at peace, not only because it’s one of our heir privileges but also because He knows what it does for our whole being.

Proverbs 14:30 (NLT)

A peaceful heart leads to a healthy body;
 jealousy is like cancer in the bones.

A peaceful heart leads to a healthy body. The rest of the verse reminds us that jealousy rots the bones. Toxic emotions damage us, even at a cellular level. Science has proven that a stressed-out heart often leads to a diseased body. Think of it this way: if what you’re feeling is not in the Father’s heart, it doesn’t belong in your heart. Not to say that we don’t encounter toxic emotions and painful experiences. We do. But how we process and even “metabolize” those stressors profoundly impacts our health.

Recently on Susie Larson Live, I spoke with Dr. Troy Spurrill about how to deal with stress and strengthen our immune system.  Here are just a few simple steps that we can all take to improve overall immune health:

  1. Manage your stress ~ We can’t avoid stress altogether; it’s part of life on this planet. And some stress can activate us towards a better life. It’s a problem, though, when we consistently live in a state of fight/flight. Decide today to reduce the stressors in your life. God will help you do this. Create time and space to do a puzzle, exercise, turn off screens, pray, say no, etc.
  2. Prioritize your bedtime and consistently allow for 8 hours of sleep ~ Easier said than done, but absolutely essential for health and wholeness. Enough said.
  3. Reduce Inflammatory Foods ~ Alcohol, Sugar, Grains, Dairy, etc.
  4. Drink More Water ~ Purchase a water filter if at all possible
  5. Listen to Your Body (and move accordingly) ~ When you feel good, get some vigorous exercise. When you don’t feel your best, spend time stretching and deep breathing; both of these disciplines help detox your body and reduce your stress level. Be kind to your body. But push it a little too.
  6. Renew your mind according to God’s Word and cultivate a grateful life. Never underestimate the power of a grateful life and a renewed mind.
  7. Love People ~ God wired us for love. When you’re joyful, kind, loving, and sacrificial, you not only reflect God’s heart, but you also make the world a better place. Furthermore, loving others improves your overall health and theirs.

Don’t let the times or the threat of illness stress you to the point that it weakens your immune system. Take a proactive approach to your health. You’ll feel better and grow stronger than you ever thought possible.

Simple ways to improve your immune health